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Ornamented with or resembling filigree work.
  1. 'Suddenly and unexpectedly, a shaft of sun angles towards the trees, creating a filigreed pattern and the far meadow is lit up in a narrow swathe of bright light, tinting the grass a glowing lemon-green.'
  2. 'It has high filigreed ceilings and threadbare carpet, a winding native wood staircase, cracked stained glass.'
  3. 'The music, in an expressive orchestration for harpsichord and strings, was a filigreed structure upon which Miller's wonderfully individual dancers climbed and played.'
  4. 'On a gold throne is the patriarch, swathed in burgundy velvet, barnacled and filigreed with gold, wearing a multi-storey crown.'
  5. 'A story in The New York Times described Joan Hicks, 78, one of the several hundred fans on hand, trying to explain to young coeds why she was wearing old-fashioned attire, a long skirt and filigreed blouse.'
  6. 'The choreography evokes the ladies' specialties, their lethally polite rivalry, and, most important, the filigreed yet dazzling nature of Romantic-era technique.'
  7. 'While the common oak tree tends to have a broad frame, the pin oak has a more slender frame with a graceful, filigreed framework of branchlets.'
  8. 'We have scavenged the burned-out theater next door for a filigreed floor-to-ceiling round mirror and a tattered poster of Sarah Bernhardt as Hamlet.'
  9. 'At the neckline, where the collar came together, it was held together with a large filigreed brooch pin of polished silver, the deepest valleys of the engravings touched with the barest hint of red and gold.'
  10. '‘I may not see you then, actually,’ Danielle says as she reaches for a scone off the large, filigreed silver platter nearby.'


1. delicate ornamental work of fine silver, gold, or other metal wires, especially lacy jewelers' work of scrolls and arabesques.

2. anything very delicate or fanciful: a filigree of frost. adjective

3. composed of or resembling filigree. verb (used with object), filigreed, filigreeing.

4. to adorn with or form into filigree.

More examples(as adjective)

"silvers can be filigreed."