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Cause (a space or container) to become full or almost full.
  1. 'the office was filled with reporters'
  2. 'Do not fill the bottles too full as this drink is very fizzy.'
  3. 'Now you will need to fill the gas tank completely full.'
  4. 'On a recent Tuesday, only five of the park's 45 tent spaces were filled.'
  5. 'When this pore space is completely filled with water, the soil is saturated.'
  6. 'He also spoke about the rewards of being a politician, highlighting the need for people to choose to make a difference in the world, rather than simply filling a space.'
  7. 'Then fill the container about two-thirds full of the soilless potting mix.'
  8. 'They filled a bag full of diamonds before leaving through an employee entrance.'
  9. 'The Leisure Centre, which was hired out for free, was filled to the rafters with eager fans.'
  10. 'She filled a mug full of water and then started to go back.'
  11. 'Billowing black smoke quickly filled the room, and the flames ignited the tapestries.'
  12. 'The compaction of amalgam into the cavity is not simply a matter of filling the hole.'
  13. 'In six European countries, dentists cannot legally fill teeth with silver amalgam (mercury).'
  14. 'Elinor's eyes filled with tears'
  15. 'I see a squirrel out of my window and my heart fills with joy.'
  16. 'The place was only a third full when we arrived, but as it filled, the slower and slower everything became.'
  17. 'I looked down at the floor, my eyes filling fast.'
  18. 'Tina's eyes immediately filled up with tears.'
  19. 'That keeps the waiting room full, and until recently, the coffers filled.'
  20. 'But when the net filled so full with fish that they couldn't pull it into the boat, Peter realised that it was Jesus.'
  21. 'The cost of filling up with petrol has fuelled endless controversy.'
  22. 'Police were on duty at the Shell forecourt in York to prevent any private motorists trying to fill up.'
  23. 'Anyway, it's always a good idea to shop around for your fuel when you're filling up.'
  24. 'Just recently a relative of mine was relieved of her handbag while getting into her car after filling up at a local petrol station.'
  25. 'The AA advises customers to shop around for fuel and to avoid filling up at motorway service stations.'
  26. 'a pungent smell of garlic filled the air'
  27. 'Silence filled the room and all became quiet.'
  28. 'The air was instantly filled with smoke and dust, and shards of debris rained down around them.'
  29. 'Not once did his lone presence fail to fill the stage, nor did his tongue get twisted on one of his many insightful rhymes.'
  30. 'Mom was making pizza almost from scratch and the smell filled the air.'
  31. 'Without so much as a raised voice and despite hardly ever leaving her chair, Gina Clayton's skilled and confident presence fills the theatre.'
  32. 'The voice was chilling, the presence that filled Alisa's mind almost overwhelming.'
  33. 'Samples including olives, cheeses, salami and freshly-cooked meals were available as the smell of delicious food filled the air.'
  34. 'The strong smell of his presence filled her senses and she found herself babbling uncontrollably, unable so stop.'
  35. 'The smell of blueberry pie filled the air as they entered the kitchen.'
  36. 'After that, an awkward silence once again filled the room, until finally Lia finally blurted it out.'
  37. 'My own Hampton experience not only filled me with a sense of hope and excitement, but also shaped my philosophy of education.'
  38. 'On paper, he knew that the whole thing sounded horrible, but seeing her dancing in the crowd filled him with emotions he hadn't felt in so long.'
  39. 'Heroic actions like these fill us with deep emotion and pride in the altruistic possibilities of humanity.'
  40. 'Memories of her flood my mind, and fill me with utter emotion.'
  41. 'The warmth from the light was stronger and filled him with more of the safe feeling.'
  42. 'But as she explains to Jan Goodwin, her childhood was blighted by polio - an experience that filled her with fighting spirit'
  43. 'The surprising warmth with which we were welcomed there, all those people offering food and drink at the roadside, still fills me with emotion.'
