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A process in which substances combine chemically with oxygen from the air and typically give out bright light, heat, and smoke; combustion or burning.
  1. 'A fire door will prevent smoke and fire from spreading to other parts of the building.'
  2. 'As I tried to make my escape downhill, a cloud of smoke from another fire enveloped me.'
  3. 'Build small, hot fires for maximum burning of volatile gases and for fewer air quality and other safety problems.'
  4. 'In minutes, a small but bright fire sent a thick stream of black smoke skywards.'
  5. 'Even at one in the morning, they did not flinch when a roaring explosion of fire and smoke lit the sky behind them.'
  6. 'When the kill had been made, Jimmy would light a small heather fire to make a smoke signal.'
  7. 'They are also warning of the danger of fire associated with cigarette smoking.'
  8. 'During a total Fire Ban, no fire of any kind may be lit in the open.'
  9. 'The important thing to remember, Mr Ridgway said, is that keeping a building protected from the perils of fire is an ongoing process.'
  10. 'a fire at a hotel'
  11. 'The Fire Service admitted that it was one of the most destructive fires they had witnessed in a number of years.'
  12. 'The Siberian northern boreal forests, called Taiga, where the fires were burning are mainly spruce and fir trees.'
  13. 'Experts believe more destructive fires are in our future.'
  14. 'Every summer it seems America is reawakened to the destructive forces of forest fires.'
  15. 'One of the biggest and most destructive of those fires is bearing down on another resort town, Lake Arrowhead in San Bernardino County.'
  16. 'With the fires still burning deep within the mangled wreckage, it may be months before the area is cleared by health and safety authorities.'
  17. 'This was achieved after improved park management contained the destructive annual fires and reduced livestock grazing and poaching.'
  18. 'The fire had caused serious smoke and heat damage to the property, he said.'
  19. 'I see myself reclining by a roaring peat fire, glass of whisky in one hand, fat piece of shortbread in the other.'
  20. 'A little ahead of the bed he was on, was a small fireplace with a dim lit fire.'
  21. 'Taking another swig of his beer, his eyes came to rest on a stumbling figure walking away from the warmth of the large fire.'
  22. 'The fire is lit well ahead of time to allow the wood to burn down to non-flaming coals.'
  23. 'One evening the air grew cold, and so the men went about collecting wood to build a fire.'
  24. 'Of course the fire was lit and tea was made on a regular basis.'
  25. 'Yasuko warmly welcomed her inside and offered her a bowl of soup and the warmth of his fire.'
  26. 'The only need the people had for wood was for fires, and that was provided more than amply enough by the smaller trees scattered along the edge of the forest.'
  27. 'she was freezing and keeping the fire low to save money'
  28. 'He has been undertaking a variety of projects including fitting central heating and fires.'
  29. 'Similarly, people may gain heat radiating from hot walls, concrete, or sand in a hot environment, as well as from fires or central heating radiators in the cold.'
  30. as modifier 'a fire sign'
  31. 'The five elements of Nature, air, fire, land, water and ether have an effect on every human being.'
  32. 'People with an emphasis on the fire element tend to be outgoing, inspirational and ‘fiery’.'
  33. 'The Emperor is often associated with Aries, which is a strong and assertive astrological fire sign.'
  34. 'A true Sagittarian to the end, little Bonnie Blue, with her parents, completed the element of fire.'
  35. 'Associated with the element of fire and the sun in astrology, the plant was often used in floral oracle readings.'
  36. 'Jupiter has rulership in the remaining fire sign Sagittarius, so he is the participating ruler.'
A burning sensation.
  1. 'Brad's eyes bugged out and he clutched his face as pain like fire ripped through his head.'
  2. 'the fire of their religious conviction'
  3. 'She was tiny too, I guessed barely five feet, and yet she seemed to have fire and passion in her eyes.'
  4. 'Check it out and remind yourself how real music should be played with fire and skill, heart and soul, love and affection.'
  5. 'Maybe I would have less passion, less fire, less anger driving me to make the world a better place.'
  6. 'The prophets of the Temple period opposed paganism with all of their ethical fire and passion.'
  7. 'The dancing at Arios is great but what is missing here is fire and passion among the dancers.'
  8. 'He does what he does best, puts fire into men's hearts, plants the seeds of war.'
  9. 'His fear bubbled to the surface, quelling the fire of his enthusiasm as he saw how irregular her breathing was.'
The shooting of projectiles from weapons, especially bullets from guns.
  1. 'mortar fire'
  2. 'On his second tour of duty in Korea, he was cut down by enemy machine-gun fire.'
  3. 'The tube belched fire and the projectile covered the short distance to the tank in an instant.'
  4. 'Almost immediately there was a sustained burst of machine-gun fire just up the road from us here.'
  5. 'Skirting the village, the group crossed a little canal and came under intense mortar fire.'
  6. 'Our giggling stopped with a burst followed by an answering burst of machine-gun fire coming from the river about fifty yards away.'
  7. 'The attackers sprayed a truck full of policemen with machine-gun fire.'
  8. 'Four men were cut down by machine-gun fire in a gangland-style shooting.'
  9. 'Batteries and small groups of infantry were attacked with machine-gun fire.'
  10. 'Automatic weapon fire dissolved the first car in a snowstorm of broken glass.'
  11. 'A burst of machine-gun fire from one of the tanks slammed into a wall a few metres away.'
  12. 'Moving on now, a top official fired back today as his government has come under critical fire.'
  13. 'But it is against Christianity as an organized phenomenon that Russell most directed his fire.'
  14. 'While he has taken most of the flak, the main fire should be directed at his partner.'
  15. 'You've taken some quick and direct fire on basically asking women to return to the care of children.'
  16. 'He takes hostile fire from the press after jumping into the presidential race.'
  17. 'Hitler himself was occasionally caught in the line of fire of criticism.'
  18. 'While his fire was directed mainly at the press, he believes hostility lurks in the government and among the general public.'


