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(of a person) fussy about their needs or requirements.
  1. 'I've always known that cat owners are somewhat fanatical when it comes to their pets, but the sheer number of sites devoted to this finicky member of the animal kingdom probably outnumbers the amount of cats in this country.'
  2. 'Not Don - he's really finicky, nitpicking a lot, going, ‘Oh, could we try that again,’ or ‘Could we change this detail?’'
  3. 'He was so finicky about it and always kept it in perfect place.'
  4. 'I had spent most of my life convinced that she was no different than the finicky gods of Greek and Roman mythology and other ancient mythologies.'
  5. 'I was a very finicky eater, but I have learned, over time, to appreciate many foods, even eggplant.'
  6. 'If you are finicky about electrical appliances actually functioning in your house or having the lights on, you shouldn't live here.'
  7. 'I have indeed been accused of that very thing, but then maybe its because of my keen sense of smell that I am so finicky.'
  8. 'Indeed, in a cluttered world where one company's product can be nearly identical to another's, quality service is often the deciding factor for finicky customers.'
  9. 'She should be at the bakery, serving finicky customers and drowning in flour.'
  10. 'He'll have to offer higher levels of service than he's used to, catering to finicky women who often demand multiple alterations.'
  11. 'his finicky copperplate hand'
  12. 'And then - shocker - it turned out that the roboprojectors were finicky and unreliable and required careful, skilled supervision.'
  13. 'More frustration is derived from some levels that require finicky control.'
  14. 'With finicky precision, he models turntables, scuffed trainers, tape decks and BMX bikes.'
  15. 'But getting the figures and tables right, looking up all the data and resolving all the discrepancies - it's all finicky detail work.'
  16. 'The finicky Chuan is also very particular about his clothing.'


1. excessively particular or fastidious; difficult to please; fussy.

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"people can be finicky."

"markets can be finicky."

"weathers can be finicky."

"felines can be finicky."

"feeders can be finicky."

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Early 19th century: from finical + -y.