  44. 'Yet, the gesture was filling him with an emotion totally different from the previous night, overpowering the anger and annoyance.'
  45. 'And this experience is not going to fill the writer with positive emotions.'
  46. 'But from my mom I also learned that I could be stronger and simply ignore that advice, advice that now fills me with fear and anger.'
  47. 'For a while the ship kept bucking and sidling, the sails filling, now on one tack, now on another, till the mast groaned aloud under the strain.'
  48. 'The breeze picked up, the rain stopped, and the boat's speed increased as the sails filled with wind.'
  49. 'As the breeze began to slacken boats took different tacks to fill their spinnakers, and Fever held on to first place for a well-deserved first win.'
  50. 'A tiny breeze pushed at her hair, but it wasn't strong enough to lift it and could not fill the sails.'
  51. 'The wind filled it like a balloon, and the crew cheered.'
  52. 'It was not enough to fill the sail, and it was raised soon after it was unfurled, and the heaving on the oars continued.'
  53. 'On its long Atlantic voyage, the armada made good progress with favourable winds filling the sails.'
  54. 'And the wind swirled about their craft, curved back around, and filled their sails.'
  55. 'But the only time you'll hear the skipper cry ‘all hands on deck’ is if there's nothing to fill the sails and they have to get the oars out.'
  56. 'By the time I got my main down they'd headed off in a circle because the wind filled their downed sail and it was like trying to catch an insane dolphin - but I did.'
Appoint a person to hold (a vacant post)
  1. 'In doing so, the president broke no law; he merely used a procedure that allows him to fill vacant positions when the Senate is in recess.'
  2. 'Borders Council is now having to offer ‘golden hellos’ of £3,000 in a bid to fill vacant posts.'
  3. 'This position differed from that of the executive assistant since it was full time and filled via an outside search.'
  4. 'When Steeple Langford was unable to fill the vacant post of headteacher, it was decided to approach other local schools with a view to federation.'
  5. 'He added that despite several requests, the state government was not filling the posts lying vacant in the corporation.'
  6. 'Mr Greenway will also be calling for assurances that as and when the vacant posts are filled, operations at Malton can be resumed.'
  7. 'With three new teams applying to join the league for next season there are still a further three vacancies to fill: full details can be obtained by contacting John Lynch.'
  8. 'Orders have also been issued to fill the vacant posts of assistant Urdu teachers for higher education.'
  9. 'Nationally, the Government is struggling to fill vacant NHS nurse positions.'
  10. 'According to the student society bylaws, the forum may appoint students to fill these positions at its discretion.'
  11. 'he had filled the post in an acting capacity for some time'
  12. 'Female leaders are often expected to fill the roles of mother, sister, girlfriend, and activist - and do their day job.'
  13. 'Jon Parkin is set to play in defence and is expected to fill that role at Northampton on Saturday when Chris Smith and Darren Edmondson are both suspended.'
  14. 'From an early age, Mick went to work in the bottling plant, where he filled many roles, eventually that of factory foreman.'
  15. 'Kevin Lowery replaced Cicero in the second row, with Dave Christison and John Webster filling the vacant positions on the bench.'
  16. 'The director of corporate development, Tom Smith, will fill the seat left vacant by Chen.'
  17. 'Jon Parkin is likely to replace Smith in defence after filling that role for the reserves in yesterday's 0-0 draw against Notts County.'
  18. 'Tony Collins, brother of the groom filled the role of best man wonderfully and he was assisted by younger brother Ronan and Michael Durkan, friend of the groom.'
  19. 'Evans was not only in with the No. 1 offense, but he was still filling his customary role on special teams.'
  20. 'Now, Brad Stuart is expected to step up even more as he fills the role as the No.1 defender.'
