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Of a suitable quality, standard, or type to meet the required purpose.
  1. with infinitive 'is the water clean and fit to drink?'
  2. 'The Association executive have had talks with the club, who indicated that they will do their utmost to ensure the playing surface is fit for cricket to be played.'
  3. 'Nothing can enter these kitchens that isn't deemed fit for human consumption.'
  4. 'Under the Sale of Goods Act retailers must sell goods that are of a satisfactory quality, are accurately described on the packaging and are fit for their purpose.'
  5. 'Mr. Saunders apparently thinks that the boat, as delivered, was fit for the purpose for which it was intended.'
  6. 'He says that the property is not fit for human habitation and is in serious disrepair.'
  7. 'The van was fit for the purpose for which it was purchased.'
  8. 'Meat which is not fit for consumption in the EU is now heading for South Africa.'
  9. 'Perhaps the trauma of that August day, when he was forced to spend so many hours in an outfit not fit for any particular athletic activity was just too much for him.'
  10. 'Vic representatives visited the Southern Cross shortly after Easter and found the first and second floors fit for habitation.'
  11. 'First, the food and drink had to be certified fit for human consumption.'
  12. 'Even if he didn't betray his secret, he would never be deemed fit to return to work.'
  13. 'It's right to question, as the Royal Gazette does today, whether such gross negligence means the Government is fit to govern.'
  14. 'He got in his van and drove, was clearly not in a fit state, and accepted now he made the wrong decision.'
  15. 'If he is deemed by the court to not be fit and proper to operate the pub then we would look at reopening with a new tenant.'
  16. 'Between now and the next general election we have to persuade millions of people up and down the country that this Conservative party is fit for government.'
  17. 'Now, does Professor Collins believe that a professor at his university is fit for his job if the professor lies in his research?'
  18. 'He was quite useless here and the only thing he was fit for was to run things like Hampton Court entertainment… They will make rings round him.'
  19. 'Neither of these men is stupid enough to believe that churches are fit to govern a secular society, unlike many of their junior colleagues.'
  20. 'If we can persuade a few more to stay on rather then retire if they are fit and able to do the job, then that is a good thing.'
  21. 'In attempting to limit the damage by lying about his own words, he has merely raised the most serious question of all: whether or not he is fit for public office.'
  22. 'a fit subject on which to correspond'
  23. 'But religion is a private matter, and thus not a fit subject for an inaugural address.'
  24. 'How could any Court of Review determine whether leave ought to be given or not without hearing and determining upon the hearing whether it was a fit case for an appeal?'
  25. 'The concept of the early modern period also enabled an exploration of topics and subjects not previously thought fit for consideration in relation to the Renaissance.'
  26. 'he baited even his close companions until they were fit to kill him'
  27. 'Allen's eyeballs looked fit to pop out of his head on several occasions as he exhorted his players.'
  28. 'Rhyann looked fit to kill, but it was nothing compared to Gavin's anger when Alex had first fallen under.'
  29. 'well, are you fit?'
  30. 'Now just put on these boots and you're fit to go!'
In good health, especially because of regular physical exercise.
  1. figurative 'the measures would ensure a leaner, fitter company'
  2. 'For me being physically fit is beneficial as it helps with my mental capacities when I'm driving.'
  3. 'We think that we will get very fit by the years end.'
  4. 'Research has shown that most of us regularly over-estimate how fit we are and how much real physical activity we do.'
  5. 'People who are physically fit are happier, healthier and more productive than those who are not.'
  6. 'He is prone to being overweight, to having a dodgy knee, to not being able to stay fit for a full season.'
  7. 'Dancing is great fun and a great way to keep fit during the winter months.'
  8. 'You have to be fit to play competitively, and all younger players are competitive.'
  9. 'He appreciates how fortunate he is to be fit and able to meet such a challenge.'
  10. 'The only way to get fit is to make exercise a regularly scheduled part of every week, even every day.'
  11. 'Whisper it, but some players on the circuit are even less fit than your average county cricketer.'
  12. 'Who is that guy? Oh he's so fit!'
  13. 'I have got a girlfriend from college but I have recently been introduced to a really fit girl through a friend of mine.'


