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Containing or holding as much or as many as possible; having no empty space.
  1. 'she could only nod, for her mouth was full'
  2. 'Lessons also will be offered in the winter term - good to know if your desired class is full this term.'
  3. 'Be sure to keep your mouth too full to talk.'
  4. 'The Opera House was far from full and yet the noise throughout the performance was quite amazing.'
  5. 'Angelique went to the room where the computer was and saw a carton full of empty beer bottles.'
  6. 'Once your children realise that a full piggy bank represents money to spend or save, the meaning will sink in.'
  7. 'Even if the stadium is only half full at 4pm next Sunday, Dublin's semi-final should go ahead.'
  8. 'Take one teaspoon of the solution from the bottle and put it into the pitcher full of water and leave it for thirty minutes.'
  9. 'With most of the city's hotels full, it meant a night in emergency accommodation.'
  10. 'The result will be more prisons full with thousands of young working class people.'
  11. 'She was going to ride the same bus as us, but this one was too full, so she was placed on the second bus.'
  12. 'she just ate till she was full up'
  13. 'He patted his stomach again, sighed, and leaned backward, as if he were so full he could not sit up straight.'
  14. 'A high fibre meal gives the sensation of being quickly full and satisfied.'
  15. 'Of course, we all had far too much to eat, and ended up flopped on the settee feeling full but satisfied for the rest of the night.'
  16. 'How good one feels when one is full - how satisfied with ourselves and with the world!'
  17. 'It is believed that eating mainly high-GI foods leads to greater snacking since the body does not feel as full for long.'
  18. 'She's full, and oh so satisfied, if only you could see the smile on her face.'
  19. 'his diary is full of entries about her'
  20. 'There is a whole fenced-off garden full of cats of varying sizes and colours up by the church.'
  21. 'This actually has some cheese flavour and the egg custard is well made, but it's full of too many overpowering chives.'
  22. 'There was a time when the future seemed to be full of limitless possibilities.'
  23. 'The grounds surrounding are full of discarded carrier bags containing rubbish thrown from cars as they pass.'
  24. 'It was the happiest day of my life and my life has been full of happy moments.'
  25. 'These days, even the brief breathing space of the close season is full of tales of tragedies foretold.'
  26. 'Turn a corner and we were faced with a whole street full of quite beautiful patisserie shops.'
  27. 'We share a computer and have a small study that's full of my books but we share the space.'
  28. 'I also find out that said house is decked out in assorted Victorian styles and is full of period features.'
  29. 'That usually meant that his head was full of empty worries and unrealistic plans.'
  30. 'It seems to be a magical day full of hope and anticipation for the great future to come.'
  31. 'Stepping outside your comfort zone helps you confront your fears and show you that life's full of possibility.'
  32. 'The lower middle class in the towns now felt their individual lives to be full of possible danger and uncertainty.'
  33. 'I feel full of energy, despite fighting off a cold, and have lost 3lbs in weight.'
  34. 'Conventions could be managed, but the party managers' mediation of these crowds was full of risk.'
  35. 'Set near a nameless Korean village, the shots are full of poise and beauty.'
  36. 'He left behind him a long life full of achievement and plenty of friends.'
  37. 'Never in England had anything been so full of flavour.'
  38. 'This makes for a happy learning environment and happy children full of life.'
  39. 'Being still so full of energy and excitement, I didn't understand the reason for her expression.'
  40. 'they had their photographs taken and he was full of it'
  41. 'At the moment he's full of his various building schemes.'
  42. 'There is nothing that pleases the Father more, than to see His children full of joy and thankfulness!'
  43. 'And then her heart was too full; she could not find any more words.'
  44. 'Her face was blank, but her eyes were full of heartbreak and anger.'
  45. 'He stormed out of the room full of rage.'
  46. 'Here is a woman who has lived a rich and full life, but who has not given up her creativity.'
  47. 'Your life can be rich and full because of the many ways you have of expressing your potentials.'
  48. 'I just think it's important that he continue to feel useful and that we all do our best to ensure that he lives a full and productive life.'
  49. 'His full schedule leads him around the world, partnering some of the most famous singers of our time.'
  50. 'Under the expert tutelage of former sailors, the young people had a very full programme indeed.'
  51. 'When not on the slopes, she has been attacking school work and enjoying a full social life.'
  52. 'I choose to believe that I will live as full a life as anybody else.'
  53. 'For David, revolutionary politics was just one part of a rich and full life.'
Not lacking or omitting anything; complete.
  1. 'One producer did not want to be named because full details of the film are being kept secret.'
  2. 'The suspended activists have the full support of the union, regionally and nationally.'
  3. 'Make sure your full name, address and daytime contact number are written clearly on the email or postcard.'
  4. 'His assurances that his editors would have full control was an outright lie.'
  5. 'Whatever the truth of the matter, we hope to be in a position to divulge the full facts next week.'
  6. 'I am confident that I can finish the half marathons that I've got lined up, but still a bit daunted by doing the full one.'
  7. 'The police claimed to have full details of their names and residences.'
  8. 'In addition the full balance of all outstanding monies under your tenancy will become immediately payable and due.'
  9. 'She later carried out a full postmortem examination at Cork University Hospital.'
  10. 'Such steps are needed, but they should rapidly become mandatory if full compliance is lacking.'
  11. 'he reached for the engine control and turned it up to full power'
  12. 'Once it reached full speed it was so loud that Taylor held his fingers to his ears to block the sound.'
  13. 'The operation means he will be unable to train for two weeks, while it could take up to three months before he reaches full fitness.'
  14. 'Judging by the election results, they seem to have taken full advantage of their position.'
  15. 'As we shall see, British company law makes full use of the range of possible answers.'
  16. 'The engines continually operated at full speed to keep the ship in position.'
