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Make (someone) afraid or anxious.
  1. 'farmers are being frightened into scaling down their breeding plans'
  2. 'I must warn you that this image will shock and frighten you and if you are old or weak please do not look at it.'
  3. 'The Master, James, finally dies only after he has succeeded in frightening his luckless victim into dying first.'
  4. 'They were afraid that the sounds and smells would frighten him more.'
  5. 'This woman's rage frightens me.'
  6. 'This administration sickens, disgusts, and frightens me.'
  7. 'It's not the distance we will walk that frightens us, but the variety of climates we will have to contend with.'
  8. 'Yet, there is enough in the survey to frighten many.'
  9. 'She grew afraid that the men who had frightened her before would try to harm her.'
  10. 'It was an accomplishment, to frighten the person who had so often terrified him.'
  11. 'This frightens me because I will turn twenty this year.'
  12. 'the government denies legal responsibility, presumably to frighten off other claimants'
  13. 'People who lived here carried on pretty much as normal, but outsiders were frightened off.'
  14. 'Once when they tried to frighten it off, it seized the drogue rope and gave the dinghy a spin.'
  15. '‘A fat man in the queue frightened me off,’ said Simon.'
  16. 'Police believe the culprits were frightened off by the alarm.'
  17. 'If you have read this far and I haven't managed to frighten you off and you'd still like to hire me, then great!'
  18. 'There was a further struggle in which they tried to take the bag but the milkman's shouts frightened them off.'
  19. 'They decided to frighten her off by firing an arrow so it would noisily strike the pot.'
  20. 'A squirrel got into his birdfeeder and he tried to frighten it off with an air rifle, but he killed it instead and was sick for a week.'
  21. 'What was it about this project that had frightened them off?'
  22. 'They got in and took a few things, but the alarm frightened them off before they got much.'

More definitions

1. to make afraid or fearful; throw into a fright; terrify; scare.

2. to drive (usually followed by away, off, etc.) by scaring: to frighten away pigeons from the roof. verb (used without object)

3. to become frightened: a timid child who frightens easily.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be frighten."