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An apparatus with rotating blades that creates a current of air for cooling or ventilation.
  1. 'the kitchen may need to be fitted with an extractor fan'
  2. 'Lights, ceiling fans and the all-important sockets for charging camera batteries run from a generator.'
  3. 'But the Ceramic World factory has no windows for ventilation and only large fans fixed to the ceiling.'
  4. 'Also a 120 mm fan will be a lot quieter then an 80 mm fan moving the same amount of air.'
  5. 'Once the car gets cool, then you can obviously switch off the air conditioner and let the fan rotate the cool air.'
  6. 'The court is also mechanically ventilated by exhaust fans at the roof level to prevent hot air build-up.'
  7. 'The burning gases keep the shaft turning by rotating a fan before exiting the engine.'
  8. 'Before searing the meat, turn on the ventilation fan over the stove.'
  9. 'It's all about letting through a flow of air, which is then whipped up by a ceiling fan to cool you naturally.'
  10. 'Amusingly, as it stirred the hot air in the room, it caused the ceiling fan to rotate slowly.'
  11. 'Ventilation fans and water pumps to prevent the pit flooding were switched off the following month.'
A handheld device, typically folding and shaped like a segment of a circle when spread out, that is waved so as to cool the person holding it.
  1. 'Waving a fan for nearly 12 hours continuously, with just a break for lunch, could make anyone's arms sore.'
  2. 'It had an open fan with a cherry blossom on one of the outspread ribs, and it also had a tiny dragon perched on the tip of a rib.'
  3. 'Sammy felt like whipping out a paper fan and waving it crazily in front of her face.'
  4. 'Well-prepared with umbrellas and caps, spectators waved fans or improvised from whatever was at hand to fight the heat.'
  5. 'How do you walk downstairs in heels, waving giant fans, singing a song, looking at these guys like you love it.'
  6. 'Then it stood tall, unfolding its wings to their full fan of circle and began to shimmer the wing feathers, so that they scattered sunlight like jewels.'
  7. 'Its big black wings spread like fans across the blazing sky.'
  8. 'Alluvial fans and related phenomena are depositional landforms which form a continuum.'
  9. 'Up to 2000 m of alluvial fan and fan delta deposits of early Cretaceous age are preserved in the Coastal Cordillera.'
  10. 'Each terrace represents a fan of younger pyroclastic deposits infilling valleys cut in older fans.'


