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Relating to or occurring in fiction; invented for the purposes of fiction.
  1. 'a fictional character'
  2. 'Gaumontville takes place in a fictional municipality on the day of a mayoral election.'
  3. 'The police in his books are definitely the good guys, despite a trend for corrupt fictional detectives.'
  4. 'By the way: the invitation to this party says that I should come dressed as a fictional character.'
  5. 'He is fictional, but his character is interestingly similar to the early life of Pius XII.'
  6. 'However, the action of the play and the feelings of both the characters are entirely fictional.'
  7. 'Both started out with a narrowly defined fictional territory, and both have tried to extend their range.'
  8. 'Wrong's excellent book is peopled by the kind of characters no fictional framing could ever conceive.'
  9. 'The test features an unlikely, completely fictional situation in which you will have to make a decision.'
  10. 'For film producers, the past is merely a starting point, the foundation on which to build a fictional story.'
  11. 'Create a specific brief for an article and then write it, or make up a fictional company and write copy for their website.'


1. invented as part of a work of fiction: Sherlock Holmes is a fictional detective.

2. of, like, or characterized by fiction: He used a fictional situation to explain the subject.

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"characters can be fictional."

"worlds can be fictional."

"forms can be fictional."

"people can be fictional."

"accounts can be fictional."

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