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Having or showing the symptoms of a fever.
  1. 'a feverish cold'
  2. 'These patients were given hygiene advice and told to return if they became feverish.'
  3. 'If the patient is in severe pain or is feverish antimicrobials such as metronidazole 200 mg thrice daily for up to five days may be indicated.'
  4. 'Wear clothes or pajamas suited to the indoor temperature, even when your child is feverish or has the chills.'
  5. 'The onset of flu is characterised by feverish shakings and temperature swings.'
  6. 'On the day after their return to Britain, I was asked to see them because both were feverish and unwell.'
  7. 'One year ago today, I was lying in the hospital, aching and feverish, nurses unable to start an IV on me.'
  8. 'Throughout this period she had been intermittently feverish, anorexic and very much not herself.'
  9. 'On examination, he was feverish with generalised lymphadenopathy and widespread crusting papulopustular lesions.'
  10. 'The vague headache began some time during Friday, but, by evening surgery, I felt decidedly feverish and unwell.'
  11. 'If you feel sick or feverish, take your temperature as instructed by your doctor or nurse.'
  12. 'Search as you may, you can find no evidence of all that feverish activity, but you know it's here.'
  13. 'The club was placed into administrative receivership after a day of feverish activity at Kenilworth Road.'
  14. 'During this time of feverish activity, the life of the trifolau, dialect for truffle hunter, is a hard one.'
  15. 'Each passing year's is usually billed with feverish excitement as ‘the most important of his political life’.'
  16. 'Our choir leader, Roz, broke the news, sending a shock wave of feverish excitement around the Scout hut where we practise.'
  17. 'Finally came the time of machines, and rhythms of life became increasingly feverish and frantic.'
  18. 'The city of Mumbai remains in a feverish pitch of excitement throughout this period.'
  19. 'Last night saw some feverish activity preparing the basic brine to make bacon with the belly pork, and finding a suitable vessel in which to do the curing.'
  20. 'Never in its history had that little school seen such feverish activity.'
  21. 'Nyna felt absolutely feverish with energy as she grasped the controls of the ship.'


1. having fever.

2. pertaining to, of the nature of, or resembling fever: a feverish excitement.

3. excited, restless, or uncontrolled, as if from fever.

4. having a tendency to produce fever.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be feverish in/at/on mornings."

"people can be feverish over pressures."

"demands can be feverish with turnovers."

"bodies can be feverish with tremors."

"bodies can be feverish with shriekings."

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