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Feeling or expressing distress and annoyance resulting from an inability to change or achieve something.
  1. 'Louisiana citizens are rightly frustrated and concerned so I want our people to know that I am creating the Family Recovery Corps.'
  2. 'I often found it difficult to bust my moves, and I was frustrated to see how many people were just standing around taking up space.'
  3. 'I do not know whether there is a process whereby that very frustrated person can bring his case.'
  4. 'They are driving a frustrated people to desperation.'
  5. 'These people are frustrated, they are hungry, they're trying to get to higher ground.'
  6. 'He said that Ian's family was frustrated by the delay in reaching a decision.'
  7. 'He and others were frustrated by the inability to move the US government toward that objective.'
  8. 'I have always felt frustrated by this fact.'
  9. 'Personally, I am frustrated by the knowledge that I cannot demand more of some of my colleagues.'
  10. 'I joined the flow of talented, frustrated people streaming for the doors.'
  11. 'jealousies and frustrated passions'
  12. 'Of course there was more to the weekend than Guinness and sexually frustrated legal professionals, but not much more.'
  13. 'I had one frustrated sexual attraction with a guy on the football team who was also sexually confused.'
  14. 'His philosophy is a peculiar and wholly subjective patchwork of frustrated sexual fantasies, zany misanthropy, and 1960s hippy-dippy iconoclasm.'
  15. 'And I would rather not live with a sexually frustrated foot fetisher, you know?'
  16. 'Sexually frustrated, trapped and tired: doesn't this describe a good bit of Modern Lovers?'
  17. 'He was thoroughly confused and sexually frustrated.'
  18. 'Another of the negative elements of the image of Elizabeth had a longer legacy, and this is the suggestion that her unmarried state made her sexually frustrated and jealous of married women.'
  19. 'She had grown frustrated and indulged in passion with the wrong people.'
  20. 'Other fake explanations have centred on a supposed frustrated desire for sexual gratification, which entry into paradise will apparently fulfil.'
  21. 'But the downside will be societies with large numbers of sexually frustrated males and that could cause everything from internal unrest to wars.'
(of a person) unable to follow or be successful in a particular career.
  1. 'He is a frustrated writer stuck in a dead-end job working with people he can barely stand for an uncle he can barely stomach.'
  2. 'The list of actors moonlighting as frustrated musicians is not a short one.'
  3. 'Is it possible that he is a frustrated actor who consequently feels the need to criticise anyone with manifest abilities in this field?'
  4. 'Have I successfully painted my self-indulgent portrait of a frustrated artist yet?'
  5. 'Many of the BAFTA members are frustrated writers, performers or directors and they are similarly unable to contain their bitterness.'
  6. 'years of frustrated attempts to regain control of the site'
  7. 'It also implies a sense of tranquil arrival for two people tired of the dreams, the frustrated expectations, and the long search for a loving spouse.'
  8. 'In his situation I imagined I would feel angry at lost years and frustrated dreams.'
  9. 'The survey results were presented on upright cards in a grid on the gallery floor, creating a schematic suburb of frustrated dreams.'
  10. 'I didn't want to rain on his parade, so I kept my mouth shut about my frustrated dream of becoming a marine biologist.'


1. disappointed; thwarted: an announcer who was a frustrated actor.

2. having a feeling of or filled with frustration; dissatisfied: His unresolved difficulty left him absolutely frustrated.

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"officials can be frustrated over paces."

"lawmakers can be frustrated over paces."

"russians can be frustrated with people."

"people can be frustrated with things."

"people can be frustrated by difficulties."

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