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Consisting of or characterized by fibres.
  1. 'The root framework supports a large number of fibrous roots which, by their continuing growth, comb the soil for minerals and water.'
  2. 'In the rural areas, the fibrous roots of this tree are used for making painting brushes, used for white washing.'
  3. 'Incorporation of harder or more fibrous material in the diet could provoke such a need.'
  4. 'Often known as giant reed, its fleshy, fibrous roots penetrate deeply into the soil.'
  5. 'Thatch is a layer of fibrous material, which if it becomes too deep, prevents proper drainage of rain.'
  6. 'The chipboard uses the cucumber plant's strong fibrous strands to create a dense and durable material held together with resin.'
  7. 'Their social behaviour enables them to exploit an arid environment and eat fibrous roots as their main diet.'
  8. 'Trim off the small, fibrous roots and put the trimmed sections into pots filled with cuttings compost so the tops are just buried.'
  9. 'Some of the material was in a fibrous state, making inhalation more likely.'
  10. 'Your chilli's bite comes from the white fibrous membranes that contain a substance called capsaicin.'


1. containing, consisting of, or resembling fibers.

More examples(as adjective)

"noduleses can be fibrous in characters."

"tissues can be fibrous."

"materials can be fibrous."

"roots can be fibrous."

"systems can be fibrous."

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