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  1. 'Fading in and out of these plasterlike surfaces are Lee's personal hieroglyphs of drawn and painted figural and insect forms.'
  2. 'These objects were often decorated with figural motifs including dancing maidens, birds, or baskets of flowers.'
  3. 'Our received knowledge is that film is primarily a ‘visual’ medium; ergo, its represented references and appeal to most of our other senses are understood as figural rather than literal.'
  4. 'The Paulinian mirror is itself a figure for our inherently figural, mediated apprehension of God, the ultimate Truth.'
  5. 'Various motifs, figural echoes, and symmetries have a fugitive presence in the film: they come and go, never entirely gathering all the fragments into a reassuring whole.'


1. consisting of figures, especially human or animal figures: the figural representations contained in ancient wall paintings.

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"works can be figural."

"designs can be figural."

"significations can be figural."

"representations can be figural."

"films can be figural."

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Late Middle English: from Old French, or from late Latin figuralis, from figura ‘form, shape’ (see figure).