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Complete or agree on a finished and definitive version of.
  1. 'The town is currently finalizing a development agreement.'
  2. 'Appointments are confirmed in writing and are finalized in July.'
  3. 'There is still another week of negotiation to finalize the plan of action that is to be agreed upon in Johannesburg.'
  4. 'As next Monday's opening ceremony approaches, organizers have intensified efforts to finalize their preparation for the grand event.'
  5. 'In it, the government said it would finalize a plan to cope with the uncooperative debtors by the end of next March.'
  6. 'In answer to these questions, the Board of Directors recently finalized new priorities.'
  7. 'The new regulations managing phosphorus runoff from manure applications are not yet finalized.'
  8. 'New York and Texas finalized the terms of a trade Sunday, and the players' association gave its approval.'
  9. 'The amount raised is not yet finalised but will appear in this column in the weeks ahead.'
  10. 'As you finalize these arrangements, you should also begin to practice your presentation.'

More definitions

1. to put into final form; complete all the details of. verb (used without object), finalized, finalizing.

2. to complete an agreement; conclude negotiations: We should finalize by the end of the week.

More examples(as adjective)

"details can be finalise."

"plans can be finalise."

"results can be finalise."

"deals can be finalise."

"accounts can be finalise."

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