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The young, curled, edible frond of certain ferns.
  1. 'From there, you can hike an easy 2.3 miles past patches of yellow trout lilies, fiddlehead ferns and pink Himalayan jewel-weed to the five-stage Fuller Falls.'
  2. 'The commonly eaten fiddleheads in eastern North America are those of ostrich fern, a native woodland plant.'
  3. 'Some of the more unique items include fiddleheads and yellow tomatoes.'
  4. 'The supermarkets serve as my seasonal barometer, with offerings of Alberta spring lamb, fiddlehead greens and asparagus - even if most of it comes from Mexico right now.'
  5. 'Lauren chose the fritto misto with prawns and fiddlehead ferns.'
  6. 'For some Lake Superior Ojibwe tribal members, this season means the preparation of meals using wild greens such as bagwaji zhigaagawinzhig (wild onion), waabigoniin, and waagaag (fiddlehead fern).'
  7. 'These are fiddleheads, the young shoots of the ostrich fern, Matteuccia struthiopteris, and the cinnamon fern, Osmunda cinnamonum.'
  8. 'The snapper was equally good when served with flat beans in lemon oil, or with asparagus and fiddlehead ferns; the same went for the halibut, first dressed with brash rapini, then with braised spring onions.'
  9. 'Ferns are typified by leaves that unfold from coiled buds - the fiddleheads.'
  10. 'Never mind that the Maine ‘peanut’ fetches pennies on the dollar compared with the mighty Idaho #1 Russett Burbank, but they'd probably be better off sticking to fiddleheads.'
A scroll-like carving at a ship's bows.
  1. 'A gilt fiddlehead did you say--eh?'

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1. Nautical. a billethead having a form similar to the volute carved at the upper end of a violin.

2. the young, coiled frond of various species of ferns, eaten as a vegetable.

More examples(as adjective)

"ferns can be fiddlehead."

"bisques can be fiddlehead."


Late 18th century: from the resemblance to the head of a violin.