Discharge a gun or other weapon in order to propel (a bullet or projectile)
  1. 'they fired off a few rounds'
  2. 'Six of the crude projectiles were fired, damaging two houses but causing no injuries.'
  3. 'When this projectile is fired into trash piles, trucks, or boxes, it sticks to the target and sends back data.'
  4. 'More than 125 people were arrested and scores more injured by police, who, in addition to tear gas and rubber bullets, fired live ammunition at the workers.'
  5. 'Warfare is the next step with the powers of hot gas being harnessed to fire projectiles from cannons or small arms.'
  6. 'Police said rubber bullets were fired, while the union claimed that birdshot had been used.'
  7. 'The moment came, and with the twelfth shot fired off, the bullets ceased and Johner drew back behind the barricade to reload his gun.'
  8. 'Police fired rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse the crowd.'
  9. 'If the projectile is fired parallel to the ground, this effect causes the typical downward curved trajectory.'
  10. 'In suppressing the Quebec City protests, Canadian police for the first time used the impact weapon Arwen 37 which fires rubber bullets.'
  11. no object 'troops fired on crowds'
  12. 'They spoke of incidents of violence, which included a disabled woman twice narrowly escaping injury from a youth firing an air rifle and a pensioner's pet dog being shot dead.'
  13. 'He fired a machine gun and a few small missiles at it.'
  14. 'A woman on disability benefits narrowly missed being hurt by a youth firing an air rifle - twice in 24 hours.'
  15. 'Others have suggested that he held on to the pistol while firing the shotgun one-handed.'
  16. 'The gang fired the gun at the glass security screen of the Post Office in Halifax Road, Cullingworth, at 10 am on Monday but fled empty handed.'
  17. 'It was hard to see the extent of the damage because the windscreen was dirty after firing the gun.'
  18. 'Vandals have fired an air rifle at the windows of a pre-school.'
  19. 'Someone fired an air rifle at the rear of the school site and three pupils were slightly injured.'
  20. 'When they fired back, he and his crew fired both guns directly into them.'
  21. 'Airmen, needless to say, showed themselves eager, hurling grenades and firing their weapons at targets on the ground from the earliest days of the war.'
  22. 'The attack on Rommel's lines started with over 800 artillery guns firing at the German lines.'
  23. 'Only a second later did he begin to charge, his guns firing.'
  24. 'He cracked his neck, and it sounded like a gun firing.'
  25. 'The Gatling guns all fired simultaneously, tearing through the rear of the vehicle and into the trunk.'
  26. 'Mr Reed, who owns his own haulage company, was in the park when he heard an air rifle being fired.'
  27. 'The three close upon the Dornier with all their guns firing.'
  28. 'The two of them moved together, their guns fired almost at the same time, twin weapons discharging loudly into the near silence.'
  29. 'As the planes flew overhead, all the guns started firing.'
  30. 'The SAW machine guns began firing through the windows, blowing huge chunks out of the apartment's brick façade.'
  31. 'The guns started firing on the first step I took.'
  32. 'they fired questions at me for what seemed like ages'
  33. 'However, he still was not content and he fired one more question at me.'
  34. 'The youngsters fired questions on acting, dubbing, editing as well as shooting.'
  35. 'I should add that the stations' hosts were genial even as they fired questions at me that they will have heard other guests or callers refer to repeatedly.'
  36. 'While it may be called speed dating this does not mean you need to fire questions rapidly across the table.'
  37. 'They are also having great fun, absorbed in what they are doing, breaking off only to fire insistent questions at their teacher.'
  38. 'And Les, a veteran of such events, said he was hoping to fire some questions at the minister.'
  39. 'A huge media pack fired questions as the three, visibly upset, rushed past with their faces covered.'
  40. 'he fired off a letter informing her that he regarded the matter with the utmost seriousness'
  41. 'I fired my letter off to the Speaker immediately.'
  42. 'In Tang Hall, 524 people signed objecting letters, and 72 protest letters were fired off to city chiefs.'
  43. 'A U-turn only came about when the Evening Advertiser contacted a local MP, who fired a letter off to the Foreign Office.'
  44. 'He promptly fired a letter off, through his lawyer, declaring he that was confounded by the request that he assent to any such payment.'
  45. 'Jacqueline Clarke as octogenarian pianist Jeanette had the best of the one-liners - firing them off like Mae West in her prime - while Tommy Knight as Jerry's son Nath is a little star in the making.'
  46. 'The problem with email excess is that people often just fire them off without giving much thought to whether the message was really needed or whether the content was right.'
  47. '‘Yeah, I had physics, chemistry, biology, maths and general studies,’ he fires them off nonchalantly.'
Dismiss (an employee) from a job.
  1. 'you're fired!'
