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A number, especially one which forms part of official statistics or relates to the financial performance of a company.
  1. 'by 1998, this figure had risen to 14 million'
  2. 'As is often the case with trade statistics, figures quantifying the value of pirated Caribbean music are difficult to find.'
  3. 'In 1978, financial figures revealed that the average house price in London was £16, 731.'
  4. 'It cites official figures that show crime rising steadily over 40 years.'
  5. 'The country has nearly 100 million Internet users, according to official figures, and the figure is rising.'
  6. 'Though precise figures are unavailable, anecdotal estimates rarely vary.'
  7. 'In 1998 there were 52, and last year's figures are likely to be similar.'
  8. 'As a privately held company it did not publish financial performance figures.'
  9. 'All the figures are taken from official statistics, and exclude employees who do less than one hour of unpaid overtime a week.'
  10. 'Does he have any figures on the increase of respiratory illness?'
  11. 'The college's intake from state schools is 94 per cent compared with last year's figure of 89 per cent.'
  12. 'the figure 7'
  13. 'Lucian drew a sideways figure 8 in the air beside Mark.'
  14. 'Considering that this is aimed at children of ages in single figures, it's not necessarily the most uncomplicated arrangement.'
  15. 'One of these youths stole a four-figure sum from me recently and I am now very apprehensive.'
  16. 'You should be prepared for the possibility of lower investment yields in the future - likely to be in single figures.'
  17. 'This FA Cup third round tie is cue, presumably, for a typical Fulham gag-fest, a joke or two about keeping the score in single figures.'
  18. 'Within the letter, the figure of ‘$500,000 a year’ is noted repeatedly.'
  19. 'The gross for the final session was up 14.2% over last year's figure of $1,160,500.'
  20. 'A natural affinity for figures - he used to help his father's bookkeeper - got him a start in accountancy.'
  21. 'Lee took the maps and calibrators and ran a few figures and calculations and looked at the Admiral.'
  22. 'She has a first in mathematics, so she clearly has a head for figures.'
A person's bodily shape, especially that of a woman and when considered to be attractive.
  1. 'Amy's figure was very slim, with long legs, arms, and a slender neck.'
  2. 'She will be proud to show her figure as she will pose in sexy lingerie of her choice.'
  3. 'He couldn't sleep at night, only thinking of her slim and attractive figure with a good-natured mind.'
  4. 'It's good mentally because you have to be alert the whole time and it's great physically because it really keeps your figure in trim.'
  5. 'It may seem obvious, but when the human figure is portrayed in art, it is either clothed or naked.'
  6. 'She looks ravishing, with an hourglass figure that is beyond comprehension.'
  7. 'a dark figure emerged from the shadows'
  8. 'In an answer to her question, Rena saw a cloaked figure standing before her.'
  9. 'The streets were dark and all but deserted; we only saw two figures off in the distance in the dim streets.'
  10. 'Derick looked up to see a shadowy, cloaked figure.'
  11. 'I saw a figure in the distance walking with a pronounced limp.'
  12. 'As Dan turned, the slim figure hurled him bodily against the far wall.'
  13. 'She screamed even louder when the door suddenly opened and a dark figure suddenly appeared.'
  14. 'She squinted suddenly at what appeared to be two figures in the distance.'
  15. 'The three survivors stood in silence as a lone figure appeared in the dark shadows of the doorway.'
  16. 'There was no one nearby but she saw figures running in the distance.'
  17. 'Occasionally, we spot a lone figure emerging on the horizon.'
  18. 'For, in his frames, there is always the presence of figures blending into each other - forever in a rush to complement each other.'
  19. 'Sumida pottery is a heavy, brightly glazed pottery and often has human and animal figures attached as reliefs.'
  20. 'Surrealistic and abstract human figures instead dominate his oil paintings.'
  21. 'It contains twenty-eight tapestries, 118 sculpted figures and forty-one paintings.'
  22. 'His other sculptures are figures of saints, the Holy Virgin, Christ and of ordinary people.'
  23. 'The presence of the shadow-like figures in each of her canvases only serves as a suggestion to set her mind on capturing the movement and rhythm.'
  24. 'For 18 years, he ferried pieces of junk and debris on his bicycle to the municipal site and worked by night to shape the figures.'
  25. 'As a child, he had sculpted small animal figures from riverbank clay.'
  26. 'But Ghirlandaio does not depict busts or statues, his figures are shown as though alive within an illusionistic setting.'
  27. 'Although Monet mostly painted nature scenes, he sometimes included human figures in his paintings.'
A person of a particular kind, especially one who is important or distinctive in some way.
  1. 'Abacus has brought out paperback titles relating to two important figures in twentieth century intellectual thought.'
  2. 'In many cases it is perfectly reasonable to accept the conclusions of authority figures one trusts.'
  3. 'Later that month as public concern about the costs of the dome grew Sanchia Berg spoke to leading figures in the visitor attraction industry.'
  4. 'It was decided that portraits of historical figures who have made important contributions to culture and art should be sculptured.'
  5. 'Cobain became the figurehead, the cult figure, the hero to some.'
  6. 'Certain literary figures have attracted special scrutiny, in recent years none more so than Samuel Johnson.'
  7. 'Fraenkel, von Neumann, Bernays and Gödel are all important figures in this development.'
  8. 'Ibrahim said the draft bill calls for schools to form committees with parents, local government officials and public figures.'
  9. 'He's not the most attractive public figure but he certainly isn't the least.'
  10. 'He became a leading figure in the early working class movement in Britain.'
A shape which is defined by one or more lines in two dimensions (such as a circle or a triangle), or one or more surfaces in three dimensions (such as a sphere or a cuboid), either considered mathematically in geometry or used as a decorative design.
  1. 'Now if you thought these lines referred to geometric figures, you would not be too far wrong.'
  2. 'In particular he proved that the sphere was the solid figure of greatest surface area for a given volume.'
  3. 'He observed that ideas of shapes or figures, like the triangle, were ideas of things he had not invented or conjured up.'
  4. 'Lesions are often associated with main leaf veins (Figure 2A and 2B).'
  5. 'The book utilizes tables and figures effectively to illustrate the main concepts of each chapter.'
  6. 'The text is well illustrated with excellent diagrams, sketches and figures.'
  7. 'For the rare skater who is still involved in skating figures, one final aspect of the used blades market is the practice of converting used freestyle blades into patch blades.'
  8. 'Most Irish figure dancing or step dancing is carried on behind closed doors.'
  9. 'Congratulations also to Spa and Glenflesk also for winning the All Ireland also in set dancing and figure dancing.'
  10. 'Elspeth was using her hands to explain something about the dance figures.'
A short succession of notes producing a single impression; a brief melodic or rhythmic formula out of which longer passages are developed.
  1. 'Every melodic figure had its replica, every phrase, its counterpoise in his music.'
  2. 'Warm melodic figures are juxtaposed with harsher percussive patterns, setting up some fascinating contrasts in sound.'
The form of a syllogism, classified according to the position of the middle term.


