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Of or caused by a fungus or fungi.
  1. 'Apple scab is a fungal disease that causes black splotches on leaves and fruit.'
  2. 'Starch disappeared prior to actual fungal penetration of the tubercles.'
  3. 'Also, lime addition, by increasing pH, has been shown to stimulate mycorrhizal fungal abundance.'
  4. 'One to two days after fungal mycelia reached the plant stem, all leaves were collected for RNA extractions.'
  5. 'It is clear that the subtleties of plant and fungal sphingolipid desaturation are only starting to be unravelled.'
  6. 'The species of fungus and number of fungal species isolated seemed to affect the risk of death.'
  7. 'There are reports of exposure to fungal elicitors leading to extracellular alkalization in plant cell cultures.'
  8. 'Uvitex 2B stain is an optical brightener that specifically binds to the chitin of fungal cell walls.'
  9. 'By contrast, the fungal cells of the sheath and the Hartig net were less susceptible to freezing artefacts.'
  10. 'Rice blast is a fungal disease which is currently the leading cause of rice loss.'


1. fungous.

More examples(as adjective)

"infections can be fungal."

"diseases can be fungal."

"growths can be fungal."

"attacks can be fungal."

"decays can be fungal."

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