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Relating to or affecting cats or other members of the cat family.
  1. 'Your cat is currently vaccinated for distemper, rabies, feline leukemia and any other syndrome for which there is a form of prevention.'
  2. 'And Sam does not like cats so a family with feline pets would not be suitable.'
  3. 'My cat, being a fully paid-up member of the fastidious feline world, now refuses to eat anything else.'
  4. 'Their front canine teeth are large and feline, perfect for grasping prey and slashing it open.'
  5. 'And the feline family ‘plays’ with its food before eating it, taunting and chasing their prey.'
  6. 'From the other side of the bushes, a powerful, feline shape emerged: a leopard.'
  7. 'he moved with feline grace'
  8. 'Despite this, he was young and strong-looking, with a feline sort of grace.'
  9. 'Her lithe body moved with an ethereal fluidity and feline grace.'
  10. 'Unafraid and unhurried, the great black beast padded silently down the centre of the trail, not quite a cat but a fluid feline shape.'
  11. 'He realized that they were feline in shape almost like a cat, though much longer than any cat he had ever seen.'
  12. 'The door opened to reveal Jade walking into my room with her feline grace.'
  13. 'There were two eyes, oval in shape and quite feline in their appearance, riding above a long, thin, pointed nose.'
  14. 'She had four legs with large clawed paws beneath her white-furred feline shape.'
  15. 'Its design studio has to style cars with the sinuous, feline grace that defines the brand, while making sure new offerings look fresh.'


A cat or other member of the cat family.
  1. 'But except for the Florida felines, as far as one can tell, wild cougars no longer live east of the Mississippi.'
  2. 'She specialized in felines; from the alley cat to the Siberian Tiger.'
  3. 'Large felines like the bobcat and lynx don't have this physical feature, but the cougar does.'
  4. 'For felines all over the world - from docile house cats to Bengal tigers - clawing is an essential characteristic of being a cat.'
  5. 'If you, like many people, consider your canine or feline to be simply another member of the family, you will have the peace-of-mind that they are well cared for!'
  6. 'Concern over cat welfare and the rising number of feral felines came to a head at a summit last Thursday.'
  7. 'This means the feline faces a high risk of extinction in the wild in the medium-term future.'
  8. 'The conservancy believes feral felines should be removed permanently from the environment and taken to shelters.'


1. belonging or pertaining to the cat family, Felidae.

2. catlike; characteristic of animals of the cat family: a feline tread.

3. sly, stealthy, or treacherous. noun

4. an animal of the cat family.

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"leukaemias can be feline."

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Late 17th century: from Latin felinus, from feles ‘cat’.