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Kind and pleasant.
  1. 'she gave me a friendly smile'
  2. 'They do not only live in harmony but are equally friendly to visitors.'
  3. 'In fact, I can even be friendly to him, because I know he's not a bad person, and we do have a lot in common.'
  4. 'Fu said most villagers were very friendly to outsiders.'
  5. 'He smiled down at him, but it was not a friendly or pleasant smile.'
  6. 'The mom wasn't too friendly to strangers, since she was a stray.'
  7. '‘I love the city, first because Shanghainese are very friendly to me,’ he said.'
  8. 'Emily is not particularly friendly to the perfectly nice woman her father brings to dinner.'
  9. 'All I'm doing is I'm trying to be friendly to you.'
  10. 'Eddie was held in high esteem by the farming community and his pleasant friendly smile endeared him to all.'
  11. 'Does it matter if we smile and are friendly to him?'
  12. 'He was also friendly with many Catholic churchmen anxious to make belief in God intellectually respectable.'
  13. 'Sam has chosen people that he is friendly with and that he can talk to.'
  14. 'She was fairly friendly with adults, and appeared to have had at least 1 litter of puppies already.'
  15. 'I'm friendly with some dealers in African art, and I reconnect with my friends and family, who still live there.'
  16. 'I was friendly with Robson for almost forty years and never doubted that he was a learned and gifted if not very productive critic.'
  17. 'Although I deal with people at all levels, I maintain a level head and a certain level of decorum even when I am very friendly with colleagues.'
  18. 'Later, he even taught Jessie Chambers, whose family he was friendly with, to speak French.'
  19. 'We're very friendly with each other and it's not going to affect anything between the people here.'
  20. 'He was friendly with noncritical writers, but he always seemed to be feuding with somebody in the press.'
  21. 'We are friendly with our neighbours, with people at work, and with the kids and parents at our son's school.'
  22. 'we want friendly relations with all countries'
  23. 'From my start in 1935 as assistant curator, I had made it a point to develop friendly relations with significant members of the wholesale gem trade.'
  24. 'The sister city relationship between Dingle and Santa Barbara will help strengthen mutual understanding and promote friendly relations between both towns.'
  25. 'The maintenance of a balance of power on the continent and friendly relations with the other maritime nation, England, were considered priorities.'
  26. 'In fact, several other stories about friendly relations with Arabs emphasise that difficulties with Hebrew were not seen as an obstacle, but as a uniting factor.'
  27. 'It has followed a policy of maintaining friendly relations with the North while strengthening economic ties with the South.'
  28. 'In many social mammals, the desire for friendly relations comes into conflict with the need to compete for resources, including mates.'
  29. 'Even if gaps remain, the two countries can still attempt to build up friendly relations while acknowledging their differences.'
  30. 'Choi and Koizumi also agreed that Japan and South Korea will promote friendly relations ahead of the 2002 World Cup finals, which they will co-host.'
  31. 'They subsequently became known to sealers and traders in sandalwood, who, however, established no friendly relations with the natives.'
  32. 'The agreement's stated purpose is to facilitate cultural exchanges and friendly relations between the ethnic groups.'
  33. 'It's probably because that's where the kettle is, and you can get very dry having a friendly argument.'
  34. 'Among this group, friendly rivalry gave rise to creative innovation, and most carvers refined their skills.'
  35. 'A friendly sibling rivalry that drives them to work a little bit harder and compete a little longer can only serve as a benefit to both the sisters and the team.'
  36. 'There's clearly a bit of friendly rivalry going on between Bolton DJ Sara Cox and her mate Zoe Ball.'
  37. 'The pair put their friendly rivalry behind them to help launch the 2002 National Children's Day Ribena Best Teacher in Ireland award.'
  38. 'This is a competition that creates friendly rivalry among the participants and the judging is anticipated with great enthusiasm.'
  39. '‘It's a competition that pitches towns right around the island into friendly rivalry,’ the Minister said.'
  40. 'You know, a friendly rivalry exists between the islands of the Caribbean, and this rivalry sometimes manifests itself in discussion of the relative size of the islands.'
  41. 'Foisy has set rules for the tournament set up to make it a friendly competitive event.'
  42. 'Scotland can look forward to two decades of friendly goalkeeping rivalry from youngsters Craig Gordon and David Marshall, writes Douglas Alexander'
  43. 'He said the team was scheduled to play a friendly game against Kitwe United as part of the preparations.'
  44. 'Meanwhile a friendly game between Bucks and Danish side FC Copenhagen has been cancelled.'
  45. 'But, a couple of weeks into the pre-season, I started worrying because people were back training and playing friendly games.'
  46. 'The Zambia soccer squad winds up its camping in South Africa with a friendly game against Orlando Pirates in Johannesburg today.'
  47. 'Chulumanda said he has directed the director of sports to organise international friendly games following the aborted trip to China.'
  48. 'It's only a friendly game and should be played in the correct spirit and allow everyone to enjoy and leave the venue without let or hindrance.'
  49. 'These would include a friendly football match between former Brazilian World Cup stars and F1 drivers, and a show of cars Senna drove during his career.'
  50. 'In the pre-season there was a friendly game in Halifax.'
  51. 'Botswana yesterday marked 38 years of independence with a win over Zambia in an international friendly soccer match played in Gaborone.'
  52. 'An interesting film to watch out for, ‘The Other Final’ won an award in 2003 and is about a friendly soccer match played in Thimpu.'
Denoting something that is adapted for or is not harmful to a specified thing.
  1. 'child-friendly policies'
Favourable or serviceable.
  1. 'Despite all the efforts to make the internet more friendly to law enforcement, it remains something of a masked ball.'
  2. 'The idea sprang from the cost to convert the simulators to friendly lighting for night vision goggles.'
  3. 'The price on their menu is, of course, not friendly to local customers.'
  4. 'With help from the women's movement, the 1970s were friendly to the single woman.'
  5. 'Remember, he was considered more friendly to conservatives than liberals.'
  6. 'Many democrats that received these funds to not have a voting record that is friendly to the membership.'
(of troops or equipment) of, belonging to, or allied with one's own forces.
  1. 'When a mechanized force enters an area with friendly infantry, both light and mechanized soldiers get a little apprehensive.'
  2. 'Any piece of the urban landscape is subject to enemy reoccupation if it is left unoccupied or is not cordoned off by friendly forces.'
  3. 'Its initial purpose was to prevent Allied aircraft bombing friendly ground forces.'


