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An area of open land, especially one planted with crops or pasture, typically bounded by hedges or fences.
  1. 'a field of corn'
  2. 'As she walked past pastures and small fields of crops she could not bring herself to imagine her own life coming to that.'
  3. 'The project will reforest old crop fields and pastures and an abandoned rock quarry that has degraded over the years.'
  4. 'They cleared forests to encourage grass for particular animals, to open fields for crops, and to increase growth of particular plants.'
  5. 'Its second-growth oaks, hickories, and sugar maples tower over the open pastures and fields of the lower slope and bottomland.'
  6. 'The leaf bits were drying up and falling apart, having been taken off fresh corn plants in Georgia fields several days before.'
  7. 'The great expanses of the open fields were replaced by hedges, fences, and, in upland areas, dry stone walling.'
  8. 'Wheat fields are harrowed before the crop emerges to get the first flush of weeds.'
  9. 'The main reasons for its decline are the clearance of heaths, drainage of winter-wet grasslands, loss of pastures to arable fields, and decline of grazing on commons.'
  10. 'Roads will be removed or tunnelled and ploughed fields returned to open grassland.'
  11. 'It is amazing how fast the fields planted to crops have been turning green.'
  12. 'He fires off the ball, disrupts the backfield and makes plays all over the football field.'
  13. 'But his presence led to an unprecedented incident on the field in the Seagulls-Apollon game.'
  14. 'Usftl games are typically played on Sunday mornings on regulation football fields with 12-minute quarters.'
  15. 'As a follower of the game it will be a joy to watch Kavanagh playing on Gaelic football fields for many more years to come.'
  16. 'He said his proposal would involve a single-storey school, which could offer facilities for community activities, including a swimming pool, a hall, a gym and sports fields.'
  17. 'However this proved to be in vain when some quick thinking at a tap penalty saw Dodworth go nearly the full length of the field to tie the game.'
  18. 'It's this talent, he argues, that has enabled them to maximise the potential playing area of a football field.'
  19. 'So you don't see all the best players of the game on the field at the same time.'
  20. 'I don't want to see injuries happen to anyone on the football field, but they are a part of the game.'
  21. 'There is no doubt that being a spectator is far more stressful than to actually be involved in the game on the field.'
  22. 'he sees the ball early and strokes it through the gap in the field'
  23. 'Other situations may also exist where there is an open gap in the field due simply to the positioning of the fielders.'
  24. 'Thomas Hoyos was the best center field.'
  25. 'an ice field'
  26. 'Here three main pockmark and mud diapir fields were observed.'
  27. 'In this case, over time, the debris field covered about two to three square mile area.'
  28. 'After about a mile I kinked down to cross the Seven where there's a good, arched bridge and where the river, flowing through fields of virgin snow, was trimmed with a glaze of grey translucent ice.'
  29. 'Spring came and the snowpack melted like an ice cube on hot asphalt, instead of compacting and forming the vast fields of perfect-corn snow we expected.'
  30. 'Individual volcanoes of continental monogenetic volcanic fields are generally presumed to erupt single magma batches during brief eruptions.'
  31. 'a gas field'
  32. 'China's state-owned oil companies have in recent years been actively involved around the globe in buying oil and gas fields and establishing energy supplies.'
  33. 'To this end, the company is betting on expanding its oil and gas productions from fields outside Indonesia.'
  34. 'The attention that was given to the detailed geometry of growth faults in the Gulf of Mexico, the North Sea, and the Niger Delta helped the exploitation of oil and gas fields in these areas.'
  35. 'Salekhard is surrounded by some of the richest oil and natural gas fields in the world.'
  36. 'Unocal controls major oil and gas fields in Alaska, the Gulf of Mexico, and, of course, Asia.'
  37. 'Large natural gas storage fields in salt domes are another example.'
  38. 'In the case of Christmas Island two of the three launch paths will go over or near the oil and gas fields of the northwest shelf and the Timor Sea.'
  39. 'However, Arctic reserves are now being considered more seriously as other oil and gas fields become exhausted.'