Cool (someone or something) by waving an object to create a current of air.
  1. 'The heat would make Joy's condition much worse. Dewi would sit and fan Joy for several hours.'
  2. 'I'm always tickled pink whenever I recall the time when my mother was fanning me to sleep with her palm-leaf fan though I do not intend to trade the air-conditioner for a palm-leaf fan.'
  3. 'I sat back down in my seat and restrained myself from fanning my face where heat still lingered in my cheeks from our close encounter.'
  4. 'Fat, perspiring men and women were furiously fanning paper plates in a doomed effort to circulate the stale air.'
  5. 'When the weather turns hot, workers fan their wings at the entrance to the hive, cooling it.'
  6. 'Socialites decked out in their finest Chanel tweeds fanned themselves with their invitation cards as temperatures climbed inside the venue, a stone's throw from the Louvre museum.'
  7. 'He spends the next half an hour lying on the floor sipping sugary squash through a straw with a nurse fanning his face with his copy of The Mail and muttering occasionally and indecipherably to his colleagues.'
  8. 'A fat woman in a red and beige dress busily fanned herself while her male escort gazed longingly at the other women when he knew his wife was busy eyeing the young men.'
  9. 'Thus, while all the pretty girls flipped their hair around the boys then, I could only act as the servants of these girls - fanning them and feeding them seedless grapes while looking up at them in adoration.'
  10. 'Ally walked out of the building and onto the always-bustling street, a light breeze fanning her shoulder-length, caramel-blond hair out behind her.'
  11. 'Morning came, the gods painting the sky oranges, lavenders, and pinks, the air was cool, and a breeze fanned past my face, making me think of times long dead.'
  12. '‘Are you okay,’ he whispered, his hands still resting on my face, his breath softly fanning across my skin.'
  13. 'He was so close that she could feel his rapid exhalations of breath gently fanning her face.'
  14. 'a veil of smoke which she fanned away with a jewelled hand'
  15. 'I looked up, fanning away the smoke with one hand until I could make out the form of my brother Jason.'
  16. 'She fanned away the steam trekking to the small mirror.'
  17. 'he had fanned 37 times in 83 at-bats'
  18. 'In this day of home runs and strikeouts, I would like to know how many players have hit 40 home runs in a season without fanning more than 50 times?'
  19. 'The Cincinnati ace threw 187 pitches - including 14 full counts - while fanning 12 and walking 10.'
  20. 'Norris fanned nine batters with his screwball'
  21. 'Pitcher Troy Pruess blew the Brothers batters from the box, conceding just three hits and fanning 12 batters at the plate.'
Increase the strength of (a fire) by blowing on it or stirring up the air near it.
  1. 'Firefighters had been monitoring hotspots but there were worries that increasing wind might fan the flames.'
  2. 'High winds have been fanning the flames and the fire has spread as far as Didsbury Intake, which contains an area of woodland.'
  3. 'The fire is the latest of a number in Central Australia which have swept through country carrying high fuel loads and are fanned by the unpredictable gusty conditions that the area experiences in October.'
  4. 'KING WILLIAM'S TOWN - A fire fanned by strong winds was burning out of control in the Kubusi forests near Stutterheim yesterday.'
  5. 'The stream of water that spurted from the hose did less to douse the fire than it did to fan the flames with its accompanying rush of air.'
  6. '‘The fire was fanned by howling winds and 25 farmers and labourers managed to bring it under control,’ he said.'
  7. 'According to a fire service spokesman, acres of mature Coillte land and a number of private forests in the area were decimated by the flames which were fanned by strong winds and reached 30 ft at stages.'
  8. 'As the fire - fanned by strong winds - started to spread across Hurst Moor, north east of Reeth, officers at the scene requested additional support from Hawes and Masham.'
  9. 'The fire was well ventilated due to broken glazing and the 30 mph wind helped fan the fire to the extreme intensity it was at when we arrived.'
  10. 'Firefighters are taking advantage of a break from the powerful Santa Ana winds that have fanned the flames with gusts up to 70 miles an hour.'
  11. 'a fury fanned by press coverage'
  12. 'Protests by irate seniors continue, and their anger is being fanned by the Communist and other leftist parties.'
  13. 'Iraeli-Palestinian problems are likely also to increase, which will fan the resistance fires even more.'
  14. 'And it is no longer the province of secularists and the left, but is increasingly fanned by religionists and the right.'
  15. 'The fact that a women's race commands as much attention, fan enthusiasm and media coverage as the men's race is really encouraging, too.'
  16. 'The British National Party and National Front have fanned the resulting social tensions.'
  17. 'Race hatred was aflame, fanned by the rhetoric of confrontation.'
  18. 'It reflects a wider debate, fanned by bitterly hostile coverage of the tube strikes in much of the media.'
  19. 'Oil prices above US $38 a barrel recently in New York fanned worries about the impact on the global economy of high energy prices.'
  20. 'A week of violence, triggered by the shooting in custody of a student and fanned by local hatred of the gendarmerie, has left at least 40 people dead, according to medical sources and residents.'
Disperse or radiate from a central point to cover a wide area.
  1. 'Searchers are fanning out over a wide area today.'
  2. 'In targeted sampling, interviewers fan out into targeted areas to conduct interviews over the course of several days.'
  3. 'The soldiers fanned away from the lift, and nearly passed out from the heat.'
  4. no object 'a dress made of tiny pleats that fanned out as she walked'
  5. 'She had short, wavy brown hair that fanned out at the ends, and lovely facial features accented by eyebrows that gave her an incredible air of confidence and superiority.'
  6. 'Their straplike leaves, smooth, shiny, and thick, fan out symmetrically around a central cup (called a tank) to form a neat rosette.'
  7. 'Shortly after the stellar material collapses, a light-producing shock wave begins to fan out from the region of collapse.'


A person who has a strong interest in or admiration for a particular person or thing.
  1. 'I'm a fan of this author'
  2. 'More than in other sports, football fans recollect jerseys and numbers as opposed to faces.'
  3. 'Basically there are football fans and then there are sports fans.'
  4. 'The company's smart card reward scheme allows clubs to cut the cost of football for fans and collect valuable marketing information for the club.'
  5. 'Once the Melbourne sports fans enter the hypnotic state of football fever, nothing and I repeat, nothing will get them out of it.'
  6. 'With increasing numbers of African players in the British leagues, the tournament will be of huge interest to sports fans.'
  7. 'Back in the match and with 7,500 fans behind him, Agassi did what he does best.'
  8. 'When he reached his van he leapt on to its roof, waving to fans, flashing a victory sign, blowing kisses and giving a small dance.'
  9. 'Anyway, a fan waving a banner invaded the pitch in the last seconds of a Swiss-Portuguese match.'
  10. 'Now Shapiro has been left with the task of fielding a strong enough team to keep the fans interested.'
  11. 'While some women are avid football fans, others are more reserved about the sport.'

More definitions

1. any device for producing a current of air by the movement of a broad surface or a number of such surfaces.

2. an implement of feathers, leaves, paper, cloth, etc., often in the shape of a long triangle or of a semicircle, for waving lightly in the hand to create a cooling current of air about a person: We sat on the veranda, cooling ourselves with palm-leaf fans.

3. anything resembling such an implement, as the tail of a bird.

4. any of various devices consisting essentially of a

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"plates can be fan."

"ovens can be fan."

"media can be fan."


(fan)Late 19th century (originally US): abbreviation of fanatic.


fan the flames (of something)