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Remaining loyal and steadfast.
  1. 'employees who had notched up decades of faithful service'
  2. 'Many people have given years of faithful service to Muintir Mhaigh Eo and have remained faithful to the ethos of the founding fathers of the Association all those years ago.'
  3. 'The late Mrs. Dunleavy, nee Keane, was a native of this parish and she was always loyal and faithful to it.'
  4. 'Filmmakers, in the image of Rossellini and Fassbinder, should remain faithful to that vocation, because without it, they will disappear along with their art.'
  5. 'Hawi's unwavering confidence that our aims will eventually be achieved serves as an inspiration, keeping us faithful to his path as we remain faithful to his memory.'
  6. 'Four percent say pets are more faithful than friends and 2 percent agree they are more reliable than their parents.'
  7. 'From the outset he knew that he could not hope to curry favour with the government and remain faithful to his constitutional obligations.'
  8. 'I have been to the edge of life and come back with a wise, faithful and honest friend whom I trust completely at my core.'
  9. 'Their work has taken them to many exotic spots around the world, but they remain faithful to home.'
  10. 'It was a touching and poignant afternoon as friends gathered to show their respects to a man who had remained loyal and ever faithful to the ideals of Comhaltas.'
  11. 'Yes, people sometimes cheat and lie, but they sometimes are also faithful and truthful.'
  12. 'Madame Wu is a faithful wife, producing heirs for the Wu family and controlling the house staff with skill and efficiency.'
  13. 'Getting married doesn't make you morally superior and it certainly doesn't automatically make you a faithful partner or a doting parent.'
  14. 'Fresh disclosures from Ulrika are sure to shake Sven's relationship with his faithful, long-suffering partner.'
  15. 'He assumed that in marriage the wife's role is to be domestic and supportive, like Monica tolerating and tranquillizing even a hot-tempered and none too faithful partner.'
  16. 'Do you not trust your lady enough to remain faithful to you with so much temptation around?'
  17. 'When the offending spouse initiated the divorce, however, the faithful spouse was more likely to experience depression.'
  18. 'A character actor may also be a faithful husband; both are steady, if unspectacular jobs.'
  19. 'A genuinely faithful spouse, he appeared devoted to his fifteen children - at least while they were in their infancy.'
  20. 'Viewers know that Pembleton is a faithful husband with no sexual interest in the woman.'
  21. 'We also learn that George III was ‘a genuinely faithful spouse… devoted to his fifteen children’.'
  22. 'my faithful compass'
True to the facts or the original.
  1. '‘Actually the film is incredibly faithful to the book despite the fact it's been reset in Chicago,’ said Hornby mildly.'
  2. 'If Imperial Rome had remained faithful to the style of ancient Greece with its vast, lavish buildings, then the Renaissance also favoured this classical style.'
  3. 'Judges must be free to do their jobs - to listen to the facts, to carefully divine the law and to be faithful to the Constitution.'
  4. 'Yet if we fail to gauge how representative the sample is of the population, we assume that it is faithful in all salient respects.'
  5. 'In order to remain faithful to our charge to highlight contemporary Africa, we historically contextualized the stories that the older pieces tell.'
  6. 'She remains faithful to Thackeray's vision but adds a touch of candour to his tone of condescension, a sparkle to the supercilious ways of the British rich.'
  7. 'In journalistic usage, you shall be as accurate and balanced and fair, and as faithful to pinned-down facts, as you possibly can be.'
  8. 'For his part Ken remained faithful to the evidence as he saw it, and to truth when it could be discerned.'
  9. 'Despite some juggling of the sequence of events, ‘Ali’ is largely faithful to facts.'
  10. 'The game remains faithful to the spirit of the book, but it is perhaps a little too linear and predictable.'


Those who are faithful to a particular religion or political party.
  1. 'The prayer service itself was led mostly by the young people, with various members getting involved with prayers of the faithful and readings.'
  2. 'We also ask that you ease the pain for all those religious in the Church who were innocent of any wrongdoing and who have remained faithful to their vows.'
  3. 'The readings were by his son, David; prayers of the faithful by his grandchildren, Elaine, Brea and Gillian Roche.'
  4. 'Attachment to losing is taken to a level of religious fanaticism by the faithful.'
  5. 'Alex's mother Christiane however, has become a staunch party faithful member, though trying to improve everyday life in her own small way.'


1. strict or thorough in the performance of duty: a faithful worker.

2. true to one's word, promises, vows, etc.

3. steady in allegiance or affection; loyal; constant: faithful friends.

4. reliable, trusted, or believed.

5. adhering or true to fact, a standard, or an original; accurate: a faithful account; a faithful copy.

6. Obsolete. full of faith; believing. noun

7. the faithful. the believers, especially members of a Christian church or adherents of Islam. the b

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"people can be faithful to people."

"versions can be faithful to things."

"people can be faithful in/at/on years."

"people can be faithful to rivumses."

"people can be faithful to origins."

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