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A porous device for removing impurities or solid particles from a liquid or gas passed through it.
  1. 'Sunday morning one weekend, I was searching for coffee filters through the kitchen cupboards.'
  2. 'The ground is an excellent filter for removing bacterial and other contamination.'
  3. 'Electronic air cleaners are 10 to 20 times more efficient than standard filters.'
  4. 'We collected wastewater from the kitchen in a house and obtained pure water after passing it through the filter.'
  5. 'There are no air filters, oil filters or other diesel waste material.'
  6. 'Even the dissolved salts don't get through these reverse osmosis filters.'
  7. 'The pump has a filter to remove all the harmful bacteria.'
  8. 'When you slide the front section out and unscrew the front, you can see that the intake fan has two removable dust filters to help stop dust being sucked into your case.'
  9. 'After passing through a filter, the oil and fuel mixture is put into the vehicle's fuel tank to be burned as fuel.'
  10. 'When the tool is removed from the well, it will carry the suspended particles with it, trapped by the filter, thus removing them from the well fluid.'
  11. as modifier 'a cheap filter cigarette'
  12. 'According to experts in the field of industrial deafness, the current methods of hearing protection such as ear muffs and plugs are about as effective as filters on cigarettes.'
  13. 'The cigarette has a filter that makes them harder to inhale, aimed at reducing tar and nicotine consumption.'
  14. 'Dougal took his final drag and stared at the cigarette filter for a few seconds before tossing it over the railing, down to the earth below.'
  15. 'She broke the filter off her cigarette then licked and split it down the paper join.'
  16. 'The company, which makes products as diverse as plastic caps and cigarette filters to food packing and carrier bags, is expected to post in-line figures.'
  17. 'This been accomplished by the use of filters and filter ventilation, modified cigarette paper and modified forms of tobacco and tobacco blends.'
  18. 'This will bring the price of a standard pack of filter cigarettes to 4.15.'
  19. 'You'd think that not having to add a filter would make the cigarette cheaper, but that doesn't seem to be the case.'
  20. 'The material was sprayed onto buildings, used in shipyards, it covered pipes, was weaved into cloth and was even placed in cigarette filters.'
  21. 'And the problem was he was smoking those terrible cigarettes without filters.'
  22. 'However, many species then alter the spectra of the emitted light using spectral filters and reflectors.'
  23. 'Sony's trick is to apply an anti-glare filter to the screen that doesn't scatter light the way other filters do.'
  24. 'But there are more varieties of soft focus filters than there are adjectives describing them.'
  25. 'You can use this haze to advantage, but if it is obscuring your subject, you may need to place a filter over your SLR lens.'
  26. 'A screen on the light box filters out ultraviolet rays.'
  27. 'The beam output was not lowered because it burned through the neutral density filters.'
  28. 'Thinking that his telescope or filter was allowing light to leak into the projected image, he adjusted his instrument.'
  29. 'The vain portrait sitter certainly won't mind if a wrinkle or two is removed by the use of a soft focus filter of a bit of silk in front of the lens.'
  30. 'The anti-alias filter sits between the lens and the mirror and can be removed if required by removing a two small screws.'
  31. 'A wavelength range between 350 and 800 nm was selected by optical filters.'
  32. 'Rectifiers and trap filters are strongly recommended on all variable frequency drives.'
  33. 'Crosstalk from synchronizing signals is suppressed by filters.'
  34. 'Many digital speaker processors, which are often used primarily as crossovers, also include filters for frequency correction.'
  35. 'An electronic filter prevents frequencies from reaching the speakers that are not supposed to receive them.'
  36. 'I could go hotter, but the filters in ADCs require 1 to 2 dB of headroom and you may want your mastering engineer to have some room to work, too.'
  37. 'We did this by assessing the performance of both filters in filtering noise signals obtained from both habitats throughout the breeding season.'
  38. 'A second bandpass filter with a center frequency above the fundamental can be used as the pulse generator.'
  39. 'If one of the two obviously is higher than the other, adjust the related frequency filters as needed.'
  40. 'The screen print in Figure 10 shows the swept frequency response of the low-pass filter.'
  41. 'The filter's feedback implementation compensates for strapdown navigation error and sensor errors.'
  42. 'many other apps also offer filters for enhancing photos'
  43. 'Most search engines have duplication filters in effect that look past formatting changes and do a very good job of detecting duplicate content.'
  44. 'Mr Porter said such filters had been removed because they slowed down access to the Internet.'
An arrangement whereby vehicles may turn left (or right) while other traffic waiting to go straight ahead or turn right (or left) is stopped by a red light.
  1. 'In another country I know well an inexpensive and very efficient system is to use a filter which enables traffic to keep on the move and cuts down on frustration and exhaust fumes which here are pretty bad.'
  2. 'The Pontiac was travelling north along Bonnet Creek Road in the left-hand filter lane while the Ford van was travelling south on the inside lane, according to police in Florida.'
  3. 'Then you think about those people on the roads who selfishly block junctions, who cut you up at a roundabout, who use filter lanes to queue jump.'
  4. 'Then, curiously, a leftturn filter arrow was installed at the traffic lights, replacing a ‘yield’ sign.'
  5. 'Several traders suggested introducing a green filter at the traffic lights in Cricklade Road to allow cars to turn right easier.'
  6. 'In it I was assured that plans were in hand to install a right-turn filter once necessary ducting work had been completed.'