  2. 'He says that in a few instances, solely on account of their bad report cards, he has fired salespeople who were writing up heaps of orders.'
  3. 'We should examine why it is virtually impossible to fire a policeman.'
  4. 'He has fired his attorneys, accusing them of conspiring against him.'
  5. 'As it happens, a few readers have written in to say that firing a couple aides at random might marginally improve the situation as well.'
  6. 'This story apparently came to light when an assistant district attorney was fired for settling the case and not informing his superior.'
  7. 'During his trial, he fired his attorney and insisted on representing himself.'
  8. 'A disciplinary hearing was held and the messenger was fired.'
  9. 'The constitution gives the powers of hiring or firing magistrates to the Judicial Service Commission, which Gicheru chairs.'
Supply (a furnace, engine, etc.) with fuel.
  1. 'As a teenager, to help his parents, he'd work double shifts firing engines in rail yards.'
  2. 'Because Watt's engine was fired by coal and not water, spinning factories could be located virtually anywhere.'
  3. 'The engine only fired for a few seconds before shutting off again, and the missile fell.'
  4. 'As the Spitfire flypast disappeared into the horizon, engines fired into life and the TGP aces flew out of the pit lane to form up the grid.'
  5. 'The only practical way to do this is to add some sort of large rocket engine that fires right before impact.'
  6. 'Getting behind the car, he pushed with gusto until the engine fired.'
  7. 'Over the next few months, the ion engine fires to raise the highest point of its orbit to match the orbit of the Moon.'
  8. 'Fortunately, the engine fired, the tires went round and round, and the pan didn't leak.'
  9. 'Lind was able to get to the damned engines before they fired.'
  10. 'As they passed outside the larger ship's dock, there was a much larger engine firing.'
  11. 'he fired up the laptop to find the address of his hostel'
  12. 'You want to shop for something, you don't go to a store, you just fire up a laptop or a smartphone and order it.'
  13. 'After a year's delay, loggers fired up the chainsaws on 4 April.'
  14. 'It rained hard enough to chase us off the lake and back to the cabin to fire up the wood stove.'
  15. 'Now is the perfect time to fire up the grill or prepare cool dishes such as salads, sandwiches and chilled soups like gazpacho.'
  16. 'A few times every spring and summer, Dad would fire up the old station wagon and drive us all to Baltimore's Memorial Stadium.'
Stimulate or excite (the imagination or an emotion)
  1. 'Writing and producing in a cross-cultural environment has fired his imagination and he has exploited the situation to the hilt.'
  2. 'In the Dominican Republic, it fired the imagination of a vibrant people.'
  3. 'They don't fire the imagination or arouse the passions like the aristocratic love of honor.'
  4. 'Meera's blind love for Krishna has fired the imagination of many poets.'
  5. 'However, his imagination was fired by classic Westerns he had seen as a child.'
  6. 'It's no wonder the Romans can fire our imaginations, but what values did they hold, to help them to such success?'
  7. 'He was fired with a purpose - to highlight the plight of the poor, suffering masses of India.'
  8. 'He was ambitious of a wider effect: he was fired with the possibility that he might work out the proof of an anatomical conception and make a link in the chain of discovery.'
  9. 'If I were to hear anyone speak slightingly of you, I should fire up in a moment'
Bake or dry (pottery, bricks, etc.) in a kiln.
  1. 'The factory uses combined electricity and coal-fired kilns for firing the bricks.'
  2. 'People using acrylic paints can take away the finished article, but those who prefer water-based paints must wait a few days while they are glazed and fired in a kiln.'
  3. 'Its lava streams and agricultural fields are made from tiles fired at the museum and from bricks fired by local brickyards.'
  4. 'When fired in a kiln at 1,250 degrees, the oxides and glass pieces melt to form a beautiful layer.'
  5. 'These are then fired in kilns and collected or posted out the following day.'
  6. 'The technique of making majolica begins with firing a piece of earthenware.'
  7. 'The fire that was built over the pots excluded most of the oxygen which fired the pottery black or charcoal-grey.'
  8. 'Now here's a chance to try your hand at making, glazing and firing your own Raku pieces.'
  9. 'The inked tissue was then laid on the once-fired pottery item, and the pottery was glazed and fired again.'
  10. 'He can do chores for you, such as firing your pottery.'

More definitions

1. a state, process, or instance of combustion in which fuel or other material is ignited and combined with oxygen, giving off light, heat, and flame.

2. a burning mass of material, as on a hearth or in a furnace.

3. the destructive burning of a building, town, forest, etc.; conflagration.

4. heat used for cooking, especially the lighted burner of a stove: Put the kettle on the fire.

5. Greek fire.

6. flashing light; luminous appearance.

7. brilliance, as of a gem.

8. burning pa

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