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Relating to the Philippines, the Filipinos, or their language.
  1. 'However, the US ‘liberators’ of the Philippines would not allow Filipino troops to enter Manila, and refused to let them take part in the formal Spanish surrender.'
  2. 'Groups marching included the Alliance of Filipino Immigrants and Advocates, the Watts Committee Against Police Brutality, and the Bus Riders Union.'
  3. 'Public sector pharmacists are engaged in negotiation with the Chief Personnel Officer for better compensation packages but the ministry is busy recruiting Filipino pharmacists.'
  4. 'I tried living in the Philippines and I tried hard to integrate into Filipino culture, eventually I felt like I was going insane.'
  5. 'As a result, Filipino nurses who want to immigrate to Canada are ‘forced to choose the Live-in Caregiver Program as the only way to get into Canada to work,’ says Diana.'
  6. 'So when Filipino civilians were taken hostage in April, the Philippines government announced that it was withdrawing its troops.'
  7. 'Despite the valiant resistance of Filipino revolutionaries who fought to defend the Philippines from American invasion, the country was swept over by the U.S. military strength.'
  8. 'Apparently, someone else saw Mr Woods shaking Karen out of the window - her mum, a tiny protective Filipino woman, who lived across the road and used to watch the school all day, for reasons we never properly understood.'
  9. 'He said the staff problem had also worsened in recent months because Filipino nurses, whose spouses could not work in Ireland, were leaving because they had been offered more attractive conditions overseas.'
  10. 'On the main stage three well known and respected Filipino artists, one artist the equivalent to Britain's very own Gareth Gates, were sponsored by television channel ABS-CBN to attend the prestigious event.'


A native or inhabitant of the Philippines, or a person of Filipino descent.
  1. 'And peace is something Filipinos in the southern Philippines have been waiting a long, long time for.'
  2. 'There are many Filipinos abroad who choose to remain Filipinos despite the enticements of a foreign land.'
  3. 'There is a majority of Filipinos, but we don't treat it like a Filipino church.'
  4. 'In Hong Kong, Filipinos demonstrated Sunday outside the Philippine consulate.'
  5. 'But the Filipinos and Thais are the region's most combative and best organized reporters.'
  6. 'The Army sought to avoid actions that would alienate either Americans or Filipinos.'
  7. 'The attackers seized five staff, including two Filipinos, and 12 foreign tourists from the hotel.'
  8. 'Many Filipinos were angered that the garbage was dumped in the Philippines.'
  9. 'Rather than suffering from ‘people power fatigue’, Filipinos may actually be raring for people power.'
  10. 'You will still have your moments to shine and will have a great advantage as compared to other Pilipinos at home.'
The national language of the Philippines, a standardized form of Tagalog.
  1. 'The official languages in the Philippines are Pilipino (a derivative of Tagalog) and English.'
  2. 'Over the intercom, I heard requests for interpreters of Spanish, French, Filipino and Cantonese.'
  3. 'Catholic prayers rang out in 10 languages including Spanish, Portuguese, English, Filipino and Swahili.'
  4. 'In the Philippines, people are giving up their traditional languages for Filipino, which is based on the Austronesian language, Tagalog.'
  5. 'The official languages are Filipino, which is based on Tagalog with words from other native languages, and English.'
  6. 'However, Filipino, a Malay dialect, is the official language of the Republic.'


1. a native or inhabitant of the Philippines.

2. Pilipino. adjective

3. Philippine.

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(Filipino)Spanish, from las Islas Filipinas ‘the Philippine Islands’.