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A quantity of soft material that fills or is used to fill something.
  1. 'It was given a temporary filling of polystyrene with a final layer of chalk the material originally used to build the hill but no decision has been taken yet about a permanent solution.'
  2. 'He invented a mix of natural and synthetic fibers that was able to produce harder but flexible particle board, that now is being utilized as the inner filling of the door panel.'
  3. 'Moreover, its production creates less than half the greenhouse gases normally generated in producing synthetic fillings for duvets and pillows.'
  4. 'A soft, light duvet and four oversized pillows with down filling complete the package.'
  5. 'Once recycled, the directories could find themselves whole new leases of life as fillings for loft insulation, packaging materials, jiffy bags, egg boxes and animal bedding.'
  6. 'I've got two chipped fillings, and several cavities, which are all starting to get quite uncomfortable.'
  7. 'If you have concerns about dental fillings, speak to your dentist.'
  8. 'He or she will place a temporary filling on the tooth until you come back.'
  9. 'I've got huge cavities, missing fillings and chipped and cracked teeth.'
  10. 'Principal Curtis' mouth promptly dropped open, exposing his silver fillings.'
  11. 'It's used in thermometers, batteries and dental fillings and is emitted from power plants and other industrial activity.'
  12. 'Most people now reach adulthood with few or no fillings in their teeth.'
  13. 'Mouth ulcers are common and are usually due to trauma such as from ill fitting dentures, fractured teeth, or fillings.'
  14. 'The idea is to use the substance to provide a lining under new fillings, avoiding the need to replace fillings as cavities grow.'
  15. 'However, apart from occasional allergic reactions, there is little evidence of adverse effects arising from the placement of tooth coloured fillings.'
  16. 'a Swiss roll with a chocolate filling'
  17. 'The fillings are incredibly, filling, rich and tasty, with the buckwheat in the crêpes giving everything a good, nutty texture.'
  18. 'Amber comes over as I'm mixing the filling, this time using tapioca and cider vinegar.'
  19. 'The pastry was too dense, the chocolate filling was too dry, and it was loaded with nuts that simply overwhelmed whatever pear flavour might have been there.'
  20. 'Don't stick to my filling though, use whatever you like best, or whatever is left in the fridge.'
  21. 'Roll the rice paper by folding up one side of the rice paper lengthwise over the fillings.'
  22. 'The sandwich fillings will certainly come as welcome relief to those of you that can't face another tired cheese sandwich.'
  23. 'The potato and cheese filling was soft and salty and reminded me of the inside of a cheese and onion pastie.'
  24. 'Divide the filling into six portions and fill in tomatoes.'
  25. 'As I stood in the queue, I observed the dishes of sandwich fillings resting limply behind the glass counter.'
  26. 'The pastry was paper thin and crisp and the filling had that lovely burnt-toffee taste.'


(of food) leaving one with a pleasantly satiated feeling.
  1. 'In due course I was able to enjoy a tasty and filling snack with adequate green salad to accompany it.'
  2. 'This serving is very filling and a bargain for smoked salmon at $8.95.'
  3. 'Luckily it still was open and I proceeded to enjoy a very filling dinner.'
  4. 'Anyway, the food tasted good and was certainly very filling.'
  5. 'The only space left, after that mountain of filling food, is for a couple of cocktails at Middlesex.'
  6. 'Cookbooks are now embracing hearty, filling casseroles.'
  7. 'This is much more of a hot and filling working person's lunch, and although it's not the hottest curry in the world, it's balanced and tasty.'
  8. 'So last year, I decided to eat a healthy, filling meal before heading out to shop - no more fast food cravings!'
  9. 'The waitress recommended the banana cake, but it sounded a little too heavy after such a filling meal.'
  10. 'Even without the filling soup as a first course, the T-bone steak and salad had been an excellent meal.'


1. an act or instance of filling.

2. something that is put in to fill something else: They used sand as filling for the depression.

3. Dentistry. a substance such as cement, amalgam, gold, or the like, used to fill a cavity caused by decay in a tooth.

4. a food mixture that goes into something, as if to fill it: sandwich filling; pie filling.

5. Also called pick, weft, woof. Textiles. yarn carried by the shuttle and interlacing at right angles with the warp in woven cloth.|

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