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A fleshy boneless piece of meat from near the loins or the ribs of an animal.
  1. mass noun 'roast fillet of lamb'
  2. 'Cheaper options included various meat fillets, including chicken, veal, duck, goose and pork.'
  3. 'Mr Gucci had the fillet of veal braised in brown chicken stock, sautéed ceps, baby spinach and truffle cream at £20.'
  4. 'That was followed by a chicken fillet covered with a great creamy sauce and mashed potatoes alongside it.'
  5. 'The Oven Roasted Strips Meal consists of three boneless chicken fillets seasoned with a blend of herbs and spices served on a bed of long-grain rice with a side of green beans.'
  6. 'Gently wrap the fillets together with caul fat or tie together with butcher's twine.'
  7. 'If you're extra hungry, order an additional grilled chicken breast fillet.'
  8. 'The other dishes, sesame chicken breast and pork fillet with mustard sauce were also good flavoursome and different dishes.'
  9. 'We finished with a fillet of pork with a port wine reduction and then the aforementioned triple textured chocolate and sat back totally satiated.'
  10. 'Young simulated a scenario of packing 4-pound packages of chicken breast fillets.'
  11. 'In the old days when I ate out on a fairly regular basis, Paul Stiffler was the only chef who knew just how rare I took my fillet steak.'
  12. 'You can get a fine fillet steak with chips and trimmings for €10-12.'
  13. 'For the main course I paid the modest £2 supplement for the fillet steak.'
  14. 'From the prime table - centre, first step up - the fillet steak is at eye-level.'
  15. 'The fillet steak in the steak sandwich was so good I even queried Greg as to whether he had slipped a better quality one in, just for me, which he denied.'
  16. 'For lunch ‘Blue’ has a fillet steak with baked potato followed by another protein mix in mid-afternoon.'
  17. 'Then I boil up a portion each morning and pour it into a deep bowl over raw prawns or raw fillet steak, julienne of cucumber, bean sprouts, chilli and noodles.'
  18. 'As it's so low in fat and cholesterol you have nearly all the flavour of a tender fillet steak and none of the health risks.'
  19. 'It seems a shame to eat anything other than fish in this restaurant but the fillet steak has become just as renowned.'
  20. 'Vicky's option was a lot more straightforward: a ten-ounce fillet steak with green pepper and brandy sauce.'
  21. 'The Fish Society's cod fillets are like no other.'
  22. 'A good fillet of sea bream was rather overwhelmed by a quilt of very salty black olive paste and the grilled eel in a herb crust was also a little heavy-handed.'
  23. 'I had asked her to tell me, based on what she'd seen in the kitchen, and on the reaction of other diners, whether she would choose the escalopes of veal or the baked fillet of cod.'
  24. 'Pour enough water into skillet to cover fillets.'
  25. 'Season and coat one side of the tilapia fillets with the scallion crust.'
  26. 'The Broadcaster had the baked fillet of salmon with a honey and wholegrain mustard crust.'
  27. 'He smoked 60 cigarettes a day, and hung anchovy fillets round his neck as a talisman to protect his voice.'
  28. 'Top fillet with cilantro, coating it as mush as possible.'
  29. 'Place a fillet of cod in the center of the plate and garnish with pea shoots, mint, and a lemon half.'
  30. 'Wrap each halibut fillet completely with a fig leaf, securing with a toothpick if necessary.'
A band or ribbon worn round the head, especially for binding the hair.
  1. 'He also parted company with the Farnese Flora by exchanging her wreath and fillet for oak crowns, a reminder that his figure stood against the thick woods of Versailles.'
  2. 'The generous fillet at the top of the principal cove of the cornice is finished with a two-color mouse-tooth banding.'
  3. 'Selling customers on more expensive framing orders is often simply a matter of showing them the effects that wider mats, fillets and more expensive mouldings can have, said several framers.'
  4. 'Recognized by decorators and designers around the world, Max Moulding offers a wide variety of mouldings and fillets for every taste, every need and every budget.'
  5. 'Interestingly, surface modelers nowadays take pages from the solid modeling book in how they do things like putting fillets on edges.'
A roughly triangular strip of material which rounds off an interior angle between two surfaces.
  1. 'The poles came from strips of broken fillets that had been lying around the shop.'
  2. 'Alias, however, uses the surfaces to define the fillet.'
  3. 'Mr. Davies observed that the fillet welds in way of the damaged ballast tanks and fuel tank had failed.'
(in bookbinding) a plain line impressed on the cover of a book.


    Remove the bones from (a fish).
    1. 'Scale, clean and fillet the remaining fish, putting skin, bones, heads etc. into a large pan with the fish trimmings and 2 litres of water.'
    2. 'Whilst we were relaxing the crew of the boat were at work filleting the fish and putting it into bags so that when the shore finally came into sight we all had a bag of fish in the ice boxes ready to take home and put in the freezer.'
    3. 'We work until nearly midnight filleting the fish and giving it away in great slabs to the 200 strong flotilla of visiting yachts that crowd the marina in summer.'
    4. 'Fish caught on boating excursions of less than 48 hours must not be filleted at sea, and for longer trips only fillets at least 30 cm long with the skin and scales still attached may be landed.'
    5. 'Fish can also be filleted and iced on board the fishing boats as a result of the initiative.'
    6. 'However, it is a fish which is well adapted to being filleted, yielding cohesive, firm fillets of a good thickness, and many of the classic sole recipes are for fillets.'
    7. 'We watched as fish was filleted for a customer next to us.'
    8. 'No, your Honour, the original fish has been filleted somewhat and it is a smaller thing.'
    9. 'Ask your fishmonger to fillet it and remove the small bones.'
    10. 'Equally as mysterious, is the skill that is required to fillet the flesh through the network of bones.'
    11. 'Boyd Line produces ‘frozen at sea’ fillets - caught, filleted and frozen within four hours - mostly for fish and chip shops.'
    12. 'Competitors fillet tuna to produce an even, level piece.'

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    1. Cookery. a boneless cut or slice of meat or fish, especially the beef tenderloin. a piece of veal or other meat boned, rolled, and tied for roasting.

    2. a narrow band of ribbon or the like worn around the head, usually as an ornament; headband.

    3. any narrow strip, as wood or metal.

    4. a strip of any material used for binding.

    5. Bookbinding. a decorative line impressed on a book cover, usually at the top and bottom of the back. a rolling tool for impressing such lines.

    6. Archit

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    "fish can be filleted."


    (fillet)Middle English (denoting a band worn round the head): from Old French filet ‘thread’, based on Latin filum ‘thread’.