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A thread or filament from which a vegetable tissue, mineral substance, or textile is formed.
  1. 'Because they are composed of vegetable fibers, EcoDragon's sandals can be composted once they're worn out.'
  2. 'This superfine cloth comes from our own traditional handlooms woven out of natural fibres like cotton, linen, silk, wool, jute, etc. and soaked in natural dyes.'
  3. 'The asbestos fibres got stuck in the hand-knitted socks and jumpers.'
  4. 'The EPCH also plans to include a complete product group of floor coverings made of natural fibres including coir, jute, cotton, silk and wool.'
  5. 'They use acid-free paper made from cotton, which is much more durable than paper made from wood because the cotton fibers are much longer.'
  6. 'The original focus industries were pottery, sericulture, carpentry, textiles, coconut fiber, and woven mats.'
  7. 'Vegetable fibers were used by ancient man for fishing and trapping.'
  8. 'Hot glass fibers for insulation and nylon fibers for textiles are extruded through platinum sieves.'
  9. 'Fabric wallpaper are usually made of cotton, linen, or other natural plant fibers, such as grass cloth, hemp, or burlap.'
  10. 'While wool is excellent at hiding dirt, any dirt that does become embedded in the carpet is prone to damage the fibers by abrasion.'
  11. 'ordinary synthetics don't breathe as well as natural fibres'
  12. 'Floral prints in combination with light, natural fibres like chiffon, silk and linen underscore this young and natural look.'
  13. 'Merino Wool is a natural fiber that absorbs 10 times more moisture than synthetics, and it does not hold odor.'
  14. 'Sweeney prints mainly on silk, but also onto linen, cotton and other natural fibres.'
  15. 'Natural fibres like cotton and wool can usually be washed and worn repeatedly and are always a safe bet.'
  16. 'Natural fibres in cool lightweight fabrics, teamed with slightly shaped shirts to skim the body's contours, will be de rigueur.'
  17. 'They work in a variety of disciplines including ceramics, fibres, glass, mirror design, jewellery and photography.'
  18. 'Wear clothes that are made from natural fibres like cotton, linen and silk; they allow your skin to breathe.'
  19. 'there were degenerative changes in muscle fibres'
  20. 'At early stages of development, single muscle fibers are innervated by axon terminals from several different motor neurons.'
  21. 'A motor unit is made up of a single nerve axon and the muscle fibers it supplies.'
  22. 'It was defined as the most distal part of the muscle in which tendon fibers could be visualized.'
  23. 'My rheumatologist thought I might have torn muscle fibers in the latissimus dorsi and tried an injection of triamcinolone.'
  24. 'Huge masses of them are scattered also between the adjacent striated muscle fibers.'
  25. 'Its fibers are found in connective tissue, including skin, bone, ligaments, and cartilage.'
  26. 'Loose connective tissue consists of fibers running in all directions through a semifluid matrix.'
  27. 'Usually, leiomyosarcomas originate from the renal capsule, muscle fibers in the renal pelvis, or the walls of renal vessels.'
  28. 'Acetylcholine acts as a transmitter between motor nerves and the fibres of skeletal muscle at all neuromuscular junctions.'
  29. 'Individual muscle fibers may be innervated by one or both of the excitatory neurons, and generally receive inhibitory input as well.'
  30. 'a weak person with no moral fibre'
  31. 'It all makes me feel rather sorry for men: as if being present at the birth has become some sort of test of moral fibre.'
  32. 'But in the very same essay, Macaulay supposes Bacon the man to be thoroughly deceitful, self-seeking, and lacking in moral fibre.'
  33. 'His lack of moral fibre and intellectual courage are two of his shortcomings that infuriate the most.'
  34. '‘We [viz fat people] are normally considered to be lazy, slobbish and lacking in moral fibre,’ she declares.'
  35. 'Medical research into the drug came to an abrupt end in the mid-1960s when LSD hit the headlines as hazardous to health and a looming shadow over society's moral fibre.'
  36. 'But the logical spin-off of the celebrity chef has been the celebration of cooking, an activity in which new moral fibre is being endlessly invested.'
  37. 'We can't be having people of poor moral fibre now, can we.'
  38. 'His weak moral fibre, mixed with his genuine desire to help Kathy, does nothing but tear the fabric of both her life and Behrani's.'
  39. 'People that live on the streets do not necessarily lack moral fibre.'
  40. 'After all, your elders are of a stronger moral fibre, having been tested in life.'
Dietary material containing substances such as cellulose, lignin, and pectin, that are resistant to the action of digestive enzymes.
  1. 'Each recipe is analyzed for calcium but also for calories, protein, fat, carbohydrate, dietary fiber, sodium, and magnesium.'
  2. 'It is what is lacking in our food - the vitamins, minerals, fibre, phytochemicals and micro-nutrients in a plant-based diet - that counts.'
  3. 'High consumption of dietary fiber regulates blood sugar levels, reduces cholesterol and can prevent heart disease and cancer.'
  4. 'Dietary fibre consists of plant material such as cellulose, hemicellulose, pectin, polysaccharides, gums, mucilage and lignin.'
  5. 'Sprouts are an excellent source of digestible protein, fibre, and Vitamin C, and are full of antioxidants.'
  6. 'Net impact carbs result from replacing wheat flour with soy flour or adding fiber, sugar alcohols or fat.'
  7. 'And a kind of fiber in apples called pectin reduces cholesterol and helps maintain steady blood sugar levels.'
  8. 'As pears are dense, they are also a good source of fibre and pectin.'
  9. 'In addition, they contain large amounts of soluble fiber, including pectin that helps to lower cholesterol.'
  10. 'Besides soy protein, the yogurts include added fiber and vitamins C and D and are lactose reduced.'

More definitions

1. a fine, threadlike piece, as of cotton, jute, or asbestos.

2. a slender filament: a fiber of platinum.

3. filaments collectively.

4. matter or material composed of filaments: a plastic fiber.

5. something resembling a filament.

6. an essential character, quality, or strength: people of strong moral fiber.

7. Botany. filamentous matter from the bast tissue or other parts of plants, used for industrial purposes. a slender, threadlike root of a plant. a slender, tapered cell

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"operations can be fiber."

"divisions can be fiber."

"supplements can be fiber."


Late Middle English (in the sense ‘lobe of the liver’, (plural) ‘entrails’): via French from Latin fibra ‘fibre, filament, entrails’.