  40. 'It could be further magnified because over time non-U.S. firms will have much more information on and familiarity with Iranian oil and gas fields.'
  41. 'The Brunei economy was revolutionized by the discovery of substantial onshore oil deposits in 1929 and offshore oil and gas fields in the early 1960s.'
  42. 'Getting out in the field over and over is the best way to build up knowledge.'
  43. 'The U.S. military was so superior as to be virtually unchallengeable on the field of battle.'
  44. 'David's beheading of Goliath took place on the field of battle, after Goliath was already dead.'
  45. 'Losing a man on the field of battle is a terrible thing, but losing a man when the army is bedded down for the winter is truly a tragedy.'
  46. 'Unable to match the forces of the West on the field of battle, new plans had to be hatched.'
  47. 'Ultimate victory for them lies at the level of grand strategy rather than on the field of battle.'
  48. 'The threats from the beach were horrifying enough to have made Napoleon turn from the field of battle.'
  49. 'The inference, that the ideas that it contains should be carried to the field of battle, is inescapable.'
  50. 'We read of their heroic actions on the field of battle and their deeds in other places.'
  51. 'Images of Bruce Lee and the night fighting scene in Enter the Dragon flashed through my mind like flags on the field of battle.'
  52. 'All her life she had imagined the field of battle from her grandfather's descriptions.'
  53. 'many a bloody field was to be fought'
  54. 'All these were slaughtered in savage fields for the faith and fell beside the standard of the Cross, breathing loyalty to God and man in their last agonies.'
A particular branch of study or sphere of activity or interest.
  1. 'This curious publication listed its fields of interest as ‘magic, fortune telling, palmistry, graphology and spiritualism’.'
  2. 'The former requires a multidisciplinary approach, utilizing not only seismology but also other fields of geophysics and, most importantly, geology and geomorphology.'
  3. 'Srivasta was keen on opting for cellular and mobile communication, his field of special interest.'
  4. 'Reading in the summer, we can move outside our fields and study topics of general importance.'
  5. 'One way to try to get a handle on what's happening in a scientific field is to study citations in research papers.'
  6. 'You gain professional credibility through creative and productive work in a special field of activity.'
  7. 'She was interested in the film field even from a very young age.'
  8. 'Another field of interest for Hungary in Bulgaria is the development of transport infrastructure.'
  9. 'As in all fields of human activity, errors have been made.'
  10. 'Agriculture, like medicine, is rapidly changing because of advances being made in molecular biology, particularly in the fields of genomics and biotechnology.'
  11. 'Baidu even seems enormously proud of its simple, 4K home page with a single search field.'
  12. 'You can create a collection of database fields that have unique values for each drawing in the set.'
  13. 'Buffer overflows are also a major vulnerability and happen when too much data is input into a field.'
  14. 'Those other words provide context and define the semantic fields being used.'
A space or range within which objects are visible from a particular viewpoint or through a piece of apparatus.
  1. 'Cassini is now close enough to Enceladus that the moon does not fit within the camera field of view.'
  2. 'When present, the length of longitudinal bundles lying along the edge of the DZ in the same field of view was also measured.'
  3. 'It's so long that you'll probably get the entire 20-car field in a single shot.'
  4. 'Integral has a large field of view, enabling it to scan our Milky Way galaxy for neutron stars and black hole activity.'
  5. 'From the corner of her eye she caught another flash of motion and then the couple rolled into her field of view.'
  6. 'The long cells exceeded the field of view at high magnification and were instead measured at 100x.'
  7. 'Adjust the scope back and forth until you're rewarded with a full field of view.'
  8. 'Punching the power button brings up a LCD readout window in the lower third of the field of view.'
  9. 'Identification of the situs is often better made by MRI because of the wider field of view.'
  10. 'An internal spiral staircase connected the two, while around the top would have been a parapet providing a wide field of view.'
All the participants in a contest or sport.
  1. 'Craig was head and shoulders above the rest of the field beating his nearest rival by over a minute.'
  2. 'The contest will narrow the field to 7 teams from a total of 15 for the finals on October 23.'
