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Relating to a fetus.
  1. 'Smoking in pregnancy is associated with increased rates of fetal and perinatal death and reduced birth weight for gestational age.'
  2. 'Aminolaevulinic acid can cross the placenta and possibly cause toxicity to the developing fetal brain.'
  3. 'Zinc deficiency in pregnant women causes abnormal labour, retarded fetal growth, and fetal abnormalities.'
  4. 'The maternal environment plays an important role in controlling fetal growth.'
  5. 'The single largest condition associated with stillbirth is failure of fetal growth.'
  6. 'In the second pregnancy trimester abnormal amniotic fetal cells can be detected.'
  7. 'The paper does not consider important factors that affect both diet and fetal growth, such as ethnic origin.'
  8. 'Women without obstetric complications are encouraged to have electronic fetal monitoring and epidural analgesia.'
  9. 'Like other researchers we did not find an increased risk of reduced fetal growth.'
  10. 'Impaired fetal growth is strongly associated with haemorrhagic stroke, but not with occlusive stroke.'
  11. 'I called in sick way too many days, spent a lot of time at home curled up in a fetal position.'
  12. 'She almost twitched into a fetal position, and her body moved slightly in one last defense.'
  13. 'There she laid in the fetal position with her head buried crying hysterically.'
  14. 'Her slumbering figure was in a fetal position and her head rested on his lap.'
  15. 'He would just curl up in a fetal position in the tour bus and talk to fantasy friends that lived inside of his head.'
  16. 'Some were in the fetal position, curled up, as if trying to escape within themselves.'
  17. 'In other words, if somebody hits you, you don't curl up in the fetal position and beg your enemy not to hurt you.'
  18. 'The boy in front of me has an odd posture: almost in a fetal position, slouched far, far down.'
  19. 'Basically, one saw a big flash of light, one should duck down into a fetal position and cover themselves up to be safe.'
  20. 'Try to roll your body in, as if getting into a fetal position, as opposed to keeping your back rigid.'


1. of, relating to, or having the character of a fetus.

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"mortalities can be fetal."

"deaths can be fetal."

"tissues can be fetal."

"growths can be fetal."

"cells can be fetal."

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