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The quality of being fertile; productiveness.
  1. 'The strategy of producing triploids of low fertility has been exploited in the production of seedless fruit.'
  2. 'Natural soil texture and fertility also play a role in when and how much additional fertilizer plants need.'
  3. 'Despite high fertility, juvenile plants are rare.'
  4. 'The increased fertility was better for stocking.'
  5. 'Such soil as occurs is usually shallow, leached and mildly acid, and of generally low fertility.'
  6. 'Third, reduced pollen and seed fertility may both indirectly result from this deleterious effect.'
  7. 'Good soil possesses oxygen, warmth, humidity, and fertility.'
  8. 'Galileo's work in mechanics testifies to the fertility of these concepts.'
  9. 'Treatment can also affect your fertility or ability to have children.'
  10. 'The Wicca see the cauldron as a symbol of the Goddess, the manifested essence of femininity and fertility.'
  11. 'Nearby, childless couples seek prayers and potions for fertility.'
  12. 'Several herbs are notable for boosting fertility, too.'
  13. 'It is part of the attire of a Bosporan priestess to Demeter, goddess of fertility.'
  14. 'Currently, stem cells used for research largely come from embryos leftover from fertility clinics.'
  15. 'In Bulgarian tradition, the coffin of Christ stays for a week in the church and people crawl underneath for health and fertility.'
  16. 'Fertility is a highly personal and sensitive area of human life.'
  17. 'The 2000 Census tells us the U.S. population will double every 54 years if fertility and immigration remain the same.'
  18. 'The families of both the bride and groom prepare puffed rice for the ceremony as a symbol of fertility and good luck.'

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1. the state or quality of being fertile.

2. Biology. the ability to produce offspring; power of reproduction: the amazing fertility of rabbits.

3. the birthrate of a population.

4. (of soil) the capacity to supply nutrients in proper amounts for plant growth when other factors are favorable.

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"drugs can be fertility."

"treatments can be fertility."

"rates can be fertility."

"clinics can be fertility."

"medicines can be fertility."

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