Be of the right shape and size for.
  1. no object 'the shoes fitted better after being stretched'
  2. 'None of my size 10 clothes fitted me anymore, I was upset and became depressed just because my clothes size had gone up one level.'
  3. 'Try shoes on both feet and buy the size that best fits the larger foot.'
  4. 'Lydia wore her favorite blue dress, one from Maude's trunk, which Joscelyn had graciously altered to fit her.'
  5. 'Another approach is to take a shirt that fits you perfectly and determine the distance between the middle of its collar button to the far end of the buttonhole.'
  6. 'To preclude gloves from wrapping around the bar, you have to choose the size that fits you well - not too tight, loose, small or long - just the right size.'
  7. 'My jeans from Italy, for example, have no hope of fitting me any more.'
  8. 'I looked around and grabbed a pair of trousers that actually fit me and a purple shirt, and also some undergarments.'
  9. 'She looks sleek in a beige, almost flesh-tone, summer dress and a slightly darker cardigan that fits her like a sealskin.'
  10. 'I find that a lot of professional clothing with a tailored look doesn't fit me well.'
  11. 'And just where did he think I was going to get something to fit a child that size?'
  12. 'The only scars from that 20-minute procedure are four barely visible dots around his head where he was fitted for a protective metal halo.'
  13. 'Once I was fitted for my suit they told me it would be done by next week so I'd have enough time to qualify for the race.'
  14. 'The preparations for the engagement event consisted mostly of Marigold and her mother being fitted for gowns at the Earl's expense.'
  15. 'Fiona says we can all fit in her car'
  16. 'Cut the slices of bread to a size that will fit inside your soup bowls, and toast them until dark brown on both sides.'
  17. 'Picking the strategy that best fits into your schedule will help you maintain optimum weed management.'
  18. 'Science doesn't usually fit neatly into categories of all good or all bad.'
  19. 'The slightly ovoid shape fits nicely in your hand.'
  20. 'Originally a pasty, it developed its characteristic shape to fit better into huntsmen's saddlebags.'
  21. 'Unlike other computers, PDAs are lightweight - designed to fit comfortably in a jacket pocket.'
  22. 'The first prototype is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.'
Install or fix (something) into place.
  1. 'These could serve as additional bedrooms and there is plumbing in place to fit a shower room in one of them.'
  2. 'After a medical centre in West Bowling was targeted by vandals, fences were fitted out of the centre's own funds.'
  3. 'Adam, our installer, was fitting some other stuff and left to go on to another job whilst I changed 16 of the handles.'
  4. 'A restraining net is fitted as standard, as is a decent luggage cover.'
  5. 'Power assisted steering, fitted as standard, makes manoeuvring the vehicle effortless.'
  6. 'One Sunday our neighbour says could I please ask our landlord to fit draft excluders on our front door.'
  7. 'A council spokesman said today there was no council policy of fitting child locks on windows in York, although it did fit locks on replacement windows as a crime prevention measure.'
  8. 'The team can fit grab-rails on staircases and in doorways, fix defective carpets or floor coverings, remove trailing wires and generally reduce trip hazards.'
  9. 'Work began on Monday to fit a disabled lift, due to be installed in May but delayed because the Italian manufacturer wasn't able to supply it until recently.'
  10. 'So fitting sensors in the rear rooms of the house and in the hallway is often considered sufficient for the ground floor.'
  11. 'most tools can be fitted with a new handle'
  12. 'The coach was fitted with lap belts but parents are concerned they are inadequate to protect children.'
  13. 'The bag is fitted with a special alarm programmed to go off if someone reaches inside.'
  14. 'It is hoped the park will be fitted with floodlights and CCTV cameras for extra security.'
  15. 'The café has been fitted with a new kitchen and outside seating with parasols.'
  16. 'The room is fitted with special low lighting and window blinds to allow fragile works to be displayed.'
  17. 'Her cot is fitted with a sleep monitor that sounds an alarm if her breathing stops.'
  18. 'The car was fitted with a roll cage and sports seats and drivers had to wear crash helmets and be strapped in.'
  19. 'The kitchen has been fitted with new equipment and furniture will be replaced throughout the pub.'
  20. 'Make sure you lock windows and doors, which should be fitted with security deadlocks'
  21. 'The airship will be fitted with cameras and infra-red equipment for night vision.'
  22. with object 'many physicists tried to fit together the various pieces of the puzzle'
  23. 'These are fitted together and built up as you need them, providing a versatile solution to changing needs.'
  24. 'Drawing a plan forces you to think through your project from beginning to end, what you are going to need and how your are going to get the pieces to fit together.'
  25. 'There is no doubt that a certain consistency of outlook is present throughout, but the pieces do not always fit together well.'
  26. 'The limestone is produced in special moulds and can be fitted together like a jigsaw to form any configuration.'
  27. 'When these were fitted together, they were hammered to make the joint watertight.'
  28. 'What they didn't know is when or if the pieces would fit together.'
  29. 'He wished to cut them into as few pieces as possible so that they could be fitted together, without waste, to form a perfectly square table-top.'
  30. 'Currently sheet metal barriers were being fitted together behind the factory.'
  31. 'You know what the picture's going to look like at the end, but you want to see how all the pieces will fit together.'
  32. 'Once inside you can see how the upper and lower receivers have been carefully fitted together by hand.'
Be compatible or in agreement with; match.
  1. 'He said: ‘It happened in the city centre and the man fits the same physical description.’'
  2. 'So if you fit any of these descriptions and are interested in auditioning, the producers would love to see you.'
  3. 'The Edmonton author, publisher, and former social worker has fit that description for at least 25 years.'
  4. 'She has adjusted her services to fit the customer's budget.'
  5. 'Ten minutes later there were a number of sightings close to the Brittons' home of a man fitting Mark Hobson's description.'
  6. 'I haven't met anyone who fits the commonly held definition of sane.'
  7. 'Dewey observed that this model does not fit what we know about children.'
  8. 'It was clear that none of the six men who claimed to be at the warehouse could possibly fit the police officer's description.'
  9. 'However modern scholars claim that Newton sometimes adjusted his calculations to fit his theories.'
  10. 'The descriptions the woman gave fitted those of the two girls Tessa had seen before.'
  11. 'the punishment should fit the crime'
  12. 'The sound effects are used suitably and fit perfectly in the game.'
  13. 'But it must be for independent judges, not party political ministers, to decide what particular punishment fits what particular crime.'
  14. 'They can adjust their temperature to fit their surroundings.'
  15. 'That means criminalizing behavior such as the spreading of viruses and setting up a punishment that fits the resulting economic damage.'
  16. 'Are separate vacations in our future, or is there a destination that can fit us both?'
  17. 'His freshness, his directness and his capacity for making connections with people both in person and on the television screen certainly fitted him for the task.'
  18. 'His passion for lists, dates and details fits him well for this task.'
  19. 'I was playing the part of Polonius - a part my mature years obviously fitted me for.'


