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Recklessly bold or rash.
  1. 'She wasn't foolhardy enough to take them all on by herself, that was for sure.'
  2. 'That includes digging a hole in the ice for those brave or foolhardy enough to take a very chilly dip.'
  3. 'If you've been foolhardy enough to dismiss the series as lady-fodder, let FHM enlighten you.'
  4. 'Anyone found, still foolhardy enough to use their name, and be known to use it, could be summarily killed, and beheaded.'
  5. 'The counsel will have a lot to say about your foolhardy irresponsible actions.'
  6. 'A glance over the unprotected ledge was enough to scare the most foolhardy.'
  7. 'This doesn't mean becoming foolhardy, though it helps to be fun and playful.'
  8. 'Fortunately, none of my students had been foolhardy enough to follow me.'
  9. 'Earl shouted, bravely standing up to his Superiors, something few Villagers had ever been foolhardy enough to do.'
  10. 'Last night I did what you will doubtless term very foolhardy extravagant and unwise.'


1. recklessly or thoughtlessly bold; foolishly rash or venturesome.

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"things can be foolhardy."

"people can be foolhardy."

"changes can be foolhardy."

"decisions can be foolhardy."

"courages can be foolhardy."

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Middle English: from Old French folhardi, from fol ‘foolish’ + hardi ‘bold’ (see hardy).