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A young female horse, especially one less than four years old.
  1. 'Nearly all of the top runners sired by Kris were fillies and mares and Harrison said the late stallion's legacy would be left on the breed through his daughters.'
  2. 'The horses include two colts and two fillies by Danehill.'
  3. 'She was going to be the only filly running in it.'
  4. 'Horse Racing Ireland enhances stakes for fillies and mares'
  5. 'Stoute added that he would probably keep the filly running over the same distance.'
  6. 'The card is highlighted by a pair of stakes of $75,000 stakes for older fillies and mares and for older colts and geldings.'
  7. 'Four fillies and five colts all breezed one furlong in 10.20 seconds.'
  8. 'Summerfield consigned the well-balanced filly that was bred in Florida by Bobby Hurley.'
  9. 'The chestnut filly worked in company on Wednesday, pleasing Dunlop with her effort.'
  10. 'A young filly wants to be safe and she'll be more flighty and reactive.'

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1. a young female horse.

2. Informal. a girl or young woman.

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"traditions can be filly."

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Late Middle English: from Old Norse fylja, of Germanic origin; related to foal.