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A person or animal that fights.
  1. 'It had been a large contest of fighters from all over to see who truly was the greatest fighter.'
  2. 'As well as being competent fighters, they were trained to use their magic to block magic in others.'
  3. 'Sometimes a fighter competing at home feels more pressure than the opponent dealing with the hostile crowd.'
  4. 'There was a loud explosion sound and it sent the two fighters flying backwards down the hall.'
  5. 'We're brought up to think of boxing as a fair contest because the fighters weigh the same.'
  6. 'It meant something to be the champ to all four fighters and none of them took the easy way out.'
  7. 'Here's the reality check; Sugar Ray Robinson is the best pound-for-pound fighter in the history of the sport.'
  8. 'For that reason many fighters ducked him, and full credit to Mosley for taking the chance.'
  9. 'The referee turned one last time to face the last competitor, the dark fighter from before.'
  10. 'It would be a jabbing contest with both fighters almost a mirror of one another.'
  11. 'there'll be months of physiotherapy but medical staff say she's a fighter'
  12. 'I'm quite a fighter but when depression hits it is really, really difficult.'
  13. 'For that alone we bear those Republican fighters of eight decades ago a debt.'
  14. 'He is described by Ben Anderson as both a slapstick character and a strong fighter.'
  15. 'True, but as everybody agrees, Tiger is a fighter and 68 is no bad way to start out in defence of his title.'
A fast military aircraft designed for attacking other aircraft.
  1. 'Five fighters and two bombers were assigned a mission to drop propaganda leaflets on the city.'
  2. 'Similarly, the commander of a fighter squadron must be a credible fighter pilot.'
  3. 'Earlier the same day another pilot from the base had flown the same fighter and had not encountered any problems.'
  4. 'This information would give the Royal Air Force an early warning of an attack by enemy fighters.'
  5. 'After a minute of flying, their fighters suddenly turned the opposite direction.'
  6. 'It had the most advanced fighter and bomber aircraft and the best trained crews.'
  7. 'However, it was the fighter aircraft that was to really suffer from this policy.'
  8. 'His fighter group transitioned to escort duty after acquiring the new aircraft.'
  9. 'In his flight suit, flight cap and dark sunglasses, he was the classic picture of a fighter pilot.'
  10. 'If you're Uncle Sam, do you want this character flying your expensive fighter jets?'

More definitions

1. a boxer; pugilist.

2. Military. an aircraft designed to seek out and destroy enemy aircraft in the air and to protect bomber aircraft.

3. a person who fights, struggles, resists, etc.

4. a person with the will, courage, determination, ability, or disposition to fight, struggle, resist, etc.

5. an animal, as a dog, trained to fight or having the disposition to fight.

More examples(as adjective)

"jets can be fighter."