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Disgustingly dirty.
  1. 'In spite of the light drizzle, the crowd milling around a filthy mud tenement continued to swell.'
  2. 'These children are being raised in homes that are absolutely filthy.'
  3. 'Residents claim that they are filthy, covered in mud in wet weather and dust in dry weather, and lead to dirt being trodden into their homes.'
  4. 'She knew she was dirty and filthy and right now, she smelled horrific.'
  5. 'He was damp and filthy and his little clothing hung half off him, but I could see nothing but the ghastly maiming to his eyes.'
  6. 'Maybe the bathrooms are even more disgustingly filthy, though.'
  7. 'So when I was on the run I was filthy so much and cold sometimes but I was free.'
  8. 'Officers and men alike were perpetually cold, wet, filthy, tired and frustrated.'
  9. 'The air is so filthy cigarette smoke is your only chance of imbibing oxygen.'
  10. 'By the end of the night, her dress was filthy, her hair was sticking to the top of her sweaty forehead and covered in straw, and her arms were so tired she felt like passing out.'
  11. 'filthy language'
  12. 'Being filthy dirty is not funny (as my mother always used to tell me when she caught me using too many four-lettered words), at least not by itself.'
  13. 'The removal of that filthy, vile piece was not inexplicable.'
  14. 'The porn industry might be a dirty filthy shamefully-run machine, but aren't most entertainment industries?'
  15. 'Although she does lose points because the rest of the song is also absolutely filthy.'
  16. 'The court heard how he had made people's lives a misery with threats, filthy language and abusive and intimidating conduct.'
  17. 'Her mother was screaming filthy obscenities and it was wrong of her to do that.'
  18. 'Now I no longer smoke, I no longer drink, my language is no longer filthy, and I bathe daily.'
  19. 'I'm not going to allow that filthy language in here.'
  20. 'I don't need to run down my opponent through filthy language in order to win.'
  21. 'But now you must rid yourselves of all such things as these: anger, rage, malice, slander, and filthy language from your lips.'
  22. 'The northern wing fell back, in filthy weather, on Metz.'
  23. 'Cross-country entries decreased due to filthy weather but some great races ensued.'
  24. 'They face it every week, pitting themselves against tortuous terrain and filthy weather, recovering the fells' casualties without pay or team funding.'
  25. 'They are particularly appropriate on those utterly filthy days of freezing rain, when the neoprene insulation is a blessing.'
  26. 'For the third visit running, the most notable aspect of an England Test match at Centurion Park was the filthy weather.'
  27. 'he arrived at the meeting half an hour late and in a filthy temper'
  28. 'And like your mother, you're beautiful, but you have a filthy temper.'
  29. 'Then again, it's got nothing to do with the gods when you've got a filthy temper, and that I certainly have.'
  30. 'you filthy liar'
  31. 'But now the youth of today, they live in sin rotting like beasts between filthy sheets.'
  32. 'One night, he begins to write down how he feels about the ‘intricate, filthy, disgusting maze’ he concocted to snare her.'
  33. 'Oh, and I was also 14 at the time, you filthy bastards.'
  34. 'And this is how you repay her efforts, you filthy bastard.'
  35. 'Or am I just a filthy minded pervert?'
  36. 'Get your filthy paws off her, I think as anger sweeps through my body but it is shortly replaced with a desire.'
  37. 'For seven days Ghost had ridden on the back of this filthy beast their handler called Daisy.'
  38. 'After years of being a non-smoker my husband has taken up the filthy habit again.'
  39. 'A poacher would neither understand, nor care… vile, filthy, treacherous and thieving creatures of the night they are.'
  40. 'Normal people say I'm to young, much to young, that it's filthy and disgusting, but I know they think I deserve it deep down.'


To an extreme extent.
  1. 'He declared that most long fraud trials were the result of the very rich robbing the filthy rich, who then pursued justice at the expense of the taxpayer.'
  2. 'So, if there's anyone out there in Edinburgh who's filthy rich, then do get in touch.'
  3. 'The mega-wealthy and the filthy rich have been feeding their faces at the expense of the rest of us.'
  4. 'Now, on a filthy rich supermodel the low-slung jean probably looks quite good.'
  5. 'If they are right, many of them will become filthy rich, maybe even millionaires.'
  6. 'It was not a good exchange but at least some people got filthy rich from the dealings.'
  7. 'Most romance writers don't get famous, nor - contrary to popular belief - filthy rich.'
  8. 'Polo as an international circle is so tight and so filthy rich that impostors are rare.'
  9. 'That makes it all the more depressing, for one would have hoped that someone who came up the hard way would know that the filthy rich don't deserve special favors.'
  10. 'Financial independence is not about getting filthy rich, but it's about having enough to give away to others with a free conscience.'


1. foul with, characterized by, or having the nature of filth; disgustingly or completely dirty.

2. vile; vulgar; obscene: filthy language.

3. contemptibly offensive, vile, or objectionable: to treat one's friends in a filthy manner.

4. (of money) abundantly supplied (often followed by with): They're filthy with money. verb (used with object), filthied, filthying.

5. to make filthy; foul. Idioms

6. filthy rich, outrageously wealthy; very rich.

More examples(as adjective)

"schools can be filthy because of cuts."

"people can be filthy with dusts."

"machines can be filthy in appearances."

"lives can be filthy for survivors."

"favourites can be filthy at alls."

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