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Extraordinary, especially extraordinarily large.
  1. 'While the workers and the middle class of the great cities perished in misery, Stinnes became the owner of fabulous riches.'
  2. 'The scams offer fabulous riches or the love of your life, but first the magha has to send a series of escalating fees and payments.'
  3. 'All the fabulous items and riches so earnestly sought and viciously competed for over the years, will be gone.'
  4. 'Pyramids tell us about the fabulous lives of great pharaohs, who died surrounded by symbols of wealth and privilege.'
  5. 'a fabulous two-week holiday'
  6. 'There is sensational scenery, fabulous wildlife and air of unsurpassed clarity.'
  7. 'There are diving destinations so fabulous that they have become legendary.'
  8. 'At this time of year we have fabulous game, an excellent choice of seafood, the best root vegetables and also the tastiest orchard fruits.'
  9. 'There's some truly fabulous stuff in these wonderful emporiums.'
  10. 'Rose looks absolutely fabulous in both the color and style of her longer choppy bob.'
  11. 'There's a fabulous statue of Alice in Wonderland in Central Park.'
  12. 'Then I would buy a second house, a holiday house in some fabulous place.'
  13. 'You entered in your thousands - and now the countdown is on to announce the winner of a fabulous holiday cottage in Whitby.'
  14. 'Treating the family to a fabulous holiday is a secret dream of everyone.'
  15. 'In other news, I am making many new and wonderful chums at work, which is always fabulous.'
Having no basis in reality; mythical.
  1. 'It is said that from the dense forests nearby, wild beasts and fabulous birds like rocs harassed the Bagan people.'
  2. 'For thousands of years fabulous serpents and dragons have been the stuff of myth and traveller's tales.'


1. almost impossible to believe; incredible.

2. Informal. exceptionally good or unusual; marvelous; superb: a fabulous bargain; a fabulous new house.

3. told about in fables; purely imaginary: the fabulous exploits of Hercules.

4. known about only through myths or legends.

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"people can be fabulous."

"views can be fabulous."

"jobs can be fabulous."

"wealths can be fabulous."

"collections can be fabulous."

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Late Middle English (in the sense ‘known through fable’): from French fabuleux or Latin fabulosus ‘celebrated in fable’, from fabula (see fable).