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    A federal agent or official, especially a member of the FBI.
    1. 'The Feds are on their way, and Ralph here is all the protection anybody could ask for.'
    2. 'Not only can you be sued if you lie in your advertising, but you can also get in trouble with the Feds.'
    3. 'Naturally, the box the Feds supplied was rigged with every surveillance gizmo known to man.'
    4. 'Jim asked to make a phone call, but was told he would have to wait until the Feds had questioned him.'
    5. 'When it came time finally to arrest the man, it was in my father's closet that the Feds found him.'
    6. 'Why the Feds aren't interested in pursuing more of them is puzzling.'
    7. 'I didn't follow the case against the man at all or how good a case the Feds made against him.'
    8. 'It would be far, far easier to just shut down the boxes, pull them, and give them to the Feds.'
    9. 'A gunman killed in a shootout with police had texted his girlfriend minutes earlier to say: "The feds are following me."'
    10. 'Were the feds hassling bikers?'
    11. 'The looters were trying to get in and out of JD Sports before the "feds" arrive.'
    12. 'My twin brother is a fed, he's still safe, though no doubt he will be brainwashed in time.'
    13. 'That's what's put me off going to Poole Quay - bloody feds all over the place, spoils your ride back as you're always on the look out for them!'
    1. 'We can't bring that rate down to 5%, no matter what the Fed does.'
    2. 'After several interest rate hikes, the Fed's moves to slow what has been a heated economy seems to be working.'
    3. 'In the middle of 1931, the Fed doubled the discount rate.'
    4. 'Falling profits in the second and third quarters of 2002 seemed to substantiate the Fed's concern.'
    5. 'If the Fed is aggressive, and if we don't have any major external disruptions, I think we're going to be okay.'

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    1. simple past tense and past participle of feed. Idioms

    2. fed up, impatient; disgusted; bored: They were fed up with the same old routine. fed2 [fed] /fɛd/ Spell Syllables noun

    1. (sometimes initial capital letter) Slang. a federal official or law-enforcement officer.

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    "plants can be fed to people."

    "plants can be fed to animals."

    "people can be fed up things."

    "people can be fed up talkings."

    "people can be fed up on trains."

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    (fed)Early 20th century: abbreviation of federal. The abbreviation fed had previously been used in the late 18th century to denote a member of the Federalist Party, who advocated a union of American colonies after the War of Independence.