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Consisting of fire or burning strongly and brightly.
  1. figurative 'a fiery pepper sauce'
  2. 'It was a lamb dish with fresh garlic and fiery hot, green chillies - the numerous seeds packed the punch.'
  3. 'Those who sleep at all dream of fiery, burning places where eyes smart and breath inflames the lungs.'
  4. 'He brought the cigar to his mouth and sucked on it, the orange tip growing a fiery hot yellow, then returning to its usual dullness.'
  5. 'I ignored them, too intent on vocally harassing the person who had made my life a living, hot, fiery hell ever since they just happened to shoot me.'
  6. 'A large asteroid enters the atmosphere at extremely high speed, glowing red hot as the friction of the air turns it into a fiery cannon ball.'
  7. 'He pictured it as a liquid fiery ball, constantly dripping flames into no particular direction due to lack of gravity.'
  8. 'As the fiery ball sunk lower into the water, the colors radiated over its surface, shining and creating a beautiful pallet of color.'
  9. 'A fiery ball was all that was left of the surrounding cars.'
  10. 'A scalding pain lanced through her body like a fiery, hot poker.'
  11. 'He roared in pain, then blew a jet of flame at the offending helicopter, causing it to explode in a fiery ball.'
  12. 'The sunlight was again basking her vivid curls in fiery red.'
  13. 'It fuels the amazing fire tornado, which pirouettes in a fiery red glow at ten-minute intervals.'
  14. 'While the little black dress will always be a safe bet, the trend this year is to be bold with colour and you will find a range of fiery reds, rich pinks, violets and berry shades.'
  15. 'She leaned her head against the chain, rocking gently while she watched the sky change from a brilliant pink to a fiery red to a deep purple.'
  16. 'His face was quickly acquiring the colour of his fiery hairstyle.'
  17. 'The demon had the face of an attractive young man, but his eyes glowed viciously with an intense, fiery red, even when the flames left his body.'
  18. 'The muted red that resulted wasn't pink, but it certainly wasn't as bright and fiery as a pure red.'
  19. 'There were examples in pale and deep green, fiery oranges and reds.'
  20. 'The fiery oranges and rich reds seemed to be painted on the deep blue of the water.'
  21. 'The colour is so fiery it looks like one bite will singe your lips off, but the flavour is a wonderfully complex mixture of sweet and spicy.'
  22. 'a fiery, imaginative Aries'
  23. 'A fiery passionate temperament may have made you interesting and challenging on day one.'
  24. 'Both men have fiery tempers and a burning, sometimes intrusive, desire to win.'
  25. 'A quiet and reserved man in public, he showed his fiery nature privately.'
  26. 'Ferguson's fiery temper and outspoken nature contrasts with the other's reserved, low-key and media-shy approach.'
  27. 'He's passionate, fiery, angry and full of conviction.'
  28. 'A genuine artist, his fiery, passionate nature carried over to his work and transformed it into a feast for the senses that captured the soul.'
  29. 'To her, Paul needs a passionate, fiery soul to match his own and he would never be satisfied unless he has it.'
  30. 'He was broken early due to his fiery nature, which showed more often than not.'
  31. 'I noticed that Zeke is so laid back and patient and easy-going and Aimee is all fiery and passionate about everything!'
  32. 'You're passionate and fiery and need a short, funky textured look.'
  33. 'But there seems a special onus on the pivotal football figures at the club who share both Johnstone's flame hair and his fiery nature to mark an end by making a start.'
  34. 'By most accounts he is quite conservative, even if he is not known for provocative speeches and fiery dissents.'
  35. 'Her eyes were filled with black blotches of tears but she was glaring through them, her gaze fiery with anger.'
  36. 'From where he walked on the ground next to her, though, Nicolas could tell she was masking not tears, but a fiery anger.'
  37. 'The sermon was a fiery denunciation of strong drink.'
  38. 'The second anniversary promises to be more private, more reflective and without the ceremonial grandeur and fiery political speeches.'
  39. 'In spite of some fiery emotions at the moment I think you'll be happily surprised at just how restrained and conscious the work has been along this course.'
  40. 'The relationship between Alistair Nicholson and politicians of all political colours has often been fiery.'
  41. 'The real battleground will involve our watery emotions mixing with fiery impulses.'
  42. 'Then in English she burst into a fiery political speech.'
  43. 'He tried to turn over, to face her, but at the sight of him the fiery anger overwhelmed her, and she swung as hard as she could in a deadly arc!'


1. consisting of, attended with, characterized by, or containing fire: a volcano's fiery discharge.

2. intensely hot: fiery desert sands.

3. like or suggestive of fire: a fiery red; angry, fiery eyes.

4. intensely ardent, impetuous, or passionate: fiery courage; a fiery speech.

5. easily angered or provoked: a fiery temper.

6. causing a burning sensation, as certain liquors or condiments.

7. inflamed, as a tumor or sore.

8. Mining Older Use. h

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"people can be fiery in days."

"people can be fiery by temperaments."

"aquavits can be fiery as lovers."

"speeches can be fiery."

"passions can be fiery."

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