The particular way in which something, especially a garment or component, fits.
  1. 'It means a lot to me; I didn't exchange it for the correct fit because I wanted the original one.'
  2. 'Both the skirt and shirt were a perfect fit.'
  3. 'You might want to get your shirts altered at waist level to give them a slimmer fit.'
  4. 'The dress was fabulous, a perfect fit, slim fitting with two thin shoulder straps and a more loose, flowing bottom part that ended just above the knee.'
  5. 'A belt that doesn't have holes is even easier, as it's fully adjustable for a perfect fit.'
  6. 'Not every shirt or jeans will have a perfect fit for everybody.'
  7. 'Is your saddle a correct fit and not put too far up the back.'
  8. 'The pants feature a full elastic waistband and cuffs for a comfortable fit.'
  9. 'The firm has developed mathematical algorithms to simulate fabric drape and garment fit.'
  10. 'The harness is adjusted on the shoulder and waist straps for a perfect fit.'
  11. 'a close fit between teachers' qualifications and their teaching responsibilities'
  12. 'Marketing is a dynamic process of ensuring a close fit between the capabilities of an organization and the demands placed upon it by its external environment.'
  13. 'It is also a way to gain knowledge of what is a good fit or match for your personality type.'
  14. 'A great deal of the power and impact of the preached Word comes from the fit between the preacher and the words being preached.'
  15. 'A thermal history involving two discrete episodes of heating and cooling clearly provides the best fit to the measured data.'
  16. 'Accurate measurements of these parameters could lead to a better fit of the theory to experiment.'


1. adapted or suited; appropriate: This water isn't fit for drinking. A long-necked giraffe is fit for browsing treetops.

2. proper or becoming: fit behavior.

3. qualified or competent, as for an office or function: a fit candidate.

4. prepared or ready: crops fit for gathering.

5. in good physical condition; in good health: He's fit for the race.

6. Biology. being adapted to the prevailing conditions and producing offspring that survive to reprod

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"people can be fit for works."

"people can be fit for surgeries."

"people can be fit for dates."

"people can be fit for tests."

"people can be fit for operations."

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