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A substance that has no fixed shape and yields easily to external pressure; a gas or (especially) a liquid.
  1. mass noun 'a bottle of cleaning fluid'
  2. 'The main benefit from drinking toast water would, however, be the replacement of body fluids.'
  3. 'The main aim of the treatment is to replace the lost fluids and electrolytes in the body.'
  4. 'Gold can form soluble compounds with these substances and so the fluids will leach it out of rocks.'
  5. 'After condensation, the fluids are drawn back to the areas that are in need of cooling.'
  6. 'He found that more ion-rich pore fluids caused an increase in angle of friction.'
  7. 'These faults are presumably acting as pathways for the fluids involved in the formation of gas hydrates.'
  8. 'Aim to drink at least half of your daily fluids as water and other hydrating fluids.'
  9. 'The fluids that precipitated the veins were a likely source for some of the iron that formed the hematite.'
  10. 'Kochin's research was on meteorology, gas dynamics and shock waves in compressible fluids.'
  11. 'However, Hepatitis B is easily transmitted by contact with blood and other body fluids.'


(of a substance) able to flow easily.
  1. 'The late afternoon sun shimmers on the Hudson River, creating a blinding surface of fluid silver that coats the dull green.'
  2. 'The company pasteurized its first gallon of fluid milk in January 1946 and began ice cream production two years later.'
  3. 'Material is pumped from the sea bed as a fluid mixture with water and is discharged into the dredger's hoppers where the heavy material rapidly sinks to the bottom.'
  4. 'The addition of crop oil, surfactant, or fluid fertilizer may improve control of emerged weeds.'
  5. 'Consequently, there may be a layer of fluid water around the chromophore that rearranges upon excitation.'
  6. 'It spilled out from her fingers in the form of a fluid silver substance and flooded the man's leg down to the marrow of his bone.'
  7. 'As if to pour salt into the wound that is the declining sale of fluid milk, sales of soy beverages are soaring.'
  8. 'Even though they are working in a fluid substance, they have several things in their favour in comparison to swimmers.'
  9. 'Fill the space between tin can and saucepan with water and heat the whole contraption until the glue is fluid.'
  10. 'In addition to fluid milk, it markets a wide range of organic dairy products including buttermilk, whipping cream and a dozen kinds of cheese.'
  11. 'her movements were fluid and beautiful to watch'
  12. 'With its understated elegant designs and fluid lines, the collection should appeal to both traditional and contemporary tastes.'
  13. 'The English is fairly fluid although not altogether smooth in places.'
  14. 'It still has an elegant and fluid design, understated rather than flash, but sadly it is missing the distinctive boomerang-shaped rear lights.'
  15. 'With quick acceleration and a smooth, fluid stride, Holt can run by most defenders.'
  16. 'Last but not the least is the ‘Bridal Wear’ collection with long, fine, fluid lines and graceful volumes in rich luxurious crepe and silks.'
  17. 'Pausing only to throw my BBC notepad and pen to one side, I storm over the human hurdles in what I imagine to be a graceful, fluid study in perfect technique.'
  18. 'With the fluid smoothness that comes only after thousands of repetitions, I mounted the gun when the flight was 40 yards out.'
  19. 'Christopher fought with a fluid elegance, every move graceful and balanced.'
  20. 'Audrey tried her hardest to be fluid, to be graceful, but walking wasn't half so easy as dancing.'
  21. 'Arlan did indeed remember that dance, of how fluid and graceful she'd felt in his arms.'
  22. 'the fluid political situation of the 1930s'
  23. 'Balanced between neoclassicism and romanticism, the composition appears at once rigidly stable yet inherently fluid.'
  24. 'However, what is impossible within the fixed boundaries of political organisations may be more plausible in the far more fluid world of political ideas.'
  25. 'The result is a fluid political situation complicated by international relationships, cultural values, and divergent goals.'
  26. 'This is a very fluid political situation in a very unusual state.'
  27. 'But the situation was fluid, and individual commanders had a lot of leeway.'
  28. 'So yes, the political situation might be rather fluid, even on Olympus.'
  29. 'But as I noted recently, the situation is now extremely fluid.'
  30. 'The devolution ‘settlement’ is becoming less settled and more fluid.'
  31. 'Now, you can still kill the enemy, and in fluid situations where someone may or may not be a prisoner, you can still act to defend yourself.'
  32. 'Clearly the political situation is very fluid and we can expect the contest for middle NZ to get even more competitive.'
(of a clutch or coupling) using a liquid to transmit power.


    1. a substance, as a liquid or gas, that is capable of flowing and that changes its shape at a steady rate when acted upon by a force tending to change its shape. adjective

    2. pertaining to a substance that easily changes its shape; capable of flowing.

    3. consisting of or pertaining to fluids.

    4. changing readily; shifting; not fixed, stable, or rigid: fluid movements.

    5. convertible into cash: fluid assets.

    More examples(as adjective)

    "sounds can be fluid with tremolos."

    "situations can be fluid on dates."

    "situations can be fluid after killings."

    "plans can be fluid at stages."

    "crackers can be fluid."

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    Late Middle English (as an adjective): from French fluide or Latin fluidus, from fluere ‘to flow’.