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Ornamental work of fine (typically gold or silver) wire formed into delicate tracery.
  1. figurative 'pine needles draped with a delicate filigree of mist'
  2. 'They are fine gold- and silversmiths and produce delicate works of filigree jewelry and religious emblems.'
  3. 'His eyes lit upon the small crystal encased in silver filigree… a lantern.'
  4. 'The scabbard was fine leather, with intricate designs winding around it done in silver filigree.'
  5. 'He pulled the palm-sized mirror - framed in a delicate filigree of some gold or brass-like metal - out of his back pocket.'
  6. 'Dangling from them were small drops of red stone on silver filigree backing.'
  7. 'One of the treasures it contained was a quite beautiful silver filigree locket that looked old and tarnished.'
  8. 'The wings are unbelievably fine silver filigree.'
  9. 'Delicate gold filigree entwined itself around her lower arm, wrist, and hand.'
  10. 'Silver filigree works are made out of the goldsmith's tools.'
  11. 'The notes will have a highly reflective silver filigree foil on which the value of the note will be evident.'

More definitions

1. delicate ornamental work of fine silver, gold, or other metal wires, especially lacy jewelers' work of scrolls and arabesques.

2. anything very delicate or fanciful: a filigree of frost. adjective

3. composed of or resembling filigree. verb (used with object), filigreed, filigreeing.

4. to adorn with or form into filigree.

More examples(as adjective)

"leaves can be filigree."


Late 17th century (earlier as filigreen, filigrane): from French filigrane, from Italian filigrana (from Latin filum ‘thread’ + granum ‘seed’).