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(in Spanish-speaking countries) a religious festival.
  1. 'Traditional dances are performed at festivals and fiestas, and children study this aspect of their heritage in after-school programs.'
  2. 'The remaining cash is further divided among communities, purchasing public works, sports facilities, community fiestas and religious services.'
  3. 'Rural villages have a patron saint who is honored each year with a fiesta.'
  4. 'The principal form of entertainment in the Andes is the regular festivals or fiestas that exist to mark the agricultural or religious calendar.'
  5. 'We need not wait to experience the glory of a grand fiesta together.'
  6. 'The saint's day is celebrated by a fiesta that includes a religious ceremony.'
  7. 'Every community (rural or urban) has its own patron saint who is honored with processions and fiestas every year.'
  8. 'In the sierra, and especially in villages, Ecuadoran Catholic practice centers around fiestas honoring the various saints' days of the Christian year.'
  9. 'Although there were no bulls, tomatoes or flying goats, the event was a bit of fun nonetheless and probably more typical of the average Spanish fiesta.'
  10. 'Between August 1 and 6, San Salvador holds a fiesta (major celebration) commemorating the Transfiguration of Christ.'
  11. in names 'the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta'
  12. 'Indeed a potential fundraising opportunity, which might at least have bought a planeload of anti-Aids drugs, has become an exhibition of high-tech media co-ordination and a celebrity fiesta.'
  13. 'In contrast to the silver jubilee celebrations in 1977, when the crowds were big and street parties abundant, this year's fiesta seemed doomed, a victim of the declining interest in the royal family and their soap opera lifestyle.'
  14. 'It is celebrated with fiestas, parades, and fireworks.'
  15. 'The pictures that are up there now are a combination of an impromptu dinner party and my New Year's celebration fiesta.'
  16. 'Life-passage parties and fiestas provide teenagers their main opportunity to chat and joke.'
  17. 'The sprint through the streets starts off the festivities, but the fiesta really gets rolling at midnight.'
  18. 'The first event of the fiesta: a Saturday morning flight, was cancelled due to strong winds.'
  19. 'Celebrating its first anniversary, it organized a three-day dance fiesta for its members.'

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1. any festival or festive celebration.

2. (in Spain and Latin America) a festive celebration of a religious holiday.

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"groups can be fiestas."


(fiesta)Spanish, from Latin festum, (plural) festa (see feast).