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  1. 'However, she is funny (read Esquire interview), clever (Harvard A student whilst pursuing acting career) and quite fetching.'
  2. 'In Joey's adult-child personality and fetching narrative voice you will find an echo of Huck Finn, whose situation, remember, was not so different.'
  3. 'Fortunately, they remember that Karl had been robbed shortly before his death by a fetching young mechanic, Rudolf.'
  4. 'For I once referred to Ms. Landrieu as ‘somewhat fetching.’'
  5. 'We even got to roam around Television Centre with them a bit today - Mena making a particularly fetching weather presenter.'
  6. 'This Naxos CD brings together three of his best concertante works in fetching new performances.'
  7. 'It struggles greatly to hold your attention, despite the presence of the fetching Lane, who has been here before to far better effect in A Walk On The Moon and Unfaithful.'
  8. 'Here also she gets her lines right, she is still poised and graceful, she is still fetching on the dance floor, but she has precious little to do.'
  9. 'From my gawking spot across the cafe, I can't testify to her firmness or fashionableness, but I think everyone in that cafe was busy facing it - she's fetching.'
  10. 'I am convinced I would look fetching in one of these.'


1. charming; captivating.

More examples(as adjective)

"markets can be fetching to investors."

"people can be fetching in/at/on pigs."

"people can be fetching in/at/on dates."

"people can be fetching on dates."

"people can be fetching in uniforms."

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