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Disgusting dirt.
  1. 'A moment later a piece of mud falling from his hair into his face prompted him to just lean forward and dunk his head under the water, a dark cloud of filth polluting the water around him.'
  2. 'I positioned my broom and began to sweep away the dirt and filth that had gathered since last time I had swept.'
  3. 'For it was granted in our illustration of light that the rays of the sun sent down to earth from heaven are not defiled by touching all the mud and filth and garbage.'
  4. 'Open drains, piles of uncleared garbage, filth and pitiful shacks are everywhere.'
  5. 'The familiar stench of filth, dirt, blood, and sweat filled his nose.'
  6. 'He was given a scented bath before sunrise to wash the filth from his body.'
  7. 'I don't believe anyone ever cleans this area, and the accumulated filth creates an unbearable stench.'
  8. 'She was brought up in filth and squalor that disgusted everyone who set foot in their home in her early years on the Bransholme estate and latterly the Orchard Park estate in Hull.'
  9. 'She climbed into the shower and washed the filth off her body.'
  10. 'And I have never seen such filth and disgusting things anywhere.'
  11. 'some calls were vitriolic, accusing us of publishing pornography and filth'
  12. '‘A floodtide of filth is engulfing our country in the form of newsstand obscenity,’ its narrator intoned.'
  13. 'Naturally, this provoked a flood of filth and crude innuendo, which is hardly suitable material for a family site.'
  14. 'Only a few months ago, while doing an innocent search for cuddly fluffy woodland animals, they came upon this particular receptacle of online filth.'
  15. 'Many sadly shake their heads at the situations and circumstances around them, but do nothing to stop the onrushing tides of immoral filth and disease.'
  16. 'How could Norman bring a tool of the devil into their household and corrupt his sock drawer with this filth?'
  17. 'We have to demand that the BBC and other media stop giving these Nazis a platform to spout their filth.'
  18. 'A former policeman who led the fight against internet child porn warned today that the tide of filth in cyberspace is growing and could lead to an abuse ‘timebomb’.'
  19. 'It underblocks, leaving children exposed to all sorts of filth; and it overblocks, denying adults access to material they have every right to view.'
  20. 'Can anyone doubt that the filth they spout will now carry more weight, that the flag-waving crowds are now more likely to vote MHP?'
  21. 'Not one voice of opposition to this racist filth is heard from a single character.'
  22. 'Why has the world shown me nothing but wickedness, filth, and brutality till now?'
  23. 'Grip the horn and tip it toward your greedy mouth, drinking of the filth, corruption and frothy, unintentional comedy contained within.'
  24. 'Cities were also associated with poverty, filth, crime, class and labour conflict, and the general deterioration of American society.'
  25. 'We must stop peddling this filth at our kids immediately.'
  26. 'As a teenager, she would argue with her father about attacking the corruption and filth associated with politics.'
  27. 'However, observations of the High Street late at night indicate the noise, filth and anti-social behaviour increase exponentially with the hour.'
  28. 'A marathon of self-obsession, self-pity, misery, filth, shame, loneliness, isolation, and a lot of embarrassing stuff about sex.'
  29. 'Somehow, I managed to get to my feet, I was filthy now, only now could he call me, filth, and get a way with it.'
  30. 'Now he strode wearily and dispassionately through the enemy filth, cutting down those that stood in his path and ignoring all others.'
  31. 'Didn't your mother ever teach you not to gossip about others, you disgusting piece of filth?'
  32. 'They obviously figured she looked crazed too, why else would she jump back like she'd just been burnt when she spotted the filth.'
  33. 'How does she know that only 7 per cent go to the filth?'
  34. 'Of course she will never appear in court and Dave beats her for being so stupid to get caught by the filth.'

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1. offensive or disgusting dirt or refuse; foul matter: the filth dumped into our rivers.

2. foul condition: to live in filth.

3. moral impurity, corruption, or obscenity.

4. vulgar or obscene language or thought.

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"diseases can be filth."


Old English fȳlth ‘rotting matter, rottenness’, also ‘corruption, obscenity’, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch vuilte, also to foul.