  17. 'I wish Ian well, and hope the change of school will motivate him to reach his full potential.''
  18. 'The captain gave an order for full speed and all hands jumped to their positions.'
  19. 'Taking full advantage of its less regulated cable status, the TV company went all out to make the series a truly adult sitcom.'
  20. 'The county council insists the dump has another three years to go before its full capacity is reached.'
  21. 'Karen experienced a quiet 1979, but returned to full strength in 1980.'
  22. 'the country applied for full membership of the European Community'
  23. 'He had applied to be a firefighter but had not gotten full firefighter status as of yet.'
  24. 'He had also joined a pistol club, which later refused him full membership.'
  25. 'It took over five years for Austria, Sweden, and Finland to progress from application to full membership.'
  26. 'The importance of the EEA is declining as its members assume full membership of the European Community.'
  27. 'People in Indonesia gain the status of full adults through marriage and parenthood.'
  28. 'People entitled to full membership must have served in the British armed forces or voluntary reserves.'
  29. 'In May this year he was granted full immigration status and his family joined him.'
  30. 'Austria would prefer Turkey to get a preferential partnership rather than full membership.'
  31. 'Whether pushing for observer status or full membership, the bid is a difficult one.'
  32. 'Baptism implies full membership of the Church and must never be separated from that understanding.'
  33. 'fuller descriptions of these varieties are available elsewhere'
  34. 'For a fuller description and statistical analysis of these polls, see the website.'
  35. 'Section 2 of that report provides a full account of the law enforcement and security forces in Jamaica.'
  36. 'I will be interested to read the full report and see whether it makes any specific proposals.'
  37. 'The news coming out of the beta customers is positive so I await with interest the full announcement after the Summer.'
  38. 'No doubt his full account will appear in the list of best-sellers, to coincide with his release.'
  39. 'They have conducted a very full and detailed investigation, and they have furnished me with a full report.'
  40. 'The full report is published in the June issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association.'
  41. 'They stated that they wanted those individuals to give a full account of their actions in court.'
  42. 'And only now, a century or so later, are we given a full account of her life.'
  43. 'They will have to publish the full report, so that will put it all in perspective.'
  44. 'I've got the full eighty-five thousand dollar grant to fund my research.'
  45. 'Even then, the prime minister has a full month to name his cabinet before the assembly vote.'
  46. 'Yet that is at least a full percentage point less than savers can earn in similar US dollar deposits.'
  47. 'Rates were raised by a full percentage point in just five months.'
  48. 'It was low tide and in the far distance, perhaps a full mile away, lay the distant glint of the sea.'
  49. 'As it's almost a full percentage point above the base rate, it's an offer worth taking advantage of while it lasts.'
  50. 'bound in full cloth'
(of a person's figure or part of the body) plump or rounded.
  1. 'the fuller figure'
  2. 'I wear stylish clothes and have a good full figure.'
  3. 'He lifted her by the waist, her curves full and voluptuous as he edged her towards the bed.'
  4. 'She was very full figured, he was forced to admit as he held her around the waist.'
  5. 'The young man''s large eyes and full lips make his face look androgynous.'
  6. 'Her lips weren't too full, but they weren't too small, either.'
  7. 'Her figure was full, her hips were round and strong, and her hair was long, a black cascade which caressed the backs of her thighs.'
  8. 'Many other stores are now catering for the fuller figure.'
  9. 'For full lashes in a flash, add a brush of mascara on the upper and lower lashes.'
  10. 'She tossed her full long blond hair over her shoulder, her red lips curving into a smirk.'
  11. 'For example, if you have full hair worn close to the face try thinner, lighter frames.'
  12. 'His hair was still full and a shade of light gray that stood in sharp contrast with the dark suit he wore.'
  13. 'The first outfit she tried on was a pink shirt like her own except it had full sleeves on both sides.'
  14. 'She can ride even in a full court gown, in fact she can ride better in a dress than in pants.'
  15. 'Her skirts appeared unfashionably full, thanks to the numerous petticoats she was wearing.'
  16. 'Her favorite was the pale blue one with the navy pinstripes and full skirt.'
  17. 'There was a full blouse with a tunic that went over top, and a pair of plain cotton britches.'
  18. 'Narrow hips are a must if you're going in for a full pleated skirt.'
  19. 'The third gown was a very fashionable emerald green, with a squared neck and a full skirt.'
  20. 'The length of the short should hit the shapeliest part of your leg and not be too full or too tight.'
  21. 'She truly felt like royalty whenever she fingered the bell sleeves and full skirt.'
  22. 'They are wearing long very full skirts which were last fashionable in Victorian times.'
  23. 'this season's sopranos produced a full but translucent sound'
  24. 'How is it that so full a sound can come out of one tiny girl and her guitar.'
  25. 'With a very full sound and varied music mix the lads are sure to go from strength to strength.'
  26. 'The music makes excellent use of the two channels and sounds quite full and developed.'
  27. 'any unpasteurized cheese will have a fuller flavour than its treated counterpart'
  28. 'The salmon was imported from Norway and had that full flavour from the fjords.'
  29. 'Those with a mature palate are more likely to enjoy the full flavour.'
  30. 'Very full and rich and dry with beefy tannins, this wine is of the type to drink with food only.'
  31. 'Her hair was the richest, fullest red, and it spread across her shoulders like a cresting wave.'
  32. 'It's good meat, full flavoured with a little touch of sweetness and smoke.'
  33. 'Body is not related to wine quality, balance being more important in a wine than whether it is full or light bodied.'
  34. 'Warm them very slightly in the oven before serving, to bring out their full flavour.'
  35. 'The full palate is rich in white peaches and not overly aggressive on the mousse which leaves a creamy, lengthy finish.'
  36. 'She explained that to get the full taste of a whiskey you need to add a little water.'
  37. 'She was sick of her life, so she thought she could change it if she dyed her hair a full, unadulterated brown.'


