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Practical work conducted by a researcher in the natural environment, rather than in a laboratory or office.
  1. 'Only an unusually determined researcher could have pursued the idea through fieldwork in the natural history tradition.'
  2. 'Donham reminds us of the difficulties in conducting fieldwork in such a part of the world.'
  3. 'He recently conducted fieldwork in the Western Desert of Egypt and in Tunisia.'
  4. 'It is the largest set of linguistic fieldwork interviews ever conducted, and involved asking people to tell the BBC about what they say and the way they say it.'
  5. 'For faculty, this is the season to wind up courses and begin fieldwork and writing projects.'
  6. 'He has been conducting fieldwork and interviewing software developers in and out of the workplace in the United States.'
  7. 'Each of the authors draws on ethnographic fieldwork they have conducted separately in Tanzania and Malawi.'
  8. 'In Greenland, they conducted fieldwork along with other geologists who had come on the same ship.'
  9. 'Research projects, fieldwork, and dietetic rotations in ethnic communities would be helpful.'
  10. 'The majority of fieldwork was conducted in the Sella Creek gold mining area.'
A temporary fortification.
  1. 'Again GPS technology empowered art, as a digital aerial imaging sensor, an aerial photography system, satellite data, and 3D remote sensing software captured the vibrant, burgeoning fieldworks from planes and satellites.'

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1. Also, field work. work done in the field, as research, exploration, surveying, or interviewing: archaeological fieldwork.

2. Fortification. a temporary fortification constructed in the field.

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