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Relating to a festival, especially Christmas.
  1. 'I was really looking forward to having a break over the festive season.'
  2. 'It is aimed at giving the homeless a roof over their heads during the festive season, as well as hot food and a place to sleep.'
  3. 'That's a sure sign that the festive season is less than two months away.'
  4. 'Surely this kind of mathematics has to have an impact on our purchases this festive season.'
  5. 'As the New Year opens up before us, locals are shaking off the cobwebs of the festive season.'
  6. 'His coachbuilder father, who was born during the festive season, was called Christmas.'
  7. 'The district carol service and our own Marks and Spencer at Christmas remind us the festive season is nearly here.'
  8. 'The final act of Christmas, it marks the end of the festive season, I guess.'
  9. 'Many of us are no longer celebrating the birth of Christ over the festive season.'
  10. 'Officers believe the mild weather over the festive season helped keep the number of road casualties down.'
  11. 'the sombre atmosphere has given way to a festive mood'
  12. 'York Station was busy as the rail companies kept passengers on the move to their festive celebrations.'
  13. 'Guests were treated to excellent food and drinks which left them in a festive and generous mood.'
  14. 'Hovingham is just right for a festive frolic or for a rural recovery from over-indulgence.'
  15. 'So the landlord and landlady took a week's break after a seemingly convivial festive period.'
  16. 'As for the exercise of plucking flowers, the women labourers go about the job in a festive mood.'
  17. 'I don't really feel in a festive mood, yet but I'm sure that will creep up on me once I leave the office.'
  18. 'Not only was this a festive celebration, but I wanted so desperately to impress Zeek.'
  19. 'Peter, always in a festive mood, bounded up to Elizabeth with an extra piece of holly from the pews in his hand.'
  20. 'The Len Hunchak Trio plays carols at Clearspring Centre to help create a festive mood.'
  21. 'The Balls Pond Road was in seasonal festive mood with lights flashing red, green and amber.'


1. pertaining to or suitable for a feast or festival: festive decorations; a festive meal.

2. joyous; merry: a festive mood.

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"moods can be festive with themes."

"rooms can be festive without things."

"moods can be festive on streets."

"atmospheres can be festive in rooms."

"seasons can be festive."

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Mid 17th century: from Latin festivus, from festum, (plural) festa ‘feast’.