  21. 'And it's interesting that for the first time, the foreign leader who fills that role is not a European leader.'
  22. 'Being lonely and afraid allowed Robinson Crusoe to fill his desire for company by allowing God into his life through his nightly readings of the Bible.'
  23. 'He really was a general manager, not a coach, and for the past six years or so had turned to golf to fill his unceasing competitive desire.'
  24. 'Government will support the training and recruiting of mentors, yet it is the men and women of America who will fill the need.'
  25. 'Earlier I found myself perusing my mobile, looking to see who I could call on to fill my need.'
  26. 'If it is unlikely to make its founder a fortune, the venture at least fills a need among a certain group of professional women.'
  27. 'The latest Japanese craze fills the final need.'
  28. '‘They don't need anything other than a bit of tender loving care, respect and someone to fill their need to be valued,’ Richards said.'
  29. 'I don't think we need a new building because we've already got the former Odeon cinema which can fill the need.'
  30. 'Certainly, they possessed an extraordinarily intuitive skill for filling the needs of their times, and for realizing the potential of their own talents.'
  31. 'But now, as more people than ever line up at his agency's doorstep, Owens finds himself struggling to fill the need.'
Occupy or take up (a period of time)
  1. 'Because his kids head to bed long before he tiptoes in, Takashi fills his rare days off with their school concerts, hiking trips and Boy Scout meetings.'
  2. 'Alan McManus's defeat to Marco Fu has left the Scotsman pondering how to fill the summer months.'
  3. 'From the early seventies, the programmes started at 4.10, filling a ninety-minute period.'
  4. 'I ask a friend how she filled her summer holidays in rural Ayrshire.'
  5. 'In fact, the entire flight back was filled with chatter regarding how we planned to fill our days before the long cruise.'
  6. 'If it had been so minded, the Barbican could have filled a whole month of its schedules with a representative selection of what has been produced there just in the past decade.'
  7. 'Instead of summer on the beach Rachel fills her days shopping in Rochdale and Manchester, going out with friends and visiting the surrounding area on day trips.'
  8. 'Some people seem to have no work to do at work, but use the internet and a blogging as a way to fill the working day.'
  9. 'Every day, every moment is filled with sensory experiences and cognitive reaction to that experience.'
  10. 'This process can take quite a while so the asylum seekers try to fill their day with worthwhile training and education.'
Be supplied with the items described in (a prescription or order).
  1. 'It will take about two hours to fill this prescription, ma'am, do you want to wait?'
  2. 'The process can be laborious, but it will ensure that you either fill your order at the very best price or avoid a poor trade altogether if the market fails to move your way.'
  3. 'The lymph nodes under my left arm are swollen as well and I'm in this close to filling the prescription the doc gave me.'
  4. 'But they've been unable to fill the orders, they just can't get the medications.'
  5. 'He's not there to make moral judgments on how you live, but to fill your prescription.'
  6. 'The basic job consists of maintaining the inventory of books and filling the orders from members as they come in.'
  7. 'A register of prescriptions filled by local pharmacies provided continuous data on use of cholesterol lowering drugs.'
  8. 'During dinner downtime, chef David Levecchia greets customers at the bar before ducking into the kitchen to fill their orders.'
  9. 'The two states will first require customers to fill a prescription with a pharmacist before they can get and pay for refills at a vending machine inside drugstores.'
  10. 'Pharmacists fill prescriptions, they are not a customer's moral conscience.'
(in poker) complete (a good hand) by drawing the necessary cards.
  1. 'Lee has 9-9 making top trips but he has to be wary of players staying with four-flushes and four-straights hoping to fill their hands.'


