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A chain or garland of flowers, leaves, or ribbons, hung in a curve as a decoration.
  1. 'Colourful festoons and flags marked the inauguration of Sanjeevanam by K.J. Yesudoss on Monday morning.'
  2. 'Only flicker bulbs and festoons were seen around the premises.'
  3. 'The road is decorated with colourful festoons whenever a new film is released and invariably there will be a mad rush for these movies.'
  4. 'To provide a festival spirit, the spiral-bound projects of the students replaced the banyan leaves as festoons.'
  5. 'Even statues of Annamayya and Ramanuja, leave alone those of Mahatma Gandhi and Ambedkar, are enveloped in yellow festoons.'
  6. 'Decorations often take up quite a bit of time at home, but the experts do it in a jiffy, for they have a range of colourful festoons and sprightly buntings in stock, all ready to be hung up at the party venue.'
  7. 'Every bedroom has its own Christmas tree and festoons of decorations.'
  8. 'All streets leading to the holy river are decorated with colorful festoons and banners.'
  9. 'The flag must not be used as a festoon, rosette or bunting or in any other manner of decoration.'
  10. 'Both doors and windows were adorned with festoons that harmonized with the seats and were adorned with the monogram ‘JB,’ as were the porcelain jardinières in which Josephine put flowers.'
  11. 'The mold-blown scallop shell vase in Plate XIII is decorated with festoons reminiscent of Phoenician glass.'
  12. 'At the centre of the front of Croker's enormous sideboard is a carved vase full of flowers flanked by great seaweedy festoons of fruit, flowers and foliage.'
A Eurasian butterfly or moth patterned with dark arcs on a lighter background.
  1. 'The Spanish festoon is a wonderfully exotic butterfly close-up, though in flight its colours blur into a buttery mixture of all the shades on its wings and it looks much less brilliant.'


Adorn (a place) with chains, garlands, or other decorations.
  1. 'Today, the roundabouts are festooned with decorations and blue and yellow lights.'
  2. 'The sprawling garden was festooned with fancy illuminations and aesthetically decorated flower baskets.'
  3. 'On the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar the streets of York were festooned with innumerable flags floating in the breeze.'
  4. 'Wrought-iron balconies are festooned with hanging baskets overflowing with ferns.'
  5. 'The hall was lined with great columns down both sides, and the whole area was festooned with banners and garlands of flowers.'
  6. 'Its five floors of offices are festooned with flags and cartoon posters of the company's ant mascot.'
  7. 'English streets were festooned with the red and white flag of St George.'
  8. 'Original bunting and flags which festooned the streets of Malton during the Coronation in 1952 have been found in an attic in the town.'
  9. 'On the M8 at Ballieston a flyover was festooned with a banner ‘Welcome to hell, Arthur’.'
  10. 'Every mall in Beijing is festooned with Christmas decorations.'

More definitions

1. a string or chain of flowers, foliage, ribbon, etc., suspended in a curve between two points.

2. a decorative representation of this, as in architectural work or on pottery.

3. a fabric suspended, draped, and bound at intervals to form graceful loops or scalloped folds.

4. Dentistry. the garlandlike area of the gums surrounding the necks of the teeth. verb (used with object)

5. to adorn with or as with festoons: to festoon a hall.

6. to form into festoons: to festoon flowers

More examples(as adjective)

"shelves can be festooned with kitchens."

"shelves can be festooned."

"hedges can be festooned."


(festoon)Mid 17th century: from French feston, from Italian festone ‘festal ornament’, from festum, (plural) festa ‘feast’.