Pass (a liquid, gas, light, or sound) through a device to remove unwanted material.
  1. 'The spirit is aged in charred, American oak barrels and then filtered to remove all trace of color.'
  2. 'We have been given a special machine for our living room which filters pure oxygen into his lungs.'
  3. 'However, the device was really intended to filter the water in an effort to promote absinthe drinking as hygienic.'
  4. 'The new one is lighter, can filter unnecessary noise, and is more durable.'
  5. 'An X-ray telescope filters out all the light from the Sun except X rays, and what is left is mostly the solar corona.'
  6. 'His ears filtered the sounds around him, alerting his mind only when a familiar sound crossed his path.'
  7. 'This layer surrounds the earth and filters ultraviolet light from the rays of the sun.'
  8. 'The alternative is to give official bodies the power to filter what we see and hear.'
  9. 'Look for cars with rear-view mirrors that automatically dim and filter out headlight glare.'
  10. 'The water was then filtered using a white cloth and stored in airtight pots in dark rooms.'
  11. 'you'll be put through to a secretary whose job it is to filter calls'
  12. 'Some of you said we're overplaying the privacy concerns involved in trusting ISPs or managed services providers to filter malicious messages from email traffic.'
  13. 'Of course, users may be tempted to filter all server error messages, but that's not a reliable solution because doing so would also block legitimate mail server error messages.'
  14. 'Alas, search engines have always filtered by structure, rather than the message, and so they should.'
Move slowly in a specified direction.
  1. 'It filters down through our players to the public through the press.'
  2. 'There was only one door and we all slowly filtered into the crowded band room.'
  3. 'Or how it filters down to the players and becomes the chemistry that fuels champions.'
  4. 'The journey home on two hours sleep doesn't bear mention, all the traffic that had filtered into Cornwall over the previous week or two suddenly seemed to leave at once.'
  5. 'Haley can occupy two blockers, allowing linebackers to filter from behind to make plays.'
  6. 'At least some of the money funnelled into Scottish Enterprise by the politicians actually seems to filter down to the people at the bottom.'
  7. 'What is wrong with each driver allowing another motorist to filter into the traffic stream ahead of them where traffic flows need to merge, either at roadworks or at normal junctions?'
  8. 'sunlight filtered in through the thin curtains'
  9. 'Just then a loud crackling came over the speakers followed by the loud beating of a drum as the heavy rock music slowly filtered out into the car.'
  10. 'Only faint rays of sunlight filtered through the thick leaves overhead.'
  11. 'I felt exhausted and the moonlight slowly filtering through the window and covering everything only reinforced that.'
  12. 'The metal roofing was added to the structure in 1894, and there is a hole under the dome to allow the sun to filter in.'
  13. 'Bright sunlight filtered down through the trees in patches.'
  14. 'As the morning passed, and the sun rose higher in the sky, dappled rays of sunlight filtered through the dense canopy of the jungle, creating dancing patterns on the floor.'
  15. 'Removing the glass from my lips, I looked over at the kitchen window which was gently filtering the moonlight from outside: the only source of light in the room.'
  16. 'From the window filtered the first lights of the morning and hours had passed.'
  17. 'Yesterday morning was beautiful, the sky was bright blue, it was warm and the sounds filtering into our home were happy.'
  18. 'With a sigh she looked up, propping her head on one hand and watching dust motes dance in the rays of sunlight filtering down from above.'
  19. 'Then, finally, he held her chin, gently, so that his eyes bored directly into hers, and the words started to filter through.'
  20. '‘The more information filtering through to the workplace the better off we are all going to be,’ Brem says.'
  21. 'At that stage, death and what it meant had only just begun to filter into my consciousness.'
  22. 'The critical demolition of it filtered into popular consciousness and it became the archetypal bad film.'
  23. 'News filtered through that the march had been cancelled after the skirmishes in Stirling.'
  24. 'But he had a belief on Cup final day that his team were going to win which filtered through to the players and we got the victory.'
  25. 'I feel sure that many of our senior readers will recall where they were on that very sad Sunday evening as news of death filtered through.'
  26. 'Information has filtered out that the affected communities were provided next to no compensation and in some cases, were simply left at the mercy of floods.'
  27. 'Gradually the news filtered through that the latest incidents were nowhere near as bad as the bombings a fortnight ago.'
  28. 'Then the information filtered through to East End Park that Gary Holt had been called up to the international squad.'
  29. 'At 8am, traffic filtered around the closed-off Cricklade Street smoothly, but as the morning wore on, vehicles began to build up in Devizes Road and Albert Street.'
  30. 'The problem with the whole system is it is putting too much pressure on Main Street as the traffic cannot filter through New Street anymore.'

More definitions

1. any substance, as cloth, paper, porous porcelain, or a layer of charcoal or sand, through which liquid or gas is passed to remove suspended impurities or to recover solids.

2. any device, as a tank or tube, containing such a substance for filtering.

3. any of various analogous devices, as for removing dust from air or impurities from tobacco smoke, or for eliminating certain kinds of light rays.

4. Informal. a filter-tipped cigarette or cigar.

5. Photography. a lens screen of dyed g

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be filter through humours."

"people can be filter."


Late Middle English (denoting a piece of felt): from French filtre, from medieval Latin filtrum ‘felt used as a filter’, of West Germanic origin and related to felt.


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