An amount of something which is as much as one wants or can bear.
  1. 'I've had my fill of surprises for one day'
  2. 'And after 4 winters in New York, I've pretty much had my fill of snow.'
  3. 'As exciting as that is, it leaves fans here at home wondering when they'll be able to get their fill of the willowy musician.'
  4. 'As far as I'm concerned I've had my fill of Tim.'
  5. 'For those who haven't had their fill of entertainment, it is worth noting that the next Bank Holiday weekend is only 25 days away.'
  6. 'Can't recommend this enough if you've had your fill of shallow popcorn movies.'
  7. 'Once you have had your fill of plain smoked salmon with brown bread and butter, think about using it in cooking.'
  8. 'I have just about had my fill of commentators who don't like their country, don't like the world, and don't much care for the human race.'
  9. 'Blair had eaten her fill of the good warm food from the kitchens, wonderful food.'
  10. 'If you still haven't had your fill of culture you can give your holiday an extra dimension by sailing across the Mediterranean - to Egypt.'
  11. 'By the time I left I thought I had my fill of LA but since then every trip back has rekindled my love for the place.'
An amount of something which will occupy all the space in a container.
  1. 'Just £15 will buy you a fill of Perfect Storm - a heady mix of compressed air, nitrous oxide and gaseous caffeine.'
  2. 'The vouchers can be used to buy clothes, tyres, a fill of oil, groceries, electrical goods - the list goes on and on.'
  3. 'The fill also contained a large number of restorable vessels, with an unusually high incidence of Mycenaean imports.'
  4. 'Where intersected by wells, the canyon fill is seen to comprise two distinctive units.'
  5. 'In addition, the DOT has not explained the seismic risk to a tunnel built in loose fill versus a new elevated structure.'
  6. 'But loose fill, like sand, usually washes out before plants can root.'
  7. 'Postholes disturbed the burial pit, but their fill did not contain sherds or bones.'
  8. 'Most of the sedimentary fill of the Chiang Mai basin lies beneath a blanket of Quaternary floodplain deposits.'
  9. 'The limestone grades laterally into calcareous siltstone of the canyon fill.'
  10. 'Quaternary sedimentary fill testifies to recent subsidence of the basin.'
  11. 'This would have the advantage of compacting the existing shaft fill.'
  12. 'The project would require approximately 1 square mile of fill and tons of dredging.'
  13. 'The fill rate on each chip (the number of pixels that can be drawn on the screen in a second) is a very impressive 333 megapixels.'
  14. 'With two rendering pipelines and a core clock speed of 300MHz, this chip has a greater raw fill rate potential than the other two.'
  15. 'In many cases, its playable image quality surpassed the GeForce 6800 Ultra thanks to its superior fill rate and memory bandwidth.'
  16. 'In looking at fill rate performance, we're looking at two things: pixel fill rate, and texture fill rate.'
  17. 'It has an eight-pixel pipeline, as does the S8, capable of a 2.4 billion pixels per second fill rate.'
  18. 'Remember, the gradient fill affects the transparency of the upper layer.'
  19. 'If the blocksize gets too large, search times slow down, so bottom fill is how it is kept balanced.'
  20. 'Depot response played a significant role in offsetting initial deficiencies in the fill rate.'
  21. 'The fill rate test is mostly dependent on the video card.'
  22. 'It is important to note that memory bandwidth is what holds back today's graphics cards rather than core speed / fill rate.'
  23. 'Devin O'Campo's drums and bass add just the right fills.'
  24. 'Drummer Simon Wright, who has also batted the skins for AC / DC, added tasteful fills where necessary but kept true to the beat.'
  25. 'This is where Black looks for the most powerful emotions on Blonde on Blonde, and he says that those fills can have him close to tears.'
  26. 'As the drummer spits out a cacophony of quick-wristed rhythms and slashing fills, the music rages on to a cathartic finale.'
  27. 'The drum machine backing does little to help - apparently Blaize has not mastered anything outside kicks and snares, let alone drum fills.'
  28. 'Erin Tate is an active drummer, frequently adding firm tom and snare fills.'
  29. 'He has a very good range, from dynamic accents to the most subtle, tossed-off fill.'
  30. 'The country-twanged guitar solo and glaring organ fills are both jolting and highlight Rademaker's forceful voice.'
  31. 'There are no flashy fills - instead, he's content to add subtle color with variations in volume and pace.'
  32. 'Guitars crunch, drums play fills that would make Terry Bozio proud, and if muscle is your mode, it may work.'

More definitions

1. to make full; put as much as can be held into: to fill a jar with water.

2. to occupy to the full capacity: Water filled the basin. The crowd filled the hall.

3. to supply to an extreme degree or plentifully: to fill a house with furniture; to fill the heart with joy.

4. to satisfy fully the hunger of; satiate: The roast beef filled the diners.

5. to put into a receptacle: to fill sand into a pail.

6. to be plentiful throughout: Fish filled the riv

More examples(as adjective)

"streets can be fill with refuses."

"beaches can be fill to bits."

"appointments can be fill since dates."

"people can be fill."

"whos can be fill."

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