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(especially of fabric) thin and translucent.
  1. 'Vibrant prints, block colours, searing white and filmy ice-cream shades will all feature heavily in the summer.'
  2. 'The room was lined with windows, and filmy white curtains fluttered in the breeze.'
  3. 'When the powdered something hit the water, a filmy silver light hovered over the rim of the smooth darkened wood of the cup.'
  4. 'For the first time Ian notices that she's wearing nothing but a silk nightgown, so thin and filmy that it looks like gold paint brushed over her body.'
  5. 'Maxine laughed and touched the filmy fabric of a sleeve.'
  6. 'In the filmy light of a city morning he looked ashen and old.'
  7. 'The moonlight turned the filmy blue dress hanging from her surprisingly petite shoulders nearly transparent, silhouetting her hour glass form against the material.'
  8. 'The walls were free of torches, and yet a filmy light seeped in from an unknown source.'
  9. 'Actually, I do like the delicate, filmy white square edged in yellow with an M embroidered in one corner.'
  10. 'I pick out a simple outfit, a black, short-sleeved top and pants with a filmy, see-through skirt over that and a gem-studded silver belt to go around my hips and hold my bag of gems.'
Covered with or as with a thin layer of something.
  1. 'The tears were still fresh in her eyes, balancing delicately as they rippled across her eyes, filmy and scared.'


1. thin and light; fine and gauzy: a gown of a filmy material.

2. hazy or misty; glazed: filmy eyes.

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