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A festival or gathering devoted to a particular activity or interest.
  1. 'the fest will include 37 feature films'
  2. 'The low-key temperament of the film (and its director) made it a good choice for Vancouver's fest.'
  3. 'Emma Miller introduces London's annual Asian Art fest.'
  4. 'Sadly, my favourite film of the fest's first days will not be up for the Palme d' Or.'
  5. 'A world-class city offers a world-class fest.'
  6. 'Several days into the fest, the press screenings started getting rowdy.'

More definitions

1. an assembly of people engaged in a common activity (often used in combination): filmfest; gabfest; love-fest; poetry fest.

More examples(as adjective)

"years can be fest."


Mid 19th century: from German Fest ‘festival’.