Straight; directly.
  1. 'It was as if the angel of death had looked me full in the face - and then passed me by.'
  2. 'I took Eve in my arms and kissed him full on the lips.'
  3. 'Ariadne looked back at the Minotaur, with interest, and laughed ‘full in his face’.'
  4. 'And with that, he bent down and kissed me full on the lips.'
  5. 'His pillow missed Gary and hit Will full in the face.'
  6. 'At the door she turned and looked him full in the eye, her strange dark gaze burning him to the core.'
  1. 'I'm doing what I can but I know full well I could do more.'
  2. 'The queer present negotiates with the past, knowing full well that the future is at stake.'
  3. 'She understands full well that even when some men are given every option to embrace the role of Mr. Mom, they may still need a push.'
  4. 'Live full four-score years on this earth and heading to start another one when the Good Lord say ‘Come on, now, step aside and give somebody else a chance!’'


The period, point, or state of the greatest fullness or strength.
  1. 'So many of those who were killed in the attacks were right in the full of their lives.'
  2. 'He summoned the full of his eloquence in persuasion.'


Make (something) full; fill up.
  1. 'Shouldn't there be a simple html page for official announcements, instead of fulling up your forum database with useless posts?'
  2. 'While I was at the pump today, there was a bloke fulling up his Hummer.'
  3. 'At first, I was sick of fulling up buckets and pouring the water into the sink.'
  4. 'I am fulling up my tank every 2 weeks, and that's only letting it get down to the 1/2 mark.'
Gather or pleat (fabric) so as to make a garment full.
  1. 'Her skirt was white, fulled and gathered and looked as if the entire milky way had fallen upon it.'
(of the moon or tide) become full.
  1. 'This gross darkness held till about one o'clock, although the moon had fulled but the day before.'
  2. 'I have cured many cases of goitre with Iodine, giving a powder every night for four nights, after the moon fulled and was waning.'


1. completely filled; containing all that can be held; filled to utmost capacity: a full cup.

2. complete; entire; maximum: a full supply of food for a three-day hike.

3. of the maximum size, amount, extent, volume, etc.: a full load of five tons; to receive full pay.

4. (of garments, drapery, etc.) wide, ample, or having ample folds.

5. abundant; well-supplied: a yard full of litter; a cabinet full of medicine.

6. filled or rounded out, as in form:

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