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At, to, or by a great distance (used to indicate the extent to which one thing is distant from another)
  1. 'the mountains far in the distance glowed in the sun'
  2. 'Your thoughts can take a course of their own and connect two points or places far apart in both distance and time.'
  3. 'Far in the distance floated the sonorous and mournful cry of the imam calling the midday prayers.'
  4. 'A blanket of stars was sparkling above them and a crescent moon sat far in the distance.'
  5. 'You can see the bus stop across the pavement, the cliffs far in the distance and even into our neighbour's back garden.'
  6. 'From somewhere to his left, far in the distance, came the yowl of a large, angry cat.'
  7. 'Those who stand far distant from it might find it easy to pronounce upon her fate.'
Over a large expanse of space or time.
  1. figurative 'that's why we have come so far and done as well as we have'
  2. 'Sure the flying is some of the best to be found anywhere in the world but the bulk of pilots just are not prepared to travel that far.'
  3. 'As a lazy fat cat with a liking for home comforts, Boo-boo is not an animal who ever travels far.'
  4. 'She was forced by her father to leave her home and travel far to marry a man who is a great enemy to her people.'
  5. 'Now that we have our own place, I doubt we will travel far to make our records.'
  6. 'Because its pollen is heavy and will not travel far, its seed will produce good results.'
  7. 'You did not always have to travel that far to see the wildlife.'
  8. 'I like Walvis because you don't need to travel far to get to some of the best outdoors spots in this country.'
  9. 'However as the energy is now spread over a wider area, the energy does not travel as far.'
By a great deal.
  1. 'While an improvement on the previous plan, it still falls far short of acceptable.'
  2. 'It was an excellent campaigning sale and four of us sold 43 papers at the tube, far more than usual.'
  3. 'This, frankly, falls far short of what the minister and the voters require.'


Situated at a great distance in space or time.
  1. 'All we could hear were the whisper of water and the roar of a speedboat in the far distance.'
  2. 'He glanced out the inch-thick glass set in the ship's hull beside him, into the far reaches of space.'
  3. 'We found a pretty stream behind the local houses, with golden fields stretching away to the far distance.'
  4. 'I don't see the sky, wide and open, or the hills, range on range, fading into the far distance.'
  5. 'Snaefell, the highest hill on the Isle of Man, can just be spotted in the far distance.'
  6. 'From up here the city of Brisbane is nothing more than a white dot in the far distance.'
  7. 'Pimlico to Woodburn has been fairly prosperous so the salt water must be pushing up into the far reaches of the river.'
  8. 'In the far distance, along the humping road, an army truck crawls up the horizon towards us.'
  9. 'It was all about the people and their historic journey into the far reaches of space.'
  10. 'He took one touch and then tucked the ball neatly and unstoppably into the far corner.'
  11. 'His low, hard shot to the far corner of the net gives Houlihan no chance.'
  12. 'The midfielder, revelling in a more advanced role, chested the ball down and lashed it into the far corner of the net with his left foot.'
  13. 'the success of the far Right'
  14. 'Ayako made her way down towards her desk that was situated towards the far end of the large room.'
  15. 'With views across the far north of Scotland and beyond to Orkney, the panorama is one of the best from any mountain.'
  16. 'The silver must have been imported from the far north, Turkey, maybe even Central Asia.'


1. at or to a great distance; a long way off; at or to a remote point: We sailed far ahead of the fleet.

2. at or to a remote or advanced time: We talked far into the night.

3. at or to a great, advanced, or definite point of progress, or degree: Having come this far, we might as well continue.

4. much or many: I need far more time. We gained far more advantages. adjective, farther or further, farthest or furthest.

5. being at a great distance; remote in time or place: a f

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"people can be far from things."

"people can be far as to says."

"people can be far in things."

"places can be far from things."

"people can be far away from people."

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Old English feorr, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch ver, from an Indo-European root shared by Sanskrit para and Greek pera ‘further’.


as far as
be a far cry from
by far
far and away
far and near
far and wide
far be it from (or for) me to
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go far
go so far as to do something
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(in) so far as (or that)
so far so good
a — too far