  3. 'But he pulled away from the rest of the field by following up with a sparkling 67 which contained five birdies.'
  4. 'The Manchester postwoman again proved to be a cut above the rest of the field in the JP Morgan Corporate Chase finals in New York.'
  5. 'At 11, she won Hawaii's most prestigious women's event - beating the rest of the field by nine strokes.'
  6. 'This was an unusual year for the Oscars: No single film dominated the field and swept the board.'
  7. 'This clearly is a safety risk to both the drivers in the lapped cars and the rest of the field.'
  8. 'West got away, followed by one other rider, with the rest of the field contesting a very close and tactical bunch sprint in Ramsey town.'
  9. 'The duo finished, but almost two minutes behind the rest of the field.'
  10. 'Playing off a 19 handicap, Bob came in with 39 points to beat the field by a single stroke.'
An area on a flag with a single background colour.
  1. 'The protesters were rounded up underneath the fluttering white cross and red field of Denmark's flag.'
  2. 'The Czech flag consists of a lower red field and an upper white field with a blue wedge reaching from the flagpole side of the flag to its center.'
  3. 'The first field (top left corner) of the escutcheon shows the national arms.'
The region in which a particular condition prevails, especially one in which a force or influence is effective regardless of the presence or absence of a material medium.
  1. 'An elementary particle in the presence of one of these relic fields would then experience interactions that have a preferred direction in space-time.'
  2. 'They argue that quantum effects (such as intense radiation fields at the funnel) may close the Einstein-Rosen bridge.'
  3. 'the variation in the strength of the field'
  4. 'Like a magnet, the crystal retains the polarization when the field is turned off.'
  5. 'Generating and detecting x rays in the strong fields used for magnetic resonance is difficult, but it can be done.'
A system subject to two binary operations analogous to those for the multiplication and addition of real numbers, and having similar commutative and distributive laws.
  1. 'He studied the Riemann zeta function, and its extension to arbitrary number fields, discovering important results.'
  2. 'He also started work on elliptic curves and, with Baer, on topological fields.'


Attempt to catch or stop the ball and return it after it has been hit by the batsman or batter, thereby preventing runs being scored or base runners advancing.
  1. 'He fielded superbly, could score at close to a run-a-ball in one-dayers at will and whip boundaries through midwicket off balls others would leave outside offstump.'
  2. 'Athy Hockey Club was another beneficiary of Skurt's talents and he fielded for the Showgrounds based club on several occasions.'
  3. 'his swinging bunt was fielded by the Chicago catcher'
  4. 'He wants to be involved, either with the ball in hand with the enemy guarding the stumps or hurtling round the boundary to field the ball.'
  5. 'Nevin, who fielded fly balls at Qualcomm Stadium this winter, said he's now more accepting of the club's decision to move him to the outfield.'
  6. 'Ruhle fielded the ball and threw to first for an apparent double play.'
  7. 'Then, when Vaughan next fielded the ball, he fired it to Geraint Jones, close to Hayden's head.'
  8. 'With two outs and a man on second, Jeffrey Hammonds singled to shallow leftfield, where Jeff Conine fielded the ball and fired home.'
  9. 'Foulke fielded the ball and threw to Graffanino at third base.'
  10. 'Mike Westwood set the pattern of the game after only five minutes when the winger fielded a high ball to return it fully 60 yards into the Sandal 22.'
  11. 'Unfortunately, he doesn't have much range to his right, and he's horrible at fielding the ball backhanded.'
  12. 'After fielding the ball, however, the pitcher threw it way over the first baseman into deep right field.'
  13. 'He can sacrifice, forcing the first or third baseman to field the ball and make a play away from the lead runner.'
Send out (a team or individual) to play in a game.
  1. 'Zimba said he would not field a team at the Rhino Sevens because the tournament was only meant for clubs.'
  2. 'Alou is viewed favorably for fielding competitive teams despite a severe payroll disadvantage, one that became more difficult in the past two seasons.'
  3. 'Buz McCall, who has fielded championship teams in sports car racing and is a former NASCAR owner, notes today's trend toward specialization.'