    Have a significant part or role in a situation or process.
    1. 'human rights do not figure high on their agenda'
    2. 'Women's boxing is yet to figure in the Olympics but is gaining ground.'
    3. 'Now, however, imagine her rescue figuring on the nightly analysis slot of some channel.'
    4. 'The state of the economy and of the overall battle against terrorism should also figure in a major way.'
    5. 'In the ensuing decade, Performance has regularly figured in lists of the best British films.'
    6. 'How well you handle them will figure in any estimate of your future potential.'
    7. 'This is a subway stop that just doesn't figure in the mythology of New York.'
    8. 'The Connemara Market at Palayam, a village market-place under a tree and even a modern market figured among the paintings.'
    9. 'Not surprisingly, race figured prominently in the cases in the 1994 study.'
    10. 'Although they will not get all that they want, there were signs last night that the issue will figure in the summit's final action plan.'
    Calculate or work out (an amount or value) arithmetically.
    1. 'You won't even have to rack your brains over calculating taxes since they've already figured it out for you on the menu.'
    2. 'The change in tree cover over time was figured by comparing Landsat TM satellite images from 1985 and 2001.'
    Think, consider, or expect to be the case.
    1. with object 'for years, teachers had figured him for a dullard'
    2. 'Investors figure that the purchaser will pay a high price for the company.'
    3. 'They figured most people would go there at one point.'
    4. 'I'd done it a few times, but figured the money wasn't really worth it.'
    5. 'Miriam left for school an hour early because she figured the peace protesters would make it hard to get to class.'
    6. 'But I figured the only people who were reading my blog when I wrote these were Maccers and Snowy, so I might get away with it.'
    7. 'Wiley figured the water level must have risen from all the rain they had received the day before.'
    8. 'I figure that if I stand around and look helpless, someone will at least offer to buy me a drink.'
    9. 'From the sound of his voice I figured the person who walked in was young.'
    10. 'They figure that the more control they have over applications, the more they'll be able to charge.'
    11. 'I stood up, walked around, drank some water and figured it was just a passing phase.'
    12. 'Sure, that figures, if you're going to drive with that kind of load at high speed you're bound to damage something.'
    13. 'It would figure that this great hog, this glorified genre gourmand, would want more.'
    Represent in a diagram or picture.
    1. 'An adopted daughter, who would not be represented in the tree that is figured, would nevertheless form part of the unit.'
    2. 'Losing oneself in the movie is not figured as pleasurable, but sets up, rather, a mode of helplessness in the face of an opaque and fragmented story line.'
    3. 'the floors were covered with figured linoleum'
    4. 'It has superbly figured timber, a majestic curvaceous profile and spectacular mounts that echo in gilt-bronze the carved detail on the jewel cabinet.'

    More definitions

    1. ornamented with a device or pattern: figured silk; figured wallpaper.

    2. formed or shaped: figured stones.

    3. represented by a pictorial or sculptured figure: The god is figured as part man, part beast.

    4. Music. florid. having the accompanying chords indicated by figures.

    5. figurative, as language.

    More examples(as adjective)

    "vessels can be figured on lists."

    "shares can be figured into earningses."

    "selves can be figured as reflections."

    "selves can be figured as people."

    "selves can be figured as identificationses."

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    Middle English (in the senses ‘distinctive shape of a person or thing’, ‘representation of something material or immaterial’, and ‘numerical symbol’, among others): from Old French figure (noun), figurer (verb), from Latin figura ‘shape, figure, form’; related to fingere ‘form, contrive’.


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