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Feel a desire or liking for.
  1. 'So, if you fancy a night on the tiles with the added bonus of contributing to a very worthy cause, get your dancing shoes on and head for the Heritage on Friday November 12.'
  2. 'So if you fancy a drink in surroundings with a difference, and like the idea of going from flower power to power suits in a few hundred yards, Bar Talk knows the place for you.'
  3. 'Perhaps it's because the Spanish love their country so much that they don't fancy the cold, dismal UK and realise our streets are not paved with gold.'
  4. 'Those who fancy a late-night meal with their drink can linger until the wee small hours (the rest are kicked out at midnight).'
  5. 'I don't usually drink on my own, but I just fancied a beer.'
  6. 'If you fancy a little more privacy, the peninsula boasts a number of secluded coves… just ask a resident where to find and access these hidden gems.'
  7. 'For those who fancy the traditional style of antiques/furniture and want to buy these as souvenirs, you may not find what you are looking for in the art shops in the department stores.'
  8. 'I had just enjoyed an excellent dinner at the Victoria and fancied a quiet drink on the terrace in the late evening sunshine that was bathing Torquay.'
  9. 'So, if you're looking to take a short romantic break, or just fancy a change of scenery for the weekend, why not get yourself down to Florida and book a Bahamas cruise.'
  10. 'If you fancy a smoke and a drink, this isn't the place for you.'
  11. 'I really fancy him'
  12. 'Clearly, the entire joke behind me getting his autograph was the ridiculousness of anyone ever fancying him, and yet he came through with good humour.'
  13. 'I missed him like mad and even though I fancied Paul now, I'll always love James.'
  14. 'He was fancied by the girls and admired by the boys.'
  15. 'We share the same interests, I still fancy her, I'm still in love with her.'
  16. 'After several years, I recently noted that I only really fancy my girlfriend after I've had a few drinks.'
  17. 'It includes the feeling that I love his company, I love the things we do together, and I seriously fancy him.'
  18. 'Such a word would acknowledge that the one thing we really have in common, collectively is who we desire - or fancying people of the same sex.'
  19. 'Apparently Ian got very drunk in W2 last night and told Ginny that I fancy her.'
  20. 'This is when you realise that you are the most ATTRACTIVE person in the entire bar and that everyone fancies you.'
  21. 'he fancied himself as an amateur psychologist'
  22. 'If you fancy yourself an amateur paparazzi, keep your camera close at hand.'
  23. 'If you're fancying yourself a victim of circumstance, you're not participating enough in your own destiny.'
Regard (a horse, team, or player) as a likely winner.
  1. 'For a team that were highly fancied to win, The Harps never seemed to be hurling as fluently as we all know they can and were also hampered by injuries causing a reshuffle in their defence.'
  2. 'Few then had fancied this team to make waves in Euro 2004.'
  3. 'Tomorrow will tell us much more and, with Richard Hills again in the saddle, the Arundel colt is fancied to fulfill his initial promise.'
  4. 'Despite his side's failure to score an away goal, Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez fancies his team to progress also.'
  5. 'He's been one of the top goalscorers in world football for a long time and playing up front in a side like Real Madrid you would fancy him to score a few goals given the creativity in that side.'
  6. 'Jamie Osborne's recent course-and-distance winner is fancied to oblige again in the hands of Michael Fenton.'
  7. 'Mark Johnston saddles The Bonus King in the Norfolk Stakes and this speedy colt is fancied to take plenty of catching.'
  8. 'The Americans as usual will fancy their horses to beat all-comers, but O'Brien's three can win a fair pile of the millions of dollars up for grabs at Chicago.'
  9. 'Dairy Dancer has earned many admirers throughout the association and is well fancied to train on next season in the senior ranks.'
  10. 'Tomorrow's extra furlong will suit him better and this speedy gelding is fancied to dominate, providing he can handle the Fibresand surface.'
Imagine; think.
  1. 'I have frequently been disappointed when fancying that I was giving news of importance to my friend.'
  2. 'I fancied that I could see the pulse in his neck slow, and stop.'
  3. 'Edwin fancied that he heard a noise somewhere behind him.'
  4. 'All men required a wife to provide a heir, and she fancied that Charles imagined one of the girls would do him very well.'
  5. 'He fancied that she was even trying to flirt with him, but it was so far away he couldn't tell.'
  6. 'Em wasn't imagining the bitterness she fancied she heard in her voice.'
  7. 'While oohing and aahing over the stars, we fancy that those are the same constellations that the ancient Greek philosophers once admired and pondered over.'
  8. 'She could still feel the lingering warmth of his lips on hers, and if she closed her eyes she fancied that she could even feel his presence close by her.'
  9. 'He fancies that Sturt has a problem with his wife, and maybe he did.'
  10. 'I fancied that I felt a steadying pressure at my elbow, but I must have imagined it; the next moment the fellow brushed past me in a rude manner.'
  11. 'fancy meeting all those television actors!'
  12. 'Fancy that, there's more to life than just shopping.'