A game or match that does not form part of a serious competition.
  1. 'We were not allowed to play any pre-season friendlies so we have started well under very difficult circumstances.'
  2. 'He has promised to familiarise himself with the Academy and sort out pre-season friendlies as quickly as possible.'
  3. 'Crooks has a few questions he will be looking to answer in the three pre-season friendlies, when everybody in the squad will get a game.'
  4. 'The last three friendlies I have been playing in central midfield and just in front of the back four and trying to get the ball and bring it out of defence.'
  5. 'He is, however, quick to point out the ones losing the friendlies are normally those who go on to enjoy a successful season when the action heats up.'
  6. 'Two of the other local sides are in action in low-key friendlies but their respective managers realise the importance of the games.'
  7. 'The Ndola Wanderers coach advised the incoming coach to insist on friendlies before any major international games.'
  8. 'Exhibition games are the NFL equivalent of football's meaningless pre-season friendlies.'
  9. 'The pre-season friendlies cannot be finalised either until City have some kind of guarantee over the long term.'
  10. 'The club won't play any friendlies because it has largely kept last year's squad together.'


1. characteristic of or befitting a friend; showing friendship: a friendly greeting.

2. like a friend; kind; helpful: a little friendly advice.

3. favorably disposed; inclined to approve, help, or support: a friendly bank.

4. not hostile or at variance; amicable: a friendly warship; friendly natives.

5. easy to use, operate, understand, etc. (usually used in combination): a consumer-friendly instruction manual; a friendly food processor. 6

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"people can be friendly with people."

"people can be friendly to people."

"people can be friendly towards people."

"people can be friendly to markets."

"people can be friendly with referees."

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