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  1. 'In the early stages symptoms can be similar to many other winter illnesses like flu.'
  2. 'There is an increase in respiratory ailments, flu and accidents due to the bad weather.'
  3. 'The last major flu pandemic in 1918 killed tens of millions of people in Europe alone.'
  4. 'By the time he had examined me, I was perfectly prepared to accept his diagnosis of flu.'
  5. 'One cause for concern about Fujian flu is that this year's flu vaccine is based on a different strain.'
  6. 'The last flu pandemic in 1968 caused one million deaths and the next is long overdue.'
  7. 'With avian flu, we are still debating what is the most humane manner to get rid of millions of chickens.'
  8. 'He also has chronic flu most likely caused by a feline herpes infection when he was young.'
  9. 'In the early stages, signs and symptoms can be similar to many other more common illnesses like flu.'
  10. 'My body was telling me I needed a rest because I had flu after flu after flu through the summer.'

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1. influenza.

2. a specific variety of influenza, usually named for its point of dissemination or its animal vector: Hong Kong flu; swine flu.

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"viruses can be flu."


Mid 19th century: abbreviation.