Elaborate in structure or decoration.
  1. 'a fancy computerized system'
  2. 'She had chose a strapless wedding dress with fancy beading all down the front.'
  3. 'There was loud music, and tons of fancy decorations.'
  4. 'The BCS trophies are pretty elaborate and fancy looking, while the plaque you get for winning the Mountain West conference is just okay.'
  5. 'The hotel lobby was lavished with fancy furniture and expensive pictures hung on the wall.'
  6. 'It appeared to be the handle to a sword decorated with a lot of fancy blue and white gems, without a blade attached.'
  7. 'The sprawling garden was festooned with fancy illuminations and aesthetically decorated flower baskets.'
  8. 'Women were always coming on to him and trying to impress him with their fancy clothes and too much makeup, trying to get close to him because of his celebrity status.'
  9. 'Packages decorated with fancy paper and ribbons are placed lovingly under the tree in anticipation of Christmas morning.'
  10. 'Stenciled decoration made possible the mass-production of fancy furniture.'
  11. 'Once my eyes adjusted to the light, I was shocked to find that I was in a fancy room that was decorated with fake fur, velvet, muslin, satin, and angora.'
  12. 'Its fancy system also has a problem accepting damaged absentee ballots.'
  13. 'Besides, what if I don't want it on my iPod but on my fancy stereo system where I can hear just how bad the sound quality is when it's streaming over the air?'
  14. 'This does not require any fancy computer software or an advanced degree in accounting.'
  15. 'Eliza has this fancy phone system which lets many people talk at the same time.'
  16. 'I know you want me to have this big fancy wedding with six hundred people but I don't want that.'
  17. 'It's not your fancy computer wizardry that counts here, but solid craftsmanship.'
  18. 'On the less serious side, outrageously expensive afternoon teas in fancy hotel become de rigueur.'
  19. 'To my mind running a decent railway has little to do with fancy technology and everything to do with system.'
  20. 'Fathers with grown daughters might want to give them a fancy wedding - and these don't come cheap nowadays!'
  21. 'Now the reason we decided to get married was not for the big fancy wedding reception or for the ring or for the presents.'
  22. 'fancy molasses'
  23. 'Yesterday when I brought out a platter of fancy cheeses, chichi crackers, and sliced pears for dessert R. was both astonished and delighted.'
  24. 'He doubles in size and quickly passes over me replacing my wallet back in the same pocket leaving me lightly powdered with snow looking like a fancy sugar cookie.'
  25. 'all pelargoniums, from scented-leaf species to fancy hybrids, thrive in hot sunshine'
  26. 'Fashion designs are full of romantic ideas such as fancy flowers, cozy colour prints, ethnic embroidery and clashing geometric patterns.'
  27. 'They had some nice fancy goldfish at a reasonable price. I was going back to work though, so I couldn't buy and take them with me then.'
  28. 'The fancy mouse lives on today in England, America, Australia, New Zealand, and probably elsewhere.'
  29. 'I earned my pocket money in my teens by supplying the local area with eggs, and I kept a few fancy chickens as pets.'
(of a drawing, painting, or sculpture) created from the imagination rather than from life.
  1. 'The dining room was crowded with large round tables and was ornately decorated with fancy paintings and exquisite chandeliers.'
  2. 'She couldn't stop looking at the fancy carvings in the walls, and at the stained glass windows.'
  3. 'Towering over everything else was a large palace with fancy carvings all over it.'


