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Of, from, in, or characteristic of a country or language other than one's own.
  1. 'a man with a foreign accent'
  2. 'Even when they are obliged to live abroad for years they refuse either to accustom themselves to foreign food or to learn foreign languages.'
  3. 'The extra characters represent characters from foreign languages and special symbols for simple pictures.'
  4. 'He noted for some foreign languages there are too few students signed up to offer the course at an individual high school.'
  5. 'Several years ago, I wrote to the local press concerning the need to teach Spanish as our first foreign language in all schools, but to no avail.'
  6. 'My life has been spent pretty equally between the two countries, and I flatter myself I speak both languages without any foreign accent.'
  7. 'Nearly all books are in Chinese, except in Shanghai and Beijing, where foreign language books are also available.'
  8. 'Thousands of foreigners, with foreign currency and language, needed to have a special market set up.'
  9. 'It was felt to be most appropriate for practical subjects, such as design and technology, and least helpful in the case of maths and foreign languages.'
  10. 'Often students are barely able to use their mother-tongue but yet they are still forced to try to use the foreign language of English.'
  11. 'And a beautiful thing, for me, was that most spoke with foreign accents and in foreign languages.'
  12. 'No. Are they offering us a new foreign policy or another way of dealing with dictators and terrorists?'
  13. 'Such epistemological conundrums are not limited to foreign policy.'
  14. 'You gave the president kind of a mixed grade on foreign policy.'
  15. 'Lawyers and those dealing with foreign affairs have a smooth week ahead.'
  16. 'A treaty dealt with frontier issues and declared that Tibet was to have no dealings with foreign powers without Britain's consent.'
  17. 'But it was only recently, after the end of the Cold War, that we began letting the vice squad run foreign policy.'
  18. 'If blame were to be justly apportioned, it would have to extend into the distant past of American foreign policy formation.'
  19. 'That's something that I have felt was in order for a long time on foreign policy, and now I think he has a clear chance of doing that.'
  20. 'And I love foreign policy, because of the adventure and because of the stakes.'
  21. 'A lot of political operatives and pollsters will tell you this presidential election will hinge on foreign policy.'
  22. 'a visit to a foreign clan'
  23. 'To foreign dominions, which belong to a prince who succeeds to the throne of England, this Court has no power to send any writ of any kind.'
  24. 'The estate is now back to its original 80,000 acres - the largest area owned by a foreign citizen in the United Kingdom.'
  25. 'Consider partnering with foreign distributors or sales reps, for example.'
  26. 'A central pot to pay for healthcare for foreign visitors had been distributed to local health services on the basis of historic payments.'
  27. 'Yet these are precisely the areas where foreign students make the biggest contribution to American society.'
  28. 'Resistance fighters have frequently targeted foreign planes in the area, which is an insurgent stronghold.'
  29. 'The central business district is a diverse area of retail, financial and foreign companies.'
  30. 'He gave only vague answers to questions on the alleged presence of foreign troops in combat areas such as Sulu Island.'
  31. 'The report also said that the lack of broadband lines outside large urban areas was hampering foreign investment in the regions.'
  32. 'But that has still left many gray areas, especially for foreign investors seeking joint venture partners.'
  33. 'I carefully surveyed the area for footprints, foreign items and so on, then photographed the scene.'
  34. 'The result is a wonderful collage of elements, both foreign and indigenous to the peninsula.'
  35. 'At any time, simply by looking at our hand or our leg, one can experience the feeling that our body does not belongs to us, that it is a foreign object, outside ourselves.'
  36. 'Now introduce two types of foreign elements - lets say bacteria and viruses.'
  37. 'This label encompasses processes such as deleting a gene from or introducing a foreign gene into a plant's DNA.'
  38. 'Electroporation is a common method to introduce foreign molecules into cells, but its molecular basis is poorly understood.'
  39. 'She struggled in vain against the darkness surrounding her, but the pain of a foreign element inside her prevented it.'
  40. 'The earpiece of the Symbolic Order introduces something foreign into his head - it is language.'
Strange and unfamiliar.
  1. 'It felt too strange, too foreign, like she'd forsaken all of her unknown past.'
  2. 'As the metal slices through my wrist, I can only feel the strange, foreign feeling of dizziness.'
  3. 'Already, the traditional winter is something foreign to many British children.'
  4. 'The deeply forgotten greets us as foreign but also makes strange the familiar.'
  5. 'It was so strange and foreign a concept that the very thought scared me more than anything in my entire period of life.'
  6. 'Your flashy world of moving pictures and gender equality is strange and foreign to me.'
  7. 'It is regarded as strange and intrinsically foreign.'
  8. 'That was the only word that could describe it, weird, or strange, or unknown, foreign.'
  9. 'It was a tough country and the animals and plants in this country were totally foreign to them.'
  10. 'I got out of this strange and foreign bed to wander into the glass tiled halls filled with black marble.'
  11. 'crime and brutality are foreign to our nature'
  12. 'For a voter to be guided only by the fundamentality of human life risks falling into a radicalism that is foreign to the Catholic moral tradition.'
  13. 'Okay, if politicking based on one's beliefs is foreign to Inuit, why is he doing it right now?'
  14. 'Some commentators believe soccer is fundamentally foreign to the American psyche and will never catch on.'
  15. 'Any use that is not utterly foreign to its character as a motor vehicle is, I consider, covered by the words.'
  16. 'As a matter of style, Buckland and Newton work in a tradition largely foreign to North America.'
  17. 'Thereafter, when Yohanan came to her, Miriam expressed astonishment at behavior so foreign to his character.'
  18. 'If we take a look at the human rights history in Indonesia, the issue of human rights should not have been foreign to the country.'


1. of, relating to, or derived from another country or nation; not native: foreign cars.

2. of or relating to contact or dealings with other countries; connected with foreign affairs.

3. external to one's own country or nation: a foreign country.

4. carried on abroad, or with other countries: foreign trade.

5. belonging to or coming from another district, province, etc.

6. located outside a specific district, province, etc.

7. Law. of or relating to law outside of local

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"forms can be foreign to positions."

"worlds can be foreign to people."

"works can be foreign to societies."

"states can be foreign to effects."

"reliances can be foreign to scenes."

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Middle English foren, forein, from Old French forein, forain, based on Latin foras, foris ‘outside’, from fores ‘door’. The current spelling arose in the 16th century, by association with sovereign.