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Cook (food) in hot fat or oil, typically in a shallow pan.
  1. 'I fried up some sardines'
  2. 'However, most fish is cooked, often grilled or deep fried in batter (tempura).'
  3. 'Fry for two minutes then turn over and fry for another two minutes.'
  4. 'Brush well with oil on both sides, and grill or fry until golden brown on both sides.'
  5. 'Now fire up the grill and then fry some bacon.'
  6. 'Heat the oil then fry the bacon until done (but not crispy) over a medium heat.'
  7. 'Flying fish may also be fried in a batter or roasted.'
  8. 'The principle ingredients can be deep fried in batter and laid across a garlic and tomato sauce.'
  9. 'Add the potato slices and fry until golden brown.'
  10. 'Yet I had never pan fried a chicken.'
  11. 'Blobs of batter are deep fried until golden brown and crunchy.'
  12. 'In the morning she awoke to the aroma of eggs and bacon frying in the kitchen.'
  13. 'He could smell food cooking, baking, frying, and rotting.'
  14. 'Telli woke to the sound of Setisia's voice and the smell of fish frying on the wood stove.'
  15. 'Jordan awoke to the smell of what seemed like bacon frying.'
  16. 'Pumpkin seeds overheated and ignited when they were left frying in deep fat at Lancaster University.'
  17. 'Lauren had pancakes going, eggs frying, bacon spitting and toast popped up from the toaster endlessly.'
  18. 'Start with getting the bacon frying in a large fry pan.'
  19. 'As I read it, I can almost smell the beignets frying and feel the sun on my skin.'
  20. 'Soon, she had a pot of coffee brewing, fresh orange juice squeezed and had eggs and bacon frying.'
  21. 'White-skinned anemic patients on a rest cure, they slop suntan lotion on as if they will fry without it - which they will in this tropical sun.'
  22. 'She asked me what I was doing, how I was doing it, what temperature I was frying in, even what spices I was using.'
  23. 'So get out your hyper-brollies or sun block 10 millions and pray that the weather circle is as far as it goes, and we don't fry or freeze, or whatever in the process.'
  1. 'Well, perhaps the memories won't be so clear considering how much I tried to fry my brain, but I certainly managed to pack a lot into the last three years.'
  2. 'It would fry my little brain and suck out what little creativity I have left Thanks.'
  3. 'If the shock had done that (a million volts will do that to you), then it had probably fried her brain as well.'
  4. 'This isn't a record that will help clear a party, but it will still fry your brain.'
  5. 'And so in an attempt to fry our brains without clueing them in, he's begun to use the rapid-breathing technique.'
  6. 'Three days of General Hospital was really frying my brain.'
  7. 'Her circuits had been completely fried by and influx of power from the angel Baralam.'
  8. 'The first five minutes of the black out fried all the communication channels and security controls.'
  9. 'Has my brain been fried with rejection and loneliness?'
  10. 'The painful cry of some one nearly having their brain cells fried gave her the distraction she needed.'
  11. with object 'they fry cop killers in Texas'
  12. 'I still say we should just fry them all, she muttered.'
  13. 'Inevitably, love wins the day and the bad guys get fried.'
  14. 'Bush has passed a fair proportion of his setting new records for the number of felons you can fry in a single year.'


French fries; chips.
  1. 'It was mighty tasty with the egg and the fries and the salad.'
  2. 'He smears the ketchup for the fries on the burger when he eats this.'
  3. 'I breathed in all the smells of the cafeteria - fries, pizzas, burgers - before releasing it in a large puff of air.'
  4. 'And she didn't want the fries, soup or salad offered - she wanted fresh fruit, instead.'
  5. 'What, please tell me, is the point of eating a steak without the Béarnaise sauce and fries, or the point of pasta without the Parmesan?'
  6. 'The trauma of that first bite dissolves into the pleasure of a great burger and great fries.'
  7. 'So I ordered fish and chips: cod and fries, that came out thusly.'
  8. 'She looked at the menu for a good ten minutes before settling on a cheese burger with fries and a coke.'
  9. 'Then you'd be served fast-food burgers, cold fries and a watered-down soft drink and get a bill for $100.'
  10. 'The place had a lot going for it - burgers and fries, pizza and loud music, a pool table, plus computer screen gambling.'
A fried dish or meal.
  1. 'My earliest food memories are all of offal: lamb's fry, black pudding, and brains.'
  2. 'In other parts of the country, it might be a fish fry or a crab or oyster boil.'
  3. 'The partying included a barbecue and dance, a fish fry and a night at the casinos in nearby Shreveport.'
  4. 'Over 450 participants toured the manufacturing plant and enjoyed the company's hospitality at a fish fry and party.'
  5. 'Others celebrated with a fish fry and, we were told, ample liquid refreshment.'

plural noun

Young fish, especially when newly hatched.
  1. 'A marine fish, its fry are transferred to fish ponds and reared in protected conditions.'
  2. 'The true breakthrough, though, has been the rearing of live feed - tiny artemia shrimp and rotifers - to sustain the fry before weaning on to fishmeal.'
  3. 'In control broods the fry were sucked into the tubing and then released straight back into the pit.'
  4. 'The huge pylons that acted as refuelling struts reach for the surface, cloaked with extraordinary coral growth and clouds of fry.'
  5. 'Shoals of glittering sardine fry were everywhere, in shimmering clouds so dense they should have come with a warning to epileptics.'
  6. 'After two years the fry have reached about 5 inches long, only then do they finally take the shape of a conger eel and begin their residence on the sea bed.'
  7. 'Below these, thousands of tiny fry with bulbous blue eyes were swept aside as we finned on deeper into the rocky slit.'
  8. 'Regardless of her doctor's orders, Joan joined with the students in releasing their beloved trout fry into the streams at the end of May 2000.'
  9. 'A torchbeam played into the cavernous yawning chasms of cargo holds would shatter like an exploding chandelier, while silver fry splintered and splashed off into the deeper gloom.'
  10. 'The water was the cleanest it had been in more than 100 years and the planting out of trout and salmon fry in the headwaters was beginning to rejuvenate the river as a serious angling prospect once again.'

More definitions

1. to cook in a pan or on a griddle over direct heat, usually in fat or oil.

2. Slang. to execute by electrocution in an electric chair. verb (used without object), fried, frying.

3. to undergo cooking in fat or oil.

4. Slang. to die by electrocution in an electric chair. noun, plural fries.

5. a dish of something fried.

6. a piece of french-fried potato.

7. a party or gathering at which the chief food is fried, frequently outdoors: a fish f

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be fry."

"males can be fry."


(fry)Middle English: from Old Norse frjó.