A superficial or transient feeling of liking or attraction.
  1. 'There are dolls to capture the fancy of people of all ages, and especially the young at heart.'
  2. 'It would really be a great pity if blogs were to die as yet another passing fancy on the Internet.'
  3. 'William did not doubt that this was a passing fancy for Clara, she had never kept interest in a man long enough.'
  4. 'China's diplomatic machine has spared no effort, making sure that African leaders do not view its interest as a passing fancy.'
  5. 'Her parents hoped that skydiving was a passing fancy.'
  6. 'At first it was a passing fancy, but by Christmas he had talked himself into it.'
  7. 'In Domingo's view, the operatic boom Spain has suffered has nothing to do with a passing fancy.'
  8. 'If you suspect that the room's theme may be nothing more than a passing fancy, limit purchases to items that are easy to replace or require little investment.'
  9. 'At first I thought it was just a passing fancy, but she's come back to talk to me about it several times.'
  10. 'Twenty-five years later, those words sound as absurd as those who asserted that the horseless carriage would be a passing fancy.'
  11. 'people jostled to ride alongside their fancy'
  12. 'the filly is already a leading fancy for next year's races'
  13. 'Racing was of a very high standard with the added bonus that all of the leading fancies made it through to the decider.'
  14. 'However the runners were tightly grouped going to the bend which resulted in the leading fancies being squeezed out of contention.'
  15. 'pony carts went round the racecourse loaded with the fancy'
  16. 'It is the day after a day at the races, a night on the tiles and a morning on what is known by the locals as Tweed Street, where a select line of gentlemen's outfitters tog out the racing fancy.'
The faculty of imagination.
  1. 'With images that stir such flights of fancy, it's no wonder that Scotland's far-flung locations are a magnet for film-makers.'
  2. 'Kon's flights of fancy occur primarily as dream sequences and flashbacks, leaving room for the plot to linearly unfold.'
  3. 'Carême excelled at these artistic flights of fancy, which is probably why Bailly gave him the freedom to indulge in his quest for knowledge.'
  4. 'Aside from sounding like a badly made movie, it's more likely to have happened in the subconscious fancies of your dreams.'
  5. 'We are not reasonable beings, and naturally expect our fancies to be indulged.'
  6. 'She talked so much about birth, that, for a moment, I half fancied and with pain - but, what an idle fancy to suppose that she could think or care what mine was!'
  7. 'The markets need to be led, not followed, in order to tame speculative market actions and counter herd behavior, fads, and fancies.'
  8. 'After years of catering exclusively to the whims and fancies of women, companies have done a turnabout.'
  9. 'This is an issue, which has come up before, but has been inconsistently applied to individuals depending on the personal whims and fancies of Board officials.'
  10. 'Yuki emerged from her dream of little fancies and looked up.'
A small iced cake.
  1. 'At the judging, Yau had said there shouldn't be an award for desserts if it was to go to someone making the sugar-loaded fancies that pass for Chinese pud.'
  2. 'When we returned in the evening, they produced an almighty spread of homemade cakes and scones and fancies of all kinds.'
  3. 'AFTER 21 years in the cake-making business, what Evelyn Hogwarth doesn't know about wedding cakes wouldn't fill a fruit fancy.'
(in 16th and 17th century music) a composition for keyboard or strings in free or variation form.


    1. imagination or fantasy, especially as exercised in a capricious manner.

    2. the artistic ability of creating unreal or whimsical imagery, decorative detail, etc., as in poetry or drawing.

    3. a mental image or conception: He had happy fancies of being a famous actor.

    4. an idea or opinion with little foundation; illusion: Her belief that she can sing is a mere fancy.

    5. a caprice; whim; vagary: It was his fancy to fly to Paris occasionally for dinner.

    6. cap

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    "people can be fancy."

    "dresses can be fancy."

    "parties can be fancy."

    "words can be fancy."

    "goldfishs can be fancy."

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    Late Middle English: contraction of fantasy.


    as (or when or where) the fancy takes one
    fancy one's (or someone's) chances
    take (or catch) someone's fancy
    take a fancy to