  4. 'Despite all of the changes, the Bills still should be able to field a competitive team in 2000.'
  5. 'India has seldom fielded a women's team outside the country.'
  6. 'Both teams field line-ups composed mostly of youth players.'
  7. 'The fact that India fielded three teams underscored the growing depth of talent.'
  8. 'Anyway, we should be able to field a team from the same league as your club and still beat Macedonia - not that we did last time.'
  9. 'While he has never taken a team to the Super Bowl, he is adept at fielding a competitive team that minimizes mistakes.'
  10. 'With a few African mixed teams being fielded, the relays lost much of the relevance in the overall context.'
  11. 'the Ecology party fielded 109 candidates'
  12. 'Pensioner parties are fielding candidates in the Scottish elections, so now we have someone to identify with.'
  13. 'The Progressive Democrats and the Green Party are each fielding a candidate in both and Kildare South also has an independent candidate.'
  14. 'However, that has not happened, with only the three main parties fielding candidates.'
  15. 'At the same time, smaller parties that fielded no candidates for prime minister invested all their efforts in the Knesset elections.'
  16. 'The last time the party fielded a candidate here was in 1997.'
  17. 'The Liberal Party will field another nine candidates for functional constituencies.'
  18. 'Among small parties fielding candidates in this election are some which are seeking to divide our society on racial and asylum issues.'
  19. 'All three main political parties are also fielding candidates in these elections, as are the Greens.'
  20. 'Little Lever is the only ward in which the Green Party is fielding a candidate.'
  21. 'The Green Party is fielding candidates in only 114 constituencies, but hopes to gain its first seat in the Commons this year.'
  22. 'Unfortunately, the Zulus did not resort to guerrilla warfare as previous opponents had done, but fielded an enormous army.'
  23. 'Bruce also does an accurate job of reporting the political joustings among the Army generals for the new American Army soon to be fielded.'
  24. 'They even developed independent governments, raised their own taxes, fielded their own armies.'
  25. 'Each side fielded armies that were very similar in tactics, organization, and equipment, and both used African and Gallic auxiliary troops.'
  26. 'Rolling in wealth, the Church built great edifices and fielded its own armies and sank deeper and deeper into immorality, materialism, and decadence.'
  27. 'One day we will field this army, we will have the chance to show our power, but it will not be this day.'
  28. 'Yet neither of these sources deal with the wars of the late sixteenth century, by which time major combatants were fielding armies of many tens of thousands.'
  29. 'The Syrians were too busy fighting one another to field an effective army yet.'
  30. 'The Arab states that invaded the nascent State of Israel fielded armies that were trained and supplied by the French and British Empires.'
Deal with (a difficult question, telephone call, etc.).
  1. 'Following the speech he fielded student questions posed from a microphone placed on the floor in front of the podium.'
  2. 'Many of the smart-growth complaints I've fielded have this same plaintive sound.'
  3. 'He manfully fielded tough questions about precisely how brilliant his leadership was and the personal toll of improving the lives of every living creature in his kingdom.'
  4. 'Canegrowers Isis chairman Joe Russo said he had been fielding calls all day from stunned and angered growers.'
  5. 'This is where the Beeb had a less obliging audience for fielding its questions.'
  6. 'The other day, fielding questions about her aversion for holding press conferences, she openly admitted to her feeling that media exercises may not yield the desired results.'
  7. 'She fielded questions from the inquisitive bunch and shared her life experiences during an interactive session, which, she said, she preferred.'
  8. 'The wardens, after fielding our questions with what could only be called glee, were of course curious to discover our nationality.'
  9. 'They were fielding questions, as if to prove they had nothing to hide.'
  10. 'He's fielding questions from young people around the world.'

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1. Henry, 1707–54, English novelist, dramatist, and essayist. field [feeld] /fild/ Spell Syllables noun

1. an expanse of open or cleared ground, especially a piece of land suitable or used for pasture or tillage.

2. Sports. a piece of ground devoted to sports or contests; playing field. (in betting) all the contestants or numbers that are grouped together as one: to bet on the field in a horse race. (in football